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Paramedic: Michael Jackson’s Doctor Never Mentioned Propofol

One of the first paramedics to arrive on the scene at Michael Jackson’s home on the day he died testified Friday that, despite being asked repeatedly what medication he had given the singer, Jackson’s doctor never mentioned the sedative propofol.

“Acute propofol intoxication” was later cited as the cause of Jackson’s death in his autopsy report, but according to testimony, Conrad Murray told paramedics he had only given Jackson a small dose of lorazepam, a milder sedative, to help him sleep.

Tot Mom Jail Video Released

Judge Belvin Perry unsealed a video Friday that shows Casey Anthony’s reaction as she watched a news report in jail about the discovery of her daughter’s remains in December 2008.

In his order granting a motion to unseal the video filed by CNN affiliate WKMG, Perry stated that the case’s original judge, Stan Strickland, had ruled that the video should stay sealed more than two years ago to protect Anthony’s right to a fair trial and avoid biasing a jury.

Jackson Security Guard Says Murray Gathered Up Drugs Before Having Him Call 911

Defense attorneys for Conrad Murray challenged testimony by two of Michael Jackson’s employees Thursday after they described behavior by Murray that prosecutors allege indicated he was trying to cover up the truth about his treatment of the singer instead of trying to save him.

Murray is on trial for involuntary manslaughter in connection with Jackson’s death, which occurred on June 25, 2009 after prosecutors say Murray gave him an overdose of the drug propofol.

Security Guard Testifies Jackson’s Kids Witnessed Murray’s Attempts To Revive Him

Michael Jackson’s chief of security testified Wednesday that Jackson’s two oldest children watched in tears as Conrad Murray tried to revive his seemingly-lifeless body on June 25, 2009.

“Paris was on the ground balled up crying,” Faheem Muhammad testified at Murray’s involuntary manslaughter trial for Jackson’s death. “And Prince…he just had a real shocked, you know, slowly crying type of look on his face.”

Jury Hears 911 Call In Michael Jackson Death

Jurors at Conrad Murray’s trial heard the 911 call made on the day Michael Jackson died in court Thursday.

In the call made at 12:20 pm on June 25, 2009, Jackson’s director of logistics, Alberto Alvarez, told a dispatcher that the singer was unconscious and not breathing. The dispatcher began to advise him on how to perform CPR but Alvarez said Jackson’s personal doctor was already trying it unsuccessfully.

West Virginia Authorities Say Missing 3-Year-Old May Still Be Alive

Four days after a 3-year-old West Virginia girl disappeared from her home, local authorities were working with federal and state agencies Tuesday to determine what the next steps in their search should be.

FBI Special Agent John Hambrick told reporters during a brief press conference that investigators are reviewing the work they have done so far in the hunt for Aliayah Lunsford and “getting organized to look at what we need to go back over.”

Jackson's Trainer, Friend Lou Ferrigno Speaks Of Death

Lou Ferrigno, longtime friend and trainer of Michael Jackson spoke about his time with Jackson shortly before his death.

Michael Jackson’s Personal Assistant Testifies About The Day He Died

Michael Jackson’s personal assistant told jurors Wednesday about what he believed was an “unusual” request by Conrad Murray in the hours after Jackson was pronounced dead.

Michael Amir Williams testified that Murray came to him at the hospital on June 25, 2009 and asked for a ride back to Jackson’s house because he claimed there was some cream in Jackson’s room “that he wouldn’t want the world to know about.” Williams said he lied and told Murray police had taken his car keys and then he had security lock down the house “for the simple fact that Doctor Murray requested to go back.”

Former Jackson Advisor Speaks Out

A former Jackson spiritual advisor speaks about day one of the Conrad Murray trial and those around Michael when he died.

Defense Suggests Jackson Self-Administered Fatal Dose Of Drugs

Jurors saw a photograph of Michael Jackson’s dead body and heard his voice Tuesday during the prosecution opening statement at Dr. Conrad Murray’s trial for his alleged role in the singer’s death.

Prosecutor David Walgren played a recording made by Murray of Jackson speaking while under the influence of what Walgren called “unknown agents” two and a half months before his June 25, 2009 death. In it, Jackson’s voice is weak and raspy, mumbling about the importance of his “This Is It” concert series.