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We Want Justice for Bryan Stow

Still No Arrests in Brutal Attack at Dodger Stadium
A long-time San Francisco Giants fan and father of two, 42-year-old Bryan Stow couldn’t wait for opening day to watch his favorite team play the Los Angeles Dodgers. But little did Stow know after making the 330-plus mile trek from Santa Cruz, California to LA on March 31 he would be fighting for his life, allegedly viciously attacked by angry Dodgers fans.

It was a close game that Thursday night with the Dodgers scraping out a 1-run win, beating the Giants 2-1. And that’s when the post-game heckling spiraled out of control. Ironically, during the game, Stow sent a text message to a cousin's wife insisting he was scared inside the stadium, according to his cousin John Stow.

Husband Denies Wife's Alleged Plot to Kill Him Was Hoax to Get on Reality TV

In two days of sometimes contentious testimony at his wife's trial for allegedly seeking a hit man to kill him, Michael Dippolito denied that he orchestrated the whole plot himself in an attempt to get on a reality TV show.

The unique defense presented by Dalia Dippolito's attorney to explain her videotaped negotiations with an undercover police officer to pay for her husband's murder rests on the claim that Michael Dippolito was obsessed with reality television and looking for media exposure.

Blow to Tot Mom defense: chloroform evidence will be used at trial

The judge in the Casey Anthony trial has ruled the jury will see the chloroform evidence. Is it a blow to her defense?

Arrest Made in 2007 Disappearance, Murder After Students Discover Remains

The discovery of human remains by two high school students in a Minnesota park has given authorities the final piece of evidence they needed to solve a 4-year-old missing person case and arrest the man who has always been their prime suspect.

Judy Lynn Rush, 56, was reported missing on August 22, 2007 after neighbors and relatives expressed concern that they had not seen or heard from her in days.

Missing young mom's body found in pond

The search for a 20 year old NH mom has ended, with her body found in a local retention pond.

Rpt: blood found in missing young mom's car

Police have reportedly found what may be blood in the car belonging to missing mom Krista Dittmeyer.

Young mom vanishes: infant girl found in abandoned car

A New Hampshire mother is missing after her car was found running and her infant daughter inside.

Attorney: Tot Mom needs to embrace the lies

One attorney tells HLN's Nancy Grace it should be part of Casey Anthony's defense strategy to embrace her alleged lies.

Phylicia Barnes' Body Found in River

A body found near a Maryland dam has been identified as missing honor student Phylicia Barnes. Nancy Grace reports.

DNA results back on blood found at missing nursing student home

After a 5th day of searching, police confirmed that DNA results are in on blood found at the home of a missing TN woman.