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Dr. G reveals secrets of Caylee Anthony's autopsy

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Dr. G reveals secrets of Caylee Anthony's autopsy

On Tuesday night, Dr. Drew talked to the medical examiner who rocked the Casey Anthony trial with her revealing testimony about Caylee Anthony.

“Dr. G., is it your opinion that Casey got away with murder?” Dr. Drew asked Dr. Jan Garavaglia at the opening of the interview.

“That`s not my call, Dr. Drew.” Dr. Garavaglia responded. “My call is to state what happened and to state my opinion on the manner. And I still feel very strongly that this is a homicide.”

Dr. Drew mentioned how lead prosecutor Jeff Ashton had argued vigorously that the duct tape was an indication of the means of death. “Was that something you adhered to?” Dr. Drew asked.

Dr. Garavaglia responded, “it certainly could be. I never stated it wasn`t. The problem is, I couldn`t say scientifically that it was definitively over the nose; over the nostrils. It certainly could have been. But I couldn`t really defend that. But we certainly see homicide victims with tape over just the mouth to keep them quiet. So, I just didn`t feel like that was scientifically defensible. And there was probably other things going on with this little girl to cause her death besides just the tape.”

Dr. Drew interjected, asking what she was speculating during that time.

“Oh, now, people don`t understand that just because we didn`t find chloroform and because we didn`t find drugs in her bones, does not mean that they were not there,” she explained. “I think there was some indication that that was a real possibility. Certainly, she`s in a plastic bag. She could have been in the trunk. There`s some indication of that. So, there are a lot of different possibilities. I just couldn`t say for sure how that all fit together. But, clearly, we can say that the pieces fit together as a homicide.”

Dr. Drew later asked what her response was to those who criticized her for not opening Caylee’s skull.

“It was not needed," she said. “It wasn`t needed there then. You know, that was an anthropologic exam. You know, I have never done an autopsy where I haven`t opened the calveria to take the brain out to look inside. These were completely disarticulated, completely dry bones. And I had two very prominent forensic anthropologists working every moment with me on those bones. And we never - none of us felt that that needed to be done.”

Hear more from Dr. G and lead prosecutor Jeff Ashton in the video clip above.

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