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Nancy Grace Mysteries: ‘Apparent blood’ in Isabel Celis’ house?

Newly released police reports are raising more questions in the search for missing 6-year-old Isabel Celis. The reports were provided to some news organizations, HLN is currently seeking its own copies.

ABC News reports that documents released Thursday by the Tucson Police Department reveal “apparent blood” was found on the floor of one of the bedrooms in her family’s home. According to HLN affiliate KOLD, the reports also show a white hat and shower curtain with “dark red-brown or brown stains” were removed from a car at the house.

Police to return to Isabel Celis’ neighborhood

Police said Monday they will return to the neighborhood where a 6-year-old Tucson girl was reported missing a month ago in hopes of speaking with residents who may not have been interviewed when the area was originally canvassed.

Tucson Police Lt. Fabian Pacheco told reporters at an afternoon press conference that officers investigating the disappearance of Isabel Celis also plan to re-interview all of the Level 2 and Level 3 sex offenders nearby whose crimes targeted children under 10 years old. They have spoken to more than 540 registered sex offenders since Isabel was reported missing on April 21.

911 calls from Isabel Celis case released

911 calls from Isabel Celis case released

In a 911 call released Monday, Sergio Celis calmly informed a dispatcher that his 6-year-old daughter Isabel had disappeared from her bedroom in their Tucson home.

“I need to report a missing child. I believe she was abducted from my house,” he said. Asked why he believes she was abducted, however, he responded, “I have no idea.”

Isabel’s parents: Police “wasting time” on us

The parents of missing 6-year-old Isabel Celis begged for her return in their first live television interview Thursday, and they said they fear police may be wasting time focusing the investigation on them.

Becky Celis said on NBC’s “Today Show” that Isabel is a “girly girl” who loves to put on makeup and paint her nails, but she also likes playing outside in the dirt with her brothers. Becky and Sergio Celis told police that Isabel vanished from her bedroom in their Tucson home after she was put to sleep around 11:00 p.m. on April 20. She was gone when Sergio went to wake her the next morning.

Bedroom attack could be linked to Isabel Celis disappearance

An attack on three young girls has been reported at a Tucson-area home just 10 miles from the house where 6-year-old Isabel Celis may have been abducted from her bedroom.

Authorities are investigating whether the bedroom assault early Monday morning has anything to do with Isabel’s disappearance. Isabel was reported missing around 8 a.m. on April 21, and her parents told police she was last seen in her bedroom when they put her to sleep the night before.

Cops: Surveillance video in Celis case from wrong night

Tucson Police announced Monday that surveillance video of a group identified as potential witnesses in the Isabel Celis case was incorrectly dated and was not recorded on the night of her disappearance as they originally believed.

The video, which showed six people walking toward the neighborhood where the missing 6-year-old's family lives, was recorded in the early hours of Sunday April 22, not April 21, according to Lt. Fabian Pacheco. He said police are working to obtain the correct video of the area from Saturday morning, but it is unclear how long that will take to locate.

Will a surveillance tape help find Isabel?

Tucson Police released surveillance video Friday of several potential witnesses who they want to speak to regarding the disappearance of six-year-old Isabel Celis.

The video shows a group of five people - two men and three women - walking through a parking lot headed in the general direction of the Celis house after Midnight on April 21, the morning Isabel was reported missing. As of Sunday afternoon, police said they had identified and interviewed three of those people.

Police: Isabel Celis investigation not scaled back

Tucson, Arizona police say it is “absolutely not true” that they are losing interest in the investigation of the disappearance of 6-year-old Isabel Celis.

While Lt. Fabian Pacheco acknowledged there is less searching being done at this point, he told HLN’s Nancy Grace Thursday that officers are working hard on the investigative phase of the case and reviewing information gathered during four canvasses of the area around the Celis family home.

Isabel’s parents: “We will do anything for her”

The parents of a missing Tucson girl spoke out for the first time since her disappearance Wednesday afternoon.

Fighting tears and speaking in both English and Spanish, Becky and Sergio Celis thanked police and supporters for the time and effort that has been devoted to the search for their 6-year-old daughter Isabel.

Little League team holds vigil for missing girl

While a missing six-year-old girl’s Little League baseball team held a vigil for her on Tuesday, police were putting crime scene tape back up around her house.

Tucson Police Lt. Matt Ronstadt told reporters that investigators “refreshed” the search warrant on the home where Isabel Celis was last seen so agents from the FBI’s behavioral analysis unit could come in and examine it. Police are planning to scale back the search effort to focus more on the investigative aspect of the case in the days ahead.