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Get your 'Hunger Games' style on!


Don't forget to dress up your nails! We love the shimmery green of Agro (District 11), the sparkly red/gold glitter combo of Electrify (District 5) and the dark matte finish of Stone Cold (District 2). 


Make a Capitol-level fashion statement with delicate paper eyelashes. You can bet you'll be the only one rocking peacock feathers, peach blossoms, or tiny little horses on your lids. 


It's a matter of chicken-or-the-egg: Does Katniss sport a side-braid because it's always been cool, or are side-braids cool because Katniss wears them?


"Hunger Games" lip balm? Why not? Just be glad you didn't try the rejected flavors like Tracker Jacker nest, poison berries and burnt bread. 


If you're craving some "Hunger Games" wedding ideas, consider setting yourself on fire. Not literally! But a flaming (red) dress like Katniss wore in the Opening Ceremonies will certainly make a statement.


Of course, you could snag a copy of Katniss' iconic Mockingjay pin, but if you're not ready for full-on fangirl status, stick with elegant themes of birds and arrows to channel the story in a more subtle way. 


Ok, yes, "The Hunger Games" is about young children fighting each other to the death amid an oppressive, post-apocalyptic society. These types of stories are not usually teeming with beauty inspiration, but with a cast of compelling characters and the lush, over-the-top glamor of the Capitol setting, it's no wonder the fashion world has created all kinds of "Games"-inspired goodies to help you get in on the action.

Rep your District

In the Capitol, citizens indulge in bizarre couture and a kaleidoscopic array of colorful accessories. Take it all the way to the tips of your fingers with nail polish inspired by the film. China Glaze has released Capitol Colours, a collection of 12 polishes that match up with each of the districts and their specialties. For instance, the color of Katniss and Peeta's home District 12 is Smoke and Ashes, a smoldering black that reflects the district's mining industry. The collection is fronted by the made-up face of Effie Trinket, one of the Capitol's most colorful citizens. 

Pile on the crazy makeup

Speaking of Effie, do you see the crazy eyelashes she's sporting? You can get them too, with intricate Paperself eyelashes that are inspired by traditional Chinese cutting techniques. You may want to pass on some of the more outlandish Capitol inspirations (we live in the real world, after all) but these lashes mix the right amount of pretty and strange. 

Channel the heroine

According to InStyle, about 400 cast members and extras would wear wigs on a single day of filming, and about 500 cast members had their eyebrows bleached! Judging from the book descriptions, these wigs come in a rainbow of bright, totally unrealistic colors and bleaching your eyebrows is just not a good look. Katniss' signature side-braid, however, is a totally doable and on-trend style. Lest you think looking like you're fighting to the death is easy, stylists reportedly spent an average of 20 minutes getting the braid just so. Why? Well technically it's a reverse French braid that starts on one side of the head and then moves around. We'll just give you a tutorial.

Make some scents 

​We'll admit, there are probably a lot of places in Panem that really don't smell so good. Theme Fragrances, however, has captured a few of the more pleasant olfactory moments with lip balms like Cinna's Delite, Primrose Violet and Catching Fire Red. If these were manufactured for the overwhelmingly poor and hungry sections of Panem, they may have a slogan like "Taste the Tastes of Wanting to Taste Tastes!" but they're not, so we're sure they taste delicious. 

Tie the knot, Panem-style

Believe it or not, there are bushels full of wedding ideas out there for those who want to bring a little industrial, rustic tone to their nuptials. Tres Sugar suggests Mockingjay cupcakes, the Capitol's lamb stew and woodsy, natural settings, but what about the most important detail of the day? Trade in a white wedding dress for a red one and channel Cinna's stylistic vision. As a bonus, red is often seen as a color of good luck.

Bring the bling

Easiest way to show you're a "Hunger Games" fan? Jewelry, of course. You can get all sorts of movie-related trinkets, including replicas of Katniss' iconic Mockingjay pin, but we like a more subtle approach. Etsy has some great options, like a bangle with words from Rue's lullaby, and little vials filled with moss and tiny arrows. However, bird and archery themes are pretty trendy anyway, so pick out something that subtly incorporates those symbols and you'll be paying homage to the book without looking like a walking advertisement. 





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