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U.S. President Barack Obama addresses the nation from the State Dining Room of the White House on August 7, 2014 in Washington, DC. Obama announced he has authorized military strikes against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) and a humanitarian aid drop. ISIS has been advancing on the important city of Erbil, Iraq and a civilian humanitarian crisis has developed.

Daily speed feed: Friday, August 8, 2014

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Obama OKs Iraq airstrikes to halt ISIS (CNN)
- Obama: "We do whatever is necessary to protect our people"

Steve Harvey hands out awards to your neighbors

Steve Harvey hands out awards to your neighbors

What job doesn't Steve Harvey do?!

He's host of the game show Family Feud, he's got his own daytime talk show, not to mention a morning radio show and he's a best-selling author!

HLN's Robin Meade and Family Feud host Steve Harvey play the fast money round on Morning Express

Steve Harvey and Robin Meade play 'The Feud'

He's an actor, a writer, a talk show host, creator of the Neighborhood Awards AND Steve Harvey is the host of 'Family Feud.'

HLN's Robin Meade goes head to head against Harvey to see how well he knows the Morning Express audience who answered our relationship survey on Facebook.

VIZIO Recalls to Repair 39- and 42-Inch E-Series Flat Panel Televisions Due to Risk of Tip Over

Vizio recalling big TVs that could tip over

Vizio is recalling thousands of 39 and 24 inch HDTV sets because the base can fail causing the whole thing to tip and fall over.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission says, "The flat panel televisions are black with 'VIZIO' printed in the lower right corner of the television front and the VIZIO logo in the center of the back."

Great white shark attacks an unmanned probe

CHOMP: Great white tries to eat research sub

A great white shark went on the attack against -- a robot?

This is not the plot for the next shark-tacular made-for-tv movie. This is video shot by Woods Hole Oceanographic off Guadalupe Island, Mexico back in 2013.

Monkey at the drive through

Would you like fries with that banana?

Unsuspecting drive-through employees react when a monkey appears to pull up at the window!

This is the latest good natured prank from YouTuber Magic of Rahat who is famous for surprising drive through workers with 'invisible drivers' and other unexpected scenarios. You may have also seen his touching 'Homeless Lottery Winner' video.

Witness: Ferguson officer, teen didn't struggle

Witness: Ferguson officer, teen didn't struggle

Women rally for 'fat-shamed' mom in Canada

Women rally for 'fat-shamed' mom

Dozens of moms in Canada put on their bikinis in support of a mom who says she was harassed at the beach, because of her stretch marks.

They rallied in Downtown Edmonton with signs saying, "bare your belly."

over 45,000 people have signed an online petition in support of Weird Al Yankovic performing at halftime during the Super Bowl

Fans want Weird Al Super Bowl halftime show

Weird Al Yankovic's new album is so awesome that a group of fans are petitioning to have him perform at the Super Bowl!

As of Thursday morning, a petition at had already reached more than 45,000 signatures and is gaining steam.

Cops: Teacher was drunk, pantsless on first day

Cops: Teacher was drunk, pantsless on first day

A high school teacher in Oklahoma was found allegedly drunk in a classroom -- with no pants on!

Lorie Hill was arrested on Monday for public intoxication.