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Weekend Express with Lynn Berry

Fast-paced look at the day's essential news and buzz-worthy stories

Did Angelina Jolie make the right choice?

Did Angelina Jolie make the right choice?

When it works correctly, the BRCA1 gene helps to protect women from cancer. But when there’s a mutation in the gene, the cancer risk can go up significantly.

Angelina Jolie has the mutation and a family history of cancer.  Her decision to undergo surgery touched off debate with some people wondering if she went too far. She explains how she came to the decision in a New York Times op-ed.

American cars among Consumer Reports' top picks

American cars among Consumer Reports' top picks

Consumer Reports' annual auto issue is a must-have for car lovers and buyers. The magazine ranks the best and worst of new and used cars in all sorts of price ranges.  They dropped by with some of their favorites for Weekend Express to test drive.  See if your car made the "best" list!

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook Messenger: Now it can do what?

Are you ready to take your Facebook Messenger to a whole new level? Instead of plain old text, you'll soon be adding animations, personalized emojis, even music. Tech correspondent Samuel Burke reviews four of the new apps that are now available.
  • Giphy -- Adds fun, looping GIF graphics to your messages
  • PingTank -- Take a picture, add your choice of animation on top of it
  • BitMoji -- Create an emoji that looks like you, then tell a story
  • Ditty -- Pick a tune, write the lyrics, and the app sings your song.
'Insurgent' game: What's your faction?

'Insurgent' game: What's your faction?

HLN put actor Mekhi Phifer, who plays Max in "Insurgent," to the test recently. We asked him what faction his former co-stars Eminem, Angelina Jolie, Beyonce and his friend Kevin Hart would join.

"Insurgent" star: the action is between the factions

"Insurgent" star: the action is between the factions

Fans of  "Divergent" are packing the theaters to see the sequel, "Insurgent". We're talking with one of the stars, actor Mekhi Phifer. He tells us why his character, Dauntless fighter "Max" is not really a bad guy. 

donut dogs

What do YOU call it? Devouring the donut dog

When the Weekend Express team saw pictures of the Wilmington Blue Rocks' new ballpark food item, we knew we had to try it. They put a hot dog on a Krispy Kreme donut, then covered it with bacon and raspberry jam. The minor league team is offering free tickets to the fan who comes up with the best name for it.

Some of the finalists are:

Mayoral candidate performs in black face

Mayoral candidate performs in black face

A white mayoral candidate in Oklahoma is apologizing to voters after an online video surfaced of him performing in black face . He says it was all in fun.   But some don't see the humor.  Bill Helton, a hair stylist, says the character was based on a client who came into his shop regularly.  He performed as the character — wearing a flamboyant hat and a set of joke teeth — to raise money for charities, from 2005 to 2013.
Tax Tips

Don't stress over your date with the taxman!

April 15, otherwise known as Tax Day, will be here before you know it. If you haven't filed yet and you're looking for help, you've come to the right place.

Ted Jenkin from oXYGen Financial stopped by Weekend Express to share some simple steps to save you money.
Contest tasks kids to solve community issues

Contest tasks kids to solve community issues

Samsung asked students all around the country to solve big issues in their communities using science and technology.  As part of Samsung's "Solve for Tomorrow" contest students all over the nation participated by launching unique community projects.  The students at Frankie Woods McCullough Academy in Gary, Indiana came up with the idea to bring fresh fruits and vegetables to their neighborhood by creating community gardens. They talked about their project with Weekend Express – and were given a big surprise.

Watch: School's Full Video Submission

Machete Attack in New Orleans airport

Police: Suspect in machete attack dead

The suspect in a brazen machete attack in a New Orleans airport has died, the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office said Saturday.

Police said the suspect, 62-year-old Richard White, brought a bag into Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport that contained several items, including insecticide and six Molotov cocktails. Crowds of frightened travelers were sent scrambling through the airport Friday night. The suspect stormed through a security checkpoint, and doused TSA agents with wasp spray. The sheriff's office says he then began threatening people with a machete. One TSA agent fought back with a piece of luggage.