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Kristen Bell as Mary Poppins in satirical video calling for an increase in the national minimum wage

'Mary Poppins' feeds lawmakers spoonful of satire

Kristen Bell is spot on as the world's strangest and most famous nanny in the latest bit from the folks at 'Funny or Die."

Set to the tune of "Just a Spoonful of Sugar," Bell embodies a Mary Poppins who is less concerned with playing hard to get with Cockney chimney sweeps than she is with earning a 'living wage.' So much so, she is packing up and quitting... at least she would if she could afford a new magic umbrella.

The Ohio State University marching band director Jon Waters fired over alleged sexualized culture amongst band members

Buckeye band 'sexualized?' Director fired

The celebrated director of one of the nation's most well known university marching bands is out. 

Jon Waters is accused of tolerating a tradition of sexual harassment among the members of the Ohio State Marching Band.

Ohio clinic offers Liposuction for pets

Lipo for fido?

A veterinary clinic in Ohio is offering liposuction for pets.

Unlike the procedure for humans who use it mostly for cosmetic reasons, animal liposuction is only performed on the dangerously overweigh. It's also a non-invasive way to treat growths.  

File photo: Baltimore Raven's running back drew outrage for 2-game suspension stemming from alleged assault

Outrage over NFL's 2-game Ray Rice suspension

There was outrage on social media after the NFL announced it is suspending Ravens running back Ray Rice for just 2 games.

He was the player caught on video dragging his now wife out of an elevator.

Family of 17 win lottery

Family plays lottery in mom's honor, wins big!!

A woman in New Jersey who just won $20 million in the lottery said she will split the jackpot with her 16 siblings!

Sigrid Endreson says her mom always played the lottery, so after she died in 2004, Endreson started playing in her honor.

Map shows crash site of Air Algerie jet carrying 116 souls

Daily speed feed: Friday, July 25, 2014

Today's must-see, must-share stories as seen on Morning Express with Robin Meade:

'Disintegrated' Air Algerie jet found in Mali (CNN)
- Official says no survivors so far

Synopsis: Bear-resistant trash cans put to test at testing facility near Yellowstone Natl. Park

Adorable, determined bear defeated by trash can

What better to test out your 'bear-resistant' trash cans, than with an actual bear?

Even after a very determined grizzly spent a solid hour of trying to dig his way in yesterday, this can held tight.

Alissa Chavez invents device called 'The Hot Seat' to alert parents who accidentally leave children in a hot car

Teen's invention could prevent hot car deaths

Companies are already interested in a teenager's invention that could prevent children from dying in hot cars.

Alissa Chavez’s gadget would trigger an alarm on your key chain if you walk away from your car and forget your child is still inside!

"Pinch me!" Chiney Ogwumike recalls recieving her diploma from Condoleeza Rice

My Big Moment: Making hoop dreams a reality

When Chiney Ogwumike heard her name called first at the 2014 WNBA draft in April, she felt the room go quiet just before the crowd burst into cheers. 

“To be selected No. 1 overall was just surreal,” she says. “I couldn’t even imagine a better fairy tale for a basketball player.”

New full trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey movie is out

Riding crop & ripped abs: 'Fifty Shades' trailer

The wait is over: "Fifty Shades of Grey" fans can now get a good look at Christian Grey and Anasasia Steele in all their glory.

The first full trailer for the film that features a hefty dose of S&M and other very adult themes has been posted on the film's YouTube page.