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File photo: Lisa Robin Kelly of the FOX series 'That '70s Show'

'That 70s Show' actress Lisa Robin Kelly dead

Actress Lisa Robin Kelly, best known for her role in the TV sitcom "That 70s Show," has died just days after checking into rehab.

The 43-year-old had been battling addiction for several years and had a number of arrests. In June, Kelly was charged with driving under the influence. Her agent said Kelly was hopeful that she would be able to overcome her problems.

File photo: View of the National Security Agency (NSA) in the Washington suburb of Fort Meade, Maryland

Report: NSA repeatedly broke privacy rules

Top secret documents, leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, show the agency broke privacy rules thousands of times.

A report from the Washington Post says It's been going on for years, and includes intercepted e-mails, phone calls, even violating court orders.

Brandon Street is left virtually deserted after a large number of people were evacuated from the CBD following a magnitude 6.2 earthquake on August 16, 2013 in Wellington, New Zealand.

Strong earthquake rocks New Zealand

People took cover during a 6.8 magnitude earthquake in New Zealand this morning.

So far, there are no reports of serious injuries or damage but some people had to be rescued from elevators.

Recall: Some Iams and Eukanuba foods may be tainted with salmonella.

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Judson Kinnucan collects donated goods and gets them to charities in need

Chicago hero turns 'waste' into 'goods'

Every weekend, Judson Kinnucan gathers donated items from bins around Chicago, sorts them and then distributes the goods to local charities. Since 2009, his nonprofit, Bin Donated, has collected 145,000 pounds of items woth more than $1 million. His story.

Do you know a hero? Nominations are open for 2013 CNN Heroes.  

Private detective Robin Martinelli shows off the tools she uses to catch a liar in the act

How to catch a liar like a pro

Can you tell if somebody is lying? 

Morning Express producer Darian Billington tailed private eye Robin Martinelli to get a look at the spy gear she uses to catch liars in the act.

File photo

Are BMW drivers jerks?

If you drive a BMW, you may not like the answer to this question. Two recent studies determined that Bimmer owners are more likely to be jerks behind the wheel.

First came a study from the University of California, which tested how different drivers reacted to pedestrians and four-way stops. The New York Times noted that in both cases, drivers of high-end cars like BMWs were more likely to blow past pedestrians or not wait their turn at stop signs.

File photo: Tom Brady #12 of the New England Patriots looks on from the bench in the second half against the Philadelphia Eagles on August 9, 2013 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennslyvania.

Tackle trouble for Tom Brady

New England Patriot fans had a panic attack yesterday when they saw their quarterback hit the ground and limp to the sidelines.

To paraphrase 'Star Wars' -- When fans saw Tom Brady grab his knee it was "as if millions of voices cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced."