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Cops, Divers Comb Lake For Missing Mom

30 divers and police officers have descended on an Orlando lake looking for missing FL mom Michelle Parker.

Female Body Found Near Florida/Georgia Border!

Authorities tell CNN affiliate WTLV that the body of a white female has been found on the side of the road in southern Georgia.

The body, which was not immediately identifiable, was discovered off I-95 near Woodbine around 2:30 pm on Wednesday. The area is about 190 miles north of Orlando, where missing mother Michelle Parker was last seen.

Dad Of Missing Mom: ‘I Think He Did It’

The dad of a missing FL mom says he thinks her ex-fiance has been responsible for her disappearance since day one.

Conrad Murray Gets Maximum Sentence

Conrad Murray has been sentenced to four years in jail for involuntary manslaughter in connection with Michael Jackson’s 2009 death.

On Tuesday morning, Judge Michael Pastor handed down the maximum sentence possible for the charge. It is unclear how much of the four-year sentence Murray will actually end up serving in Los Angeles County Jail, but he was credited 46 days for time served and good behavior.

DCF takes missing mom’s twins away from suspect

The Florida Dept. of Children and Families has taken custody of the 3-year-old twins belonging to a missing woman and the ex-boyfriend who is now the prime suspect in her disappearance.

A department spokeswoman told a Nancy Grace producer that Michelle Parker’s twins were placed in protective custody around 4:00 pm on Tuesday. There will be an emergency hearing on Wednesday morning to determine whether they will be returned to their father, placed with other relatives or put in foster care.

Home Raided In Search For Missing Mom Of 3

Cops conducted a raid on the home of the father of missing FL mom Michelle Parker's ex-fiancé.

Ex-fiancé now “primary suspect” in Florida mom’s disappearance

Police announced Monday that the ex-fiancé of a missing Florida mother of three is now the “primary focus” of their investigation.

“We are officially naming Dale Smith, the ex-fiancé, as the primary suspect” in Michelle Parker’s disappearance, Orlando Police Chief Paul Rooney said at a press conference.

Nancy, Chaz Bono Dish On 'Dancing'

Nancy and Chaz Bono sit down and talk dancing, his new show, and more.

Police Seek Info On Missing Mom's Necklace

Police released a photograph Wednesday of a cross necklace that a missing Florida mother was wearing when she was last seen nearly a week ago, and they asked anyone who has seen the necklace to contact them.

Orlando Police Dept. Sgt. Jim Young said family members have confirmed that 33-year-old Michelle Parker was wearing the necklace at the time of her disappearance. In a press release, he stated that it could potentially be a key piece of evidence.

Young Mom Of 3 Fights Ex On TV, Vanishes

A FL mom of 3 has vanishes after appearing on People's Court with her ex-fiancee. Nancy Grace has the very latest.