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Defense Asks Cindy Anthony About Tot Mom's "Imaginary Friends"

During her cross examination Tuesday, defense attorney Jose Baez asked Cindy Anthony about her daughter Casey's "imaginary friends"–as he called them–including the supposed father of her daughter Caylee and the babysitter who she frequently claimed was watching her for two years.

First, though, as he has with most of the witnesses so far, Baez asked her what kind of mother Casey Anthony was. Cindy said Casey was very loving, with a quick maternal instinct that reminded her of herself. Caylee adored her mother, Cindy testified, and her eyes would light up when she saw her.

Cindy Anthony begins teary testimony

Cindy Anthony began emotional testimony Saturday in the murder trial of her daughter, Casey Anthony.

Cindy Anthony 911 Calls Played For Jury

Prosecutors played three 911 calls grandmother Cindy Anthony made about Caylee Anthony’s disappearance in court on Tuesday morning as she wept on the witness stand.

Cindy’s emotional direct testimony, which began on Saturday, continued on the sixth day of Casey Anthony’s murder trial after a brief hearing on a motion to allow brother Lee Anthony to sit in the courtroom during the trial. Defense attorneys opposed the request by Mark Lippman, the attorney for Cindy, George and Lee Anthony, but Judge Belvin Perry ruled that he would be excluded from the rules of sequestration like his parents have been.

Cindy Anthony Takes the Stand

Casey Anthony’s ex-boyfriend Anthony Lazzaro returned to the witness stand Saturday morning to recount text messages he exchanged with her on July 16, 2008 after he found out her daughter Caylee had been missing for a month.

“I am the dumbest person and the worst mother,” Casey texted him after he angrily asked how she could not know where Caylee was. “I honestly hate myself.”

Misty Croslin Speaks Out from Prison

In a new prison interview with First Coast News, Misty Croslin denied any involvement in Haleigh Cummings’ disappearance and, despite being called “key” to the investigation by the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office, she insisted that she has never changed her story about what happened the night the 5-year-old went missing.

“I’ve always said the same thing,” Croslin, 19, said in the 20-minute interview posted on the station’s website last week. “I never said anything different…People don’t understand that it kills me every day to know that I was asleep, I woke up and she was gone.”

George Anthony: I smelled human corpse

George Anthony and tow truck manager Simon Birch testify Casey Anthony's car smelled of human decomposition.

Tot Mom's Former Lover Reveals a Secret

Tony Lazarro, Casey Anthony's former lover, says Casey told him her father hit her, and her brother tried to molest her.

Witnesses Testify Casey Anthony’s Car Reeked of a Dead Corpse

Casey Anthony’s car smelled like a human corpse, said her father George Anthony who took the witness stand today for the third time in the course of his daughter’s Florida murder trial.

“Please God, don’t let this be my Casey or my Caylee,” George Anthony said softly to himself as he opened the stench-filled trunk of his daughter’s abandoned Pontiac Sunfire.

Tot Mom spends whole day in bed w/lover after Caylee vanishes

Anthony Lazzaro says he spent the day in bed with Casey Anthony after Caylee vanished.

Tot Mom Judge Denies Defense's Motion For Mistrial

Before the jury arrived for the fourth day of testimony at Casey Anthony’s murder trial Friday, defense attorney Jose Baez moved to have Judge Belvin Perry declare a mistrial.

Baez’s request came after Perry granted a prosecution motion that will require him to proffer testimony from witnesses about things the defendant said to them before the jury is allowed to hear it. Baez had argued that would give the prosecutors an unfair advantage after they have had so many witnesses testify about Casey’s behavior and sexual partners and it prevent him from countering those questions.