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Morning Express with Robin Meade

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'American Sniper' trial set to start

'American Sniper' trial set to start

A jury has been selected and is ready to hear opening statements in the trial of Eddie Routh.

He accused of fatally shooting Navy SEAL Chris Kyle who is the author of "American Sniper" and the focus of the movie that has the same name.

Start-up called the ‘Uber for flowers’

“The flower industry has been in need of a revolution since it started. I remember sending my mom flowers when I was 10 years old,” says Matthew Schwab, co-founder of BloomThat. “And the customer service and experience hasn't changed since then.”

Schwab knew there had to be a better way. So he and two of his college friends started BloomThat, a company that delivers flowers within 90 minutes. Customers can choose from up to eight bouquets on the website or mobile app.

Careful what you say, your TV may be listening

Careful what you say, your TV may be listening

Samsung says its smart TV can listen to you in your home if you have voice recognition turned on.

An eagle-eyed Redditor spotted this line tucked into Samsung's security policy:

Bruce Jenner involved in a fatal car crash in Malibu, California

Bruce Jenner involved in fatal car crash

Former Olympian Bruce Jenner says he can't imagine what the victim's family is going through after he was involved in a fatal four-car accident over the weekend.

Police say Jenner’s SUV rear-ended a car that had just hit another vehicle near Los Angeles.

Awwww, hell snow!

Awwww, hell snow!

CNN's Sara Ganim reports on the storm system dropping two more feet of snow on Boston where they have already spent their storm budget for the year.

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Prince Awards Beck Trophy for Best Album at the 2015 Grammy Awards

Beck's 'Best' shocks Grammy Awards

Despite the controversy around the song, Grammy voters loved Sam Smith and "Stay With Me."

He won 4 big awards, including Song of the Year, Record of the Year, and Best New Artist.

Steve Carell and Ethan Hawke who accepted the Best Director award for Richard Linklater for 'Boyhood'

'Boyhood' wins at BAFTAs

Music wasn’t the only art form being honored last night.

Before the Grammys were handed out, the Brits celebrated cinema at the BAFTA Awards.

TurboTax blocked for State Tax returns in Minnesota

Minnesota stops accepting TurboTax returns

Minnesota has stopped accepting tax returns filed through TurboTax because of possible fraud after two people said, they logged in and found a return had already been filed.

State officials are reviewing other TurboTax returns before they process them.