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Weekend Express with Lynn Berry

Fast-paced look at the day's essential news and buzz-worthy stories

Lynn Berry and Ted Jenkins

5 money moves Gen Xers need to make right now

If you're in the age group known as "Generation X," you're now making some of the most important financial decisions of your life. We're talking about your house, your kids' education, and your retirement. Ted Jenkin of oXYGen Financial gave HLN's Lynn Berry some valuable tips that will help save you money immediately.

Star Wars fan gets a cool new arm

Star Wars fan gets a cool new arm

Liam Porter was born without part of his arm. Volunteers with the group E-Nable came through to make sure he had the coolest prosthetic arm around.

It's modeled after a Clone Trooper from the Star Wars series.  Liam loves it and his mom loves what the new prosthetic arm has done for her little boy. Liam showed off his new hardware to Weekend Express and the designer told us how he and other volunteers are helping hundreds more people just like Liam.

Dr. Weil and your next big step

Dr. Weil and your next big step

Those New Year's resolutions were a great start to a healthier lifestyle.  We're almost done with January so it's time to either get back on track or kick those resolutions into high hear.  Dr. Andrew Weil told us how to take those little tweaks you made, and make them bigger and better.

"Middle Seat"

Super ad contest: $1 million worth of laughs

With a chance for millions of people to see their work, and a million-dollar prize at stake, 10 filmmakers are hoping fans select their ad to win Doritos’ “Crash the Super Bowl Contest”.  Each year, the contest receives thousands of submissions. Online votes narrowed the field to 10. The finalists are all invited to the Super Bowl, but only two of the 30-second ads will appear on TV during the game.  The maker of the fan favorite wins the million-dollar prize and a job at a film studio in Hollywood.

We invited two of the contestants to tell Lynn where they got their inspiration for their ads, and maybe a few of their secrets.

Love Peanut Butter? Then Try These Buckeyes!

Love Peanut Butter? Then Try These Buckeyes!

Lynn is rolling out the first Pinterest challenge of 2015: Buckeyes! In honor of National Peanut Butter Day she created her hometown favorite. If you want to try your hand at these balls of goodness, here's the recipe:


Tom Brady

This Weekend: Your call on "Deflate-Gate"?

Lynn and Bleacher Report's Coy Wire want to know what you think about the controversy. Who do you believe, and what should the NFL do?


Gospel guru felt his calling at 5 years old

He's a Grammy-winning gospel singer, with thousands of fans all across the world. He's also the worship leader at Joel Osteen's famous Lakewood Church.

Recently, Israel Houghton was honored at the BMI Trailblazers of Gospel Music Awards, in Atlanta.  Listen to what he believes brings his fans from Singapore, Atlanta, Seoul, and Tokyo to gospel music. 

Weekend bites: new Ben & Jerry's flavors!

Weekend bites: new Ben & Jerry's flavors!

When Ben & Jerry's announced their new line of cookie core ice cream, Weekend Express thought it would be a good idea to try some, y'know for the kids..  When we found out that Speculoos was one of the flavors?  We quickly got our hands on several pints because, hello, Speculoos is cookie butter and cookie butter is heaven sprinkled with cinammon.   Lynn, Ivan Cabrera and Coy Wire tried two other new flavors, Boom Chocolotta (Stripes reference, perhaps?) and Peanut Buttah, too.  They came out with a clear favorite.

Lynn Berry and Whitney Way Thore

"Big Fat" reality show with a message

When Whitney Thore posted videos of herself called "A Fat Girl Dancing" on Youtube last spring, she had no idea she would end up starring in a reality TV show. The videos went viral, and last March she talked to Weekend Express about her "No Body Shame" campaign. Whitney even taught Lynn Berry a few dance moves on our set.

Camera crews now follow the 30-year-old on My Big Fat Fabulous Life, airing Tuesday nights at 10pm ET on TLC.  Whitney returned to Weekend Express to talk about the show, and her campaign to promote self-love and acceptance.
Samuel Burke with Occulus Headset

Can Virtual Reality get any more real?

Virtual reality is no longer just a toy. Facebook is taking the technology so seriously that it's teaming up with the people at Oculus Rift to market a new headset. The device puts you right into the action of the video game or simulation. It combines visual special effects with enhanced audio to create a powerful experience.

The device was a big hit at this month's Consumer Electronic Show. Our Tech Reporter, Samuel Burke got a chance to try it after speaking with the Oculus CEO.