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Neighbor of Missing Baby Lisa Breaks Her Silence

Nancy speaks exclusively with a neighbor of Lisa Irwin's about her disappearance and the footprints found on her property.

Former Baby Lisa lawyer: 'One of us had to go'

A former attorney for the parents of missing 11-month-old Lisa Irwin vows to keep looking for the child, but hasn't explained why she parted ways with the family.

At a news conference Monday, Cyndy Short said she learned of her dismissal from media reports, rather than from baby Lisa’s parents or Joe Tacopina, the New York-based lawyer representing the family. She says she wasn't surprised.

Interview Of Baby Lisa's Brothers Is Off

The parents of missing baby Lisa Irwin have now blocked a scheduled police interview with their two sons.

Cadaver Dogs Search Lake For Baby Lisa

Cadaver dogs searched a nearby lake Thursday in the case of missing baby Lisa Irwin. Nancy Grace has the very latest.

Missing autistic boy found alive in Virginia

A nine-year-old autistic boy who disappeared in a Virginia park six days ago was found alive beside a creek bed Friday and was taken to an area hospital for evaluation, authorities say.

"No one on the team ever gave up and I have to say there were some times that you just had to reach down and find that faith that you were going to find him," Hanover County Sheriff David Hines said at a news conference.

Investigators & Cadaver Dogs Scour Lake For Missing Baby Lisa

A team of 30 investigators and three cadaver dogs scoured a small lake Thursday in the search for missing 10-month-old Kansas City baby, Lisa Irwin.

For nearly two hours, K-9 handlers and cadaver dogs circled the lake’s banks while officers searched the water by boat.

Baby Lisa's Brothers To Be Re-Questioned

Brothers of a missing baby will be questioned by child specialists about what they witnessed the night she vanished.

Cops Want To Interview Baby Lisa's Parents

Police want to interview the parents of baby Lisa separately; is an arrest imminent?

No Comment from Police on Possible Eyewitnesses in Baby Lisa Case

Police would not comment Tuesday on the significance of surveillance video that appears to show a man walking less than two miles from Lisa Irwin’s home on the night she disappeared.

Kansas City Police Capt. Steve Young also declined to comment on eyewitness reports of a man seen carrying a baby wearing just a diaper in the area in the early hours of October 4. A couple living a few houses from Irwin’s parents saw a man and baby around 12:15 am, and another witness, Mike Thompson, saw a similarly-described man around 4:00 am about three miles away.

Names of Casey Anthony Jurors Released

The names of the twelve jurors who found Casey Anthony not guilty of her daughter’s murder in July were released Tuesday morning by the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court of Florida. The five alternate jurors’ names were also released.

Although Florida’s broad public records laws would normally have made their identities public immediately after the trial ended, Judge Belvin Perry ordered a “cooling-off period” of nearly four months to allow public anger over the verdict to subside.