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Jacob Wetterling: Nancy Grace America's Missing

TIPLINE: 320-251-4240
Age at disappearance: 11
Last seen: October 22, 1989
From: St. Joseph, Minnesota
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5 feet
Weight: 75 lbs

Rpt: Murdered mom suspect admits dumping elderly couple's bodies

Tiffany Brown Murder Suspect Reportedly Admits Dumping Elderly Couple's Bodies

Samuel Littleton, suspected in the murder of 26-year-old Ohio mother Tiffany Brown, has allegedly admitted to killing a missing elderly couple and dumping their bodies in Georgia, the Lowndes County Sheriff's Office revealed Friday.

Kara Kopetsky: Nancy Grace America’s Missing

When 17-year-old Kara Kopetsky didn’t make it home from school on May 4, 2007 her family immediately knew something was wrong. Surveillance video captured the teen as she left her school at around 10:30am.

She has not been seen again. Last week police conducted a search for Kara in a sparsely wooded area. 40 officers were on hand to conduct the grid search through brush and debris. Nothing of evidentiary value was found in the search but that has not silenced the hope of Kara’s parents who continue to believe she will be found.

Suspect In Ohio Mom’s Murder Caught After Week-Long Manhunt

The suspect in an Ohio mother’s murder has been taken into custody in West Virginia, CNN affiliate WHIO reported Wednesday.

Samuel Littleton II was arrested in Princeton, West Virginia on Wednesday, the morning after a car belonging to a missing couple linked to him was discovered abandoned outside a local Wal-Mart.

Tracy Ocasio: Nancy Grace America’s Missing

Tracy Ocasio was last seen on surveillance video leaving a bar in Orlando, Florida. James Hataway was the last known person to see the 27-year-old young woman alive.

The two had met at a bar just a week before she disappeared. She had not hung out with him outside the bar until the night she disappeared when she gave him a ride home. Hataway told police Tracy dropped him off at home and then she left. Tracy’s car, a yellow Chevy Cobalt, was found the same afternoon after she was last seen abandoned blocks away from Hataway’s home. While Tracy’s purse was in the car – her keys, cell phone, and id were gone. Hataway has been named a suspect in Tracy’s disappearance and police confirm he took a polygraph but failed “miserably”. Where is Tracy Ocasio?

Where is Sgt. Jonathan Ferguson?

Sgt. Jonathan Ferguson was last seen in the early hours of February 14th at an IHOP Restaurant that was about 6 miles from the base where he is stationed in Yuma, AZ.

Witnesses who last saw Ferguson at IHOP told investigators he left on foot, saying he was headed back to the base.

Jodi Huisentruit: Nancy Grace America’s Missing

Jodi Huisentruit woke up late for work as the morning anchor at KIMT in Mason City, Iowa on June 27, 1995. Her producer called her to wake her up.

Jodi said she would be to work within 20 minutes. She only lived five minutes away from work, but Jodi didn’t make it to work for her broadcast. Co-workers became worried enough to send police to her apartment to check on her. While everything inside the apartment appeared to be normal, police found signs of a struggle near Jodi’s Mazda Miata. Her hairdryer, hairspray, a pair of red shoes and earrings were strewn across the parking lot. Drag marks were also found nearby, but the 27-year-old blonde beauty was no where to be found.

Allyson Corrales: Nancy Grace America's Missing

An Amber Alert was issued for 3-year-old Allyson Corrales after her mother was found dead inside the apartment she shared with her.

Police believe Allyson’s father, Luis Corrales is to blame for the murder from stab wounds. A warrant is out for his arrest. Police consider him armed and dangerous. He was last seen in San Antonio boarding a bus to El Salvador, but police believe he could be back in the United States. Corrales and Allyson’s mother had recently split and there was a restraining order in place. Police say they couldn’t charge Corrlaes for violating the protective order because he was willingly let into the home.

Rachel Mellon: Nancy Grace America’s Missing

13-year-old Rachel Mellon spent the day home from school with her stepfather on January 31, 1996. She had a sore throat. Her stepfather, Vincent Mellon, left the house while Rachel was taking a nap. When he returned she was gone.

Also gone were pillows from Rachel’s bedroom and a blue blanket. With freezing a temperature of 20 degrees below zero police do not believe Rachel left on her own. There was no forced entry to the home and the honor roll student’s coat, shoes and purse were all left behind. What happened to Rachel Mellon?

Police Say Ohio Mother Was Stabbed Multiple Times, Warrant Issued For Person Of Interest

Bellefontaine police revealed Friday that an Ohio mom whose body was found hidden in the basement of her own mother's house Wednesday night had been stabbed multiple times, while CNN affiliate WHIO reported that arrest warrants for murder and other charges have been issued for a person of interest in the case. Authorities have launched a multi-state manhunt for 37-year-old Samuel Littleton II, the boyfriend of 26-year-old victim Tiffany Brown's mother, and they now say an elderly couple with connections to Littleton has also disappeared.

Police will not know if the stab wounds were the cause of Brown's death until an autopsy is complete, but at a press conference Friday afternoon, Police Chief Brad Kunze said they believe she died in the house and they have found no evidence to indicate that she survived beyond last Saturday. She was last seen alive Friday night leaving her children with a babysitter and was reported missing the following morning by her mother.