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Morning Express with Robin Meade

A fast, personal, and smart blend of all the news you want in the morning. We call it "News in the Fast Lane." So buckle up.

HLN's Lynn Berry talks to Ty Pennington about his new Documentary Series: "Growing America" on HLN

Ty Pennington's new series debuts Sunday on HLN

Growing America is a six-episode series airing Sundays at 9 p.m. on HLN.​ An HLN and Holiday Inn Original Series.

You probably know Ty Pennington from his inspiring home makeovers but now he's hosting a brand new series right here on HLN.

Picky eater? Try putting sprinkles on food kids don't want to eat.

Mom hack: Put sprinkles on salad!

Now that you've moved all your DVD's into 'the cloud' what do you do with all the old cases? Turn them into neat, notebooks, complete with writing utensils to keep little hands and minds busy in the car.

That's just one of Jennifer Westhoven's 'Mom Hacks.' Little, simple, tricks you can use to solve some of parenting's persistent problems.

HLN Bleacher Report anchor Brian McFayden taste's Chef Hugh Acheson's pickled shrimp salad

TUMS Ultimate Tailgate with Top Chef Hugh Acheson

The TUMS Ultimate Tailgate comes to Athens, Georgia and Sanford Stadium where the Georgia Bulldogs will take on the Auburn Tigers Saturday in one of the biggest rivalries in college football.

That's why HLN's TUMS Ultimate Tailgate and Brian McFayden are there along with Chef Hugh Acheson whipping up something on the lighter side to serve under your tailgate tent on gameday. Pickled Shrimp Salad from Acheson's James Beard Award winning cookbook: "A New Turn in the South."

Anthony Gray, attorney for Michael Brown's family speaks to press ahead of Grand Jury ruling

Michael Brown's family calls for calm

The family of Michael Brown says it agrees with Missouri’s Governor, in calling for peaceful demonstrations after a Grand Jury reaches a decision on whether to indict the officer who shot Brown.

The last witness has testified before the Grand Jury, and their decision could come down at any time.

File photo: Are secret spy planes tracking your cell phone? Report in WSJ says yes

Secret airborne cell phone scanners spying on you?

If true, this would be the most sophisticated, intrusive spying program that we the public know about yet, when it comes to your digital info.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting: The government can find out where you are anywhere in the country, within ten feet. Down to the room you are in, in a building.

File photo: NBA Commissioner Adam Silver writes New York Times op-ed endorsing legalized gambling on pro sports in all states

NBA Commish: Allow legal sports betting

Right now betting on the NBA is only legal in Las Vegas but in an op-ed piece posted to the New York Times website silver said the United States government should allow sports gambling everywhere.

He said:

Kirk Cameron's new movie "Saving Christmas" is out now

Does Christmas need saving? Kirk Cameron says yes

What does 'Christmas' mean to you?

Actor Kirk Cameron tells HLN's Robin Meade that a lot of people feel like "Christmas has been hijacked." He says he has friends who are afraid to wish other people "Merry Christmas." Cameron also says there are even some who believe the holiday should be scrapped entirely because the focus has been taken off Jesus and put on Santa.

File photo: Nebraska Medical Center where a 3rd Ebola patient is expected to arrive for treatment this weekend

Another Ebola patient being brought to U.S.

A surgeon infected with Ebola is expected to arrive in the U.S. on Saturday from West Africa if he's stable enough to be transported.

Dr. Martin Salia is a citizen of Sierra Leone and a permanent resident in the U.S. He'll most likely be taken to the Nebraska medical center, which has treated two other Ebola patients, including an NBC cameraman who was released last month.

File photo: Surgeon infected with Ebola is expected to be the 3rd patient treated for the disease at Nebraska Medical Center

Daily speed feed: Friday, November 14, 2014

Today's must-see, must-share stories as seen on Morning Express with Robin Meade:

Ebola patient expected in U.S. tomorrow (KETV)
- Surgeon infected with disease in West Africa

"Rosewater" directed by The Daily Show's Jon Stewart opens in theaters this weekend

Jon Stewart turns off the satire for 'Rosewater'

For fifteen years, Jon Stewart has been ripping apart the media and mocking politicians as host of "The Daily Show."

But, you may remember he took a 12-week sabbatical from hosting the show last year to direct a movie. Now you can see the end result of that that break from the Daily Show desk. His film “Rosewater” comes out this weekend.