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Blood found in baby Ayla's daddy's bedroom

Blood found in home of baby Ayla's dad

Police say missing Maine toddler Ayla Reynolds’ blood was found in her father’s basement bedroom, although they are staying tight-lipped about any other specifics of what they discovered, such as exactly where the blood was, how much there was and if anyone else’s blood was present.

“I can’t get into any of those details, Nancy, other than I can confirm some of the blood was Ayla’s,” Maine State Police spokesman Stephen McCausland told HLN’s Nancy Grace Monday.

Text message foils high school bomb plot

Man who claimed missing wife was Craigslist prostitute arrested for murder

An Oklahoma man who reported his pregnant wife missing in December was arrested Friday on two counts of first-degree murder for her death and the death of her unborn child.

Justin Adams’ arrest came about seven weeks after he claimed to Oklahoma City police that Jaymie Adams, his 25-year-old wife who was six months pregnant with their child, had been prostituting herself on Craigslist and that she disappeared after going to meet a client, according to court documents. The documents also state that Adams took a polygraph test and was found deceptive on the question of whether he knew where his wife was.

Candidates And Crime: who is tough on crime & protecting your family?

As the four Republicans vying for their party's presidential nomination took the stage for a debate in Jacksonville Thursday night, HLN's Nancy Grace focused on the impact their policies and positions could have on victims of crime.

Grace said she was stunned that Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich's opposition to abortion extends to victims of rape and incest impregnated by their attackers.

Nancy Grace: Where do GOPers stand on crime?

Presidential candidates often talk about national security - issues of defense spending, counter-terrorism policy and protecting the country from outside threats. But at this point in the process, the candidates running for the 2012 Republican nomination have spoken much less about the dangers that lurk in our own towns and neighborhoods.

With the final debate before next week’s Florida primary taking place tonight, HLN’s Nancy Grace is looking at some of the issues that hit closer to home and affect you and your family on a daily basis. What would the candidates do to keep killers off the streets and save our children from sexual predators?

Nancy Grace: Don't change autism definition

The American Psychiatric Association is considering changing its guidelines for the definition of autism.

With nearly two million children considered autistic in this country, the new guidelines could essentially eliminate a huge portion of people clinically diagnosed.

Nancy debates DFACS handling of dead boy

Dogs find severed head under iconic Hollywood sign!

Nancy Grace: I won't lock up a 10 yr old