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Morning Express with Robin Meade

A fast, personal, and smart blend of all the news you want in the morning. We call it "News in the Fast Lane." So buckle up.

Robin Meade gets real: Embrace your true self

Robin Meade gets real: Embrace your true self

Editor’s note: Robin Meade is the host of HLN’s Morning Express with Robin Meade. She is on Twitter.

HLN’s #MeForReal is an uplifting, revealing conversation about the way we present ourselves online. We want to see the REAL parts of life, the ones that don’t get a filter or a Facebook post, but are a part of our realities nonetheless. Tag your favorite unscripted, unedited, un-perfected moments using #MeForReal, and see what others are sharing on FacebookTwitter and The Daily Share

Autism awareness: A Braxton family value

Autism awareness: A Braxton family value

Toni Braxton is a singer, a reality show star, an actress, a fashionista and an advocate for people on the autism spectrum. Somehow, HLN's Robin Meade managed to get ALL of those topics into one interview with Braxton on Tuesday!

And then, when cameras stopped rolling... shoes became the hot topic:

'The Vamprire Diaries' star Michael Malarkey chats with HLN's Robin Meade

This 'Vampire' has music in his blood

You probably know him best as bad boy Enzo on the CW's wildly popular show "The Vampire Diaries" but did you know Michael Malarkey is more than just your average neck biter? He's also "The King!"

HLN's Robin Meade sits down with Malarkey to talk about what's next for his character this season on "TVD" and to learn more about his music career. Specifically his current release, "Feed the Flames" available to download everywhere.  Here's a sample:

File photo

Sleeping worker trapped in plane cargo hold

Can you imagine what a baggage handler must have thought after falling asleep in the cargo hold of a plane and waking up when it took off!

The pilot of Alaska Airlines Flight 448 turned the plane around when the crew, air marshals and the passengers heard the crewman banging and yelling from inside the cargo hold.

Reserve deputy charged in Eric Harris death

Reserve deputy charged in Eric Harris death

A police video has many people wondering why a reserve deputy, who is a 73-year-old insurance executive, was part of a dangerous undercover sting operation.

That Tulsa County deputy is now facing manslaughter charges, after he fatally shot an African American man instead of using his Taser.

Marco Rubio announces bid for White House.

Rubio's running

Florida senator Marco Rubio described himself as the best presidential candidate to move the country forward.

Right out of the gate the 34-year-old went after Hillary Clinton saying, "Just yesterday, a leader from yesterday began a campaign for President by promising to take us back to yesterday. But yesterday is over, and we are never going back."

Nancy Grace: 'Don’t count Arias out'

Convicted murderer Jodi Arias will find out Monday if she will spend the rest of her life in prison or have the possibility of being set free after 25 years.

Arias was convicted in 2013 of killing her former boyfriend Travis Alexander, but two juries couldn't agree on a sentence.

File photo: Atlanta, Georgia Mayor Kasim Reed

Salute to Troops: Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed

Tell us about a military man or woman in your life on our special Salute to Troops iReport assignment page. You could see your hero on Morning Express with Robin Meade!

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 A passenger in a Lamborghini died after the driver crashed at Walt Disney World Speedway's exotic driving experience.

Man killed in Lamborghini crash at Disney World track

An exotic driving experience turned deadly when a Lamborghini crashed at a racetrack at Walt Disney World Speedway in Orlando, Florida.

Officials say Tavon Watson lost control of the vehicle and hit the guardrail. Driving instructor Gary Terry, 36, who was a passenger in the vehicle, was killed in the crash, according to HLN affiliate WFTV.