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Weekend Express with Lynn Berry

Fast-paced look at the day's essential news and buzz-worthy stories

#thedress debate

The science behind #TheDress debate

What color do you see? No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. If you look at that dress and see anything but black and blue, there may be a perfectly good reason for that.

Watch: Dr. Drew explains #TheDress color controversy

Senior Medical Correspondent Elizabeth Cohen breaks down the science surrounding #thedress color debate.
Couple in Love

Moving in together? Don't make money mistakes

There's a lot to think about before you move in together. Without a good money plan, your finances and your relationship may suffer. Money Expert Ted Jenkin from oXYGen Financial has some smart tips to share.

Money Mistakes Couples Make

Slimdown with Shaun T's tips

Slimdown with Shaun T's tips

Fitness guru and creator of Insanity Workouts Shaun T gave Lynn a few tips to help her get ready for her wedding. 

Malcolm X's daughter reflects on father's legacy

Malcolm X's daughter reflects on father's legacy

Last week marked the 50th anniversary of the assassination of civil rights leader Malcolm X. As we wind down Black History Month, his third daughter Ilyasah Shabazz discusses his legacy, her memories and a new novel she has penned about his childhood. 

Life or death? Jury weighs fate of Jodi Arias

Life or death? Jury weighs fate of Jodi Arias

An Arizona jury is trying to decide whether convicted killer Jodi Arias should spend the rest of her life in prison or receive the death penalty.

Jury deliberations resume Monday in Phoenix. Arias, 34, was convicted in 2013 of murdering her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander, but that jury couldn’t decide on her sentence. A new set of jurors will determine her fate.

'The Skinny' on bulimia

'The Skinny' on bulimia

It's National Eating Disorders Awareness Week and we sat down with Jessie Kahnweiler, a filmmaker who created a dark comedy series called "The Skinny" based on her struggle with bulimia. 

Best Picture

What's your pick for "Best Picture"?

It's Hollywood's biggest night -- the 87th annual Academy Awards.

The biggest prize of the night is "Best Picture". Eight films are nominated.

Shaun T Wedding Dress Workout

Shaun T Wedding Dress Workout

Shaun T gives Lynn a killer workout to turn heads on her wedding day. 

Measles: It’s about more than the numbers

The measles vaccine is only for children over one year old.  Infants may have some protection, thanks to their moms. Still, is it okay to take an unvaccinated baby to daycare when the measles is such a concern?   Dr. Sanjay Gupta breaks down what you should do you to protect yourself and your kids.  Plus, what a Philippines strain of the disease says about the vaccine's effectiveness.

Closing arguments set to begin in “American Sniper” trial

Closing arguments are expected to begin this week in the “American Sniper” trial. Attorneys for Eddie Ray Routh say he was mentally insane when he shot and killed Chris Kyle. Routh also killed Kyle’s friend, Chad Littlefield. HLN legal analyst Joey Jackson explains how the prosecution and defense need to sway the jury in their favor.