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Dr. Drew

Driven by current events, "Dr. Drew" on HLN focuses on the human - and human behavior - at the center of the story.

Why do married women cheat?

  • Dr. Drew: Women who have experienced trauma in the past tend to act it out over and over
  • Author Tucker Max: 'I think [married] women really only cheat for two reasons'

On Wednesday night’s sex and relationship themed show, HLN’s Dr. Drew explored the subject matter of why some women cheat on their husbands.

“I've done shows, radio and television, dedicated to these topics for almost three decades now,” he said. “But I'll tell you what -- when people have emotional liabilities, nowhere does it come out more than in their interpersonal lives -- in their relationships."

Soon thereafter, the author of "I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell," Tucker Max, joined Dr. Drew. Max says he has slept with married women and told Dr. Drew what he had discovered.

 “I think [married] women really only cheat for two reasons,” Max said. “Generally, it’s because either they have deep-seated emotional issues they're trying to work out -- maybe sex abuse history or something like that -- or it’s because they're deeply unhappy with the relationship they're in and usually it's like a way of maybe acting out their unhappiness before their willing to, maybe, admit it to themselves or admit it publicly.”

He added, “Unless the woman have some issue or is crazy, there are a lot of preceding steps [or warnings] before she goes out and starts cheating.”

Dr. Drew noted that women who have experienced trauma in the past, particularly sexually related experiences, tend to act it out repeatedly.

“Humans have this crazy way of re-creating and re-traumatizing themselves once they've had a major trauma,” he explained.

However, when sex and relationship therapist Simone Bienne joined the group, she stated, “Men need to feign interest.”

She continued, “It is a fantasy to expect men to be interested in, you know, a dress or jewelry [for example] … feign interest.”

Bienne’s comment caused much debate. But at the end of the discussion, Dr. Drew looked into the camera and said, “Men, when your woman is telling you that the relationship isn’t getting what it needs -- listen! It’s pretty simple. They know what they’re talking about.”

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