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Weekend Express with Lynn Berry

Fast-paced look at the day's essential news and buzz-worthy stories

Don't get ripped off this holiday season

Don't get ripped off this holiday season

Thanksgiving is almost here... you might be thinking about turkey, stuffing and watching the big parade on television, but a lot of people are strapping on their sneakers and getting ready to shop!

Before you hit up the mall, there are some things you need to know! Co-ceo of Oxygen Financial, Ted Jenkin joined Weekend Express with his top holiday shopping tips, like, did you know Black Friday isn't really the best day to score a good deal? He also has a list of things you should not put in your shopping cart!

unlocking the truth

Teen metal band "unlocks the truth"

Three eighth graders from Brooklyn are rocking out! "Unlocking the Truth" is one of the youngest bands to sign a huge deal with a major record label. They're changing the face of heavy metal! See how in this WXP close-up.

Ferguson on edge waiting for grand jury

Ferguson on edge waiting for grand jury

It looks like the grand jury in Missouri is not ready to make a decision about indicting police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown.

Sources now say the jury will meet again on Monday before making its decision.

Sink your teeth into a Pumpecapple Piecake

Sink your teeth into a Pumpecapple Piecake

Say this three times fast.... Pumpecapple Piecake!

This larger-than-life dessert is part pie, part cake and everything in between! It's impossible to take on every flavor in just one bite. 

web cam alert

Not so private: Is someone watching your webcam?

Private webcams showing babies in their cribs, people in their bedrooms, and patients in the hospital are being broadcast for anyone to see. A Russian website is streaming thousands of live webcams from around the world. It's doing it by using default passwords set by the manufacturers. The site claims it is trying to draw attention to the problem of unsecured cameras. 

It's easy to make sure your webcam is safe.  Tech correspondent Samuel Burke explains what to do.

Operation Underground Railgroad

'Walking Dead' actress takes down predators

Actress Laurie Holden is best known for her role as “Andrea” on “The Walking Dead.”   Away from the set, her personal mission is to take down sex traffickers.  Holden talks to Lynn Berry about what it was like to help liberate 32 underage girls who were part of a trafficking ring, her work with Operation Underground Railroad and what can be done to stop sex trafficking here in the U.S.

Holiday Celebration

Don't let houseguests ruin your holidays!

Are you hosting family and friends for the holidays? You love having them stay with you, but you have to find a way to keep the peace. 

Where should you draw the line? Etiquette expert Diane Gottsman shares her advice on how to manage expectations and keep harmony in your home for the holiday season.

Betty Who

Meet rising pop star Betty Who!

It wasn’t long ago when singer/songwriter Betty Who was performing in New York’s underground clubs. But that all changed when her “Somebody Loves You” track was used in a flash mob marriage proposal video that went viral – scoring more than 12.5 million YouTube views.

She considers herself as a child of the Internet and is known to personally interact with her growing fanbase online. You can followed Betty Who on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. Who believes all of the online action has helped her secure a record deal with RCA Records.

Bedroom facelift

Project home: Chic urban bedroom

Ryan Plantz lives in a snazzy condo in Atlanta, but his bedroom does not have that same cool vibe.  The room still has items from Ryan's college days and needs some major help, so he contacted interior designer Kerry M. Howard of KMH Interiors to make the transformation.

Ryan has some experience with home renovation, and he says that's exactly why he hired someone else to do the work!  See how a professional takes the room from boring to awesome!

cell phone

Does text therapy really work?

You text your friends, so why not your therapist? There are pros and cons to “textual healing.”  Psychotherapist Tiffanie Davis-Henry explains if text therapy really works.