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Cops: woman stabs ex 27 times; claims self-defense

Ayla’s father: “I would never do anything to hurt my child”

In a statement released Wednesday, the father of a missing Maine toddler said it was “simply ludicrous” to suggest that he would harm his daughter and he insisted that he is cooperating fully with authorities.

It was the second time Justin DiPietro has issued a statement on 20-month-old Ayla Reynolds’ disappearance since he reported her missing from his home on December 17. Police announced earlier this week that they are confident that someone took Ayla from his house, but they do not know who or under what circumstances. No suspects have been named in the case.

Police: Facebook cry for help ends kidnapping

A Utah woman’s Facebook friends allegedly saved her from captivity by an abusive boyfriend after she posted a call for help on the social media site Saturday, according to local news reports.

"Hello. Is anyone out there? I am having a serious problem and me and [my son] will be dead by morning," she wrote on her Facebook page, according to police.

Aliahna Lemmon Benefit Fund

The Aliahna Lemmon Benefit Fund has been set up for the family of murdered 9-year-old girl, Aliahna Lemmon. Monies donated to the fund will be turned over to the family for expenses and counseling.

Tragic Ending
The search for the missing Indiana girl ended in tragedy when parts of Aliahna's body were recovered near the family home in Ft. Wayne. According to a probable cause affidavit, the alleged killer disposed some of her dismembered remains in a dumpster and hid the rest, her head, hands and feet, in his freezer. Police say trusted family friend, Michael Plumadore, who has a criminal record in three states, has been charged with her murder after he allegedly confessed to repeatedly striking her in the head with a brick and then later dismembering her body with a hacksaw.

Missing tot's mom blames daddy!

Missing 9-year-old’s neighbor allegedly beat her with brick, dismembered body

An Indiana man charged with killing his neighbor’s 9-year-old daughter confessed to beating her to death and dismembering her, according to court documents released Tuesday.

In a probable cause affidavit obtained by CNN affiliate WANE, police allege that Michael Plumadore “freely admitted” during an interview Monday night that he struck Aliahna Marie Maroney Lemmon in the head multiple times with a brick while she was standing on the front steps of his home last Thursday morning. Police say that he told them he then hid her body in his freezer until late that night, when he dismembered her with a hacksaw and placed pieces of her body in a nearby dumpster.

Cops: Babysitter chops up girl!

Indiana girl’s body found, family friend arrested

Authorities announced Monday night that they have found the body of a missing 9-year-old Indiana girl, and the man who was supposed to be caring for her is now charged with her murder.

Allen County Sheriff Ken Fries told reporters that police found Aliahna Lemmon’s body around 9 p.m. Monday within a mile of the trailer park where she lived, according to WPTA. He would not comment on the condition of the body or where specifically she was found. Neighbor Michael Plumadore is in custody on a murder charge and is expected in court Tuesday morning.

Girl, 9, Vanishes Christmas Eve

Police announce $30,000 reward in case of missing Maine toddler

Waterville police announced a $30,000 reward Monday for information leading to the location of missing 20-month-old Ayla Reynolds, and they revealed that they are now “very confident” that Ayla was taken from her father’s home.

The reward is being offered by a local attorney on behalf of several individuals and businesses in the community. Police Chief Joseph Massey said at an afternoon press conference that it was the largest reward in a missing person case that he could recall in Maine history.