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George Anthony’s Alleged Ex-Mistress Takes the Stand; Family Members Testify About Pet Burials

A woman with whom George Anthony has repeatedly denied having an affair took the stand Thursday morning on what could be the final day of the defense case at Casey Anthony’s murder trial.

Krystal Holloway—also known as River Cruz—claimed that she met George Anthony at the volunteer command center during the search for his granddaughter in August 2008 and they began intimate relationship.

Casey Anthony Won’t Testify, Defense Rests

Casey Anthony told Judge Belvin Perry Thursday afternoon that she will not take the stand to testify in her own defense. Following that announcement, the defense rested.

Attorneys for both sides then spent more than an hour arguing about issues related to the prosecution’s rebuttal case.

Mom Believes Son is Caylee Anthony's Dad

Father Denies Molesting Casey Anthony, Testifies About Suicide Attempt

Casey Anthony’s defense team recalled her parents on Wednesday morning, leading to some very emotional testimony by her father George Anthony, who broke down in tears on the witness stand at one point.

“I need to get through this,” he said, refusing Judge Belvin Perry’s offer to take a break so he could compose himself.

Defense Calls Grieving Expert to Explain Tot Mom’s Behavior

Casey Anthony’s defense team continued to try to plant seeds of doubt in jurors’ minds Wednesday afternoon about George Anthony and Roy Kronk, and they called on an expert on grieving and trauma in an effort to explain Casey’s behavior in the month after they claim her 2-year-old daughter drowned in the family pool.

In his opening statement, defense attorney Jose Baez alleged that George Anthony sexually abused his daughter when she was a child and that he disposed of Caylee Anthony’s body after she died. He also suggested that Kronk, the man who found Caylee’s remains, had done something with the body between August and December 2008. They had presented very little evidence to support either of those claims.

Psychic comments on Anthony trial

Nancy Grace speaks with the psychic who led a private investigator to the area where Caylee's body was found.

Ex-Fiancé: Casey Anthony Claimed Her Brother Groped Her

The most significant revelation of the day at Casey Anthony’s murder trial Tuesday may have come after the jury left the courthouse.

Outside the jury’s presence, the defense proffered testimony by three witnesses, including Casey Anthony’s ex-fiancé Jesse Grund. Grund said he once asked Casey why it seemed like she did not want her daughter Caylee around her brother Lee. According to him, Casey responded that Lee had once tried to grope her while she was sleeping.

Attorneys Say Friend of Missing Indiana Student Passed Polygraph

Attorneys representing the last person believed to have seen Indiana University student Lauren Spierer before her June 3 disappearance released a statement Monday insisting that he has fully cooperated with investigators.

Jason Rosenbaum reportedly told police that he watched the 20-year-old walk away from his apartment building toward hers around 4:30 am on June 3. Spierer had gone to a bar in Bloomington with one of Rosenbaum’s neighbors, Corey Rossman, earlier that night, and police say she was last captured on surveillance cameras in an alley walking Rossman home around 2:50 am.

George Anthony Denies Affair; Man Who Found Caylee’s Remains Testifies

Two potentially key witnesses for the defense took the stand Tuesday morning at Casey Anthony’s murder trial: her father George Anthony and Roy Kronk, the man who found her daughter Caylee’s remains.

George Anthony was on the stand relatively briefly, and most of defense attorney Jose Baez’s questions for him focused on his alleged affair with Krystal Holloway, a volunteer he met at the search command center who he knew by the name River Cruz.

Tot mom claims she is mentally ill

Casey Anthony's defense team filed a motion for mistrial, claiming tot mom is mentally incompetent.