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Jodi Arias trial: The top 10 game-changers

  • Top 10 moments that keep us talking about the Jodi Arias murder trial
  • Vinnie Politan reveals his own No. 1 game changer

When court is done for the day, the conversation is only just beginning. Watch HLN’s newest hit show "HLN After Dark: The Jodi Arias Trial" nightly at 10 p.m. on HLN.

It's the trial that has captivated the nation and after nearly four months of twists and turns, everyone is still talking about it. A man was brutally killed, by a woman who claims self-defense. Jodi Arias took the stand for 18 days to tell her side of the story, but is the jury buying it?

From the beginning, the courtroom has been full of drama. And just when we think we've seen it all, another shocker shifts the momentum. These are the moments that keep us talking and keep so many trial watchers coming back for more. These are the moments that have caused the online conversation to explode. So we asked YOU to vote on the  No. 1 game changer and when it comes to the top 10, we break them down for you right here!

Here are the Jodi Arias trial Top 10 Game Changers:

10.  The body slam
Arias claims Alexander "body slammed" her like a linebacker when he allegedly attacked her, after she dropped his camera.

9.    Jury grills Jodi
It's something you almost never see: the defendant answering questions asked by the jury! Arias answered more than 200 jury questions, including whether Jodi would have come clean about killing Alexander, if she had never been caught.

8.    Snow White defense
As if this drama-filled trial didn't have enough characters already...Snow White actually entered the courtroom. During his cross-examination of domestic violence expert Alyce LaViolette, prosecutor Juan Martinez asked about a seminar she gave in the past that was titled, "Was Snow White a battered woman?"

7.    The sex tapes
Nothing can prepare you to hear a voice from the grave...especially in the form we heard it here. A recording of a phone conversation between Arias and Alexander, full of sexual and salacious material, was played in court for all to hear. The defense used the recording to paint a picture of Travis that the jury hadn't seen, and regardless of what you thought before, that was a moment that changed a lot of minds.

6.    Jodi's "dumb" sister
Martinez is known for his aggressive approach in court, and when he got his chance with Arias on the stand, he got right down to business. Right out of the gate of his cross-examination, Martinez showed Jodi a photo of her and her sister and then called her sister "dumb."

5.    The finger
Jodi claimed Travis hurt her finger, but does the accusation point to Travis as an abuser?

4.    Drama sends juror 5 home
It was like a domino effect hit the courtroom, and it started with the defense demanding a mistrial. The judge then had to question the jury -- a move that ultimately resulted in sending juror 5 home.

3.  "When men like you are screaming at me"
This wasn't just one moment that occurred during Arias' time on the stand, but it actually began the first day of Martinez's cross-examination, and it happened again and again. Martinez's aggressive demeanor definitely shined through during his cross-examination of Arias. Jodi was able to dodge a lot of his punches, and many say, she won this particular showdown.

2.  The fog
Anyone who has been following this trial, or hasn't been following the trial, has most likely heard about Arias' "fog." Jodi's memory took center stage in this trial the day she claims it went blank. She said she remembers what Starbucks drink she had back in 2006, but when it comes to the day she killed Alexander, well, for the most part, she says, "I don't remember."

1.  "Were you crying when you stabbed him?"
The No. 1 game changer in the trial so far is a moment we all remember very clearly. Prosecutor Juan Martinez zeroed in on Arias in a way we had never seen before. While Jodi sat crying on the stand, Martinez grilled her about the details surrounding the moment she killed Travis Alexander.

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