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Protests erupt in Ferguson, Missouri on the night of March 11, 2015 following the resignation of Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson earlier in the day.

Two officers shot at Ferguson protest

Two police officers were shot and wounded early Thursday during demonstrations in Ferguson, Missouri.

Authorities said one of the officers was shot in the shoulder, the other in the face. Both are in the hospital and conscious, but their wounds are described as "very serious." Police say they have no suspects.

Comedian Bill Cosby, facing charges from several women who accuse him of sexual assault, apprears in a new video

Is Bill Cosby's 'call' a wrong number?

Bill Cosby is speaking out to his fans in a new video that some have described as odd and kind of bizarre.

The comedian is seen wearing pajamas and talking on a rotary-dial phone about his coming up shows.

Baby who survived alone after crash improving

Baby who survived alone after crash improving

The family of a baby, who survived for hours in a partially submerged car, says she's doing great.

Police believe Lilly survived hanging upside down for fourteen hours in freezing temps with no food or water.

Picture of the burning wreckages of two helicopters which collided mid-air near Villa Castelli, in the Argentine province of La Rioja, on March 9, 2015. Eight French nationals, including sports stars, filming a reality TV show were killed Monday along with two Argentine pilots when their helicopters collided in mid-air in northwestern Argentina, officials said.

French Olympians among 10 killed in copter crash

Two French Olympic medalists are among 10 people killed in an apparent mid-air helicopter collision in Argentina.

CNN’s Jim Bittermann reports from Paris.

Mysterious 'voice' leads rescuers to baby girl

Mysterious 'voice' leads rescuers to baby girl

Rescuers say a mysterious voice led them to a baby girl who was trapped in a car that had crashed in a river, killing her mom.

More from HLN affiliate KSL.

SAE Fraternity shut down over racist chant caught on video

Oklahoma frat shut down over racist chant

Members of a fraternity in Oklahoma were caught on video chanting a song that includes the "n-word."

Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s head office says it's a disgusting display and it's taking fast action.

Chrysler is recalling over 700,000 minivans and SUVs

Chrysler recalls more than 700,000 vehicles

Fiat Chrysler has issued a recall for over 700,000 minivans and SUVs. The problem is similar to the ignition switch issue that affected many GM cars.

If you are driving one of the vehicles listed in the recall, the company suggests removing everything but the ignition key from your key rings until the switch is fixed.