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File photo: New study shows looking a pictures of food can help you feel less hungry.

Dieting? Fill up on 'food porn'

Looking at pictures on Instagram or Pinterest could help you lose weight.

Here's the theory: Seeing pictures of food over and over, makes you feel full, so you want less when it's time to eat.

Salmonella outbreak linked to raw chicken sickens nearly 300 in 18 states

Hundreds sickened by tainted raw chicken

The government shutdown means information you need about a salmonella outbreak may not be getting out.

Here's what we know: it's linked to tainted raw chicken from Foster Farms.

4 friends were stuck in their SUV overnight after being overwhelmed by Blizzard conditions in South Dakota

Friends huddle in SUV to ride out blizzard

iReporter Jacob Eberhhart and some friends found themselves stuck on a road just north of Stugis, South Dakota. He snapped these pics and shot a short video clip while they waited to be rescued.

Abu Anas al Libi

Two secret missions, two different outcomes

Elite U.S. forces tried to pull off two risky missions to capture major terror suspects over the weekend. One worked, the other did not.

The first was in Libya.

File photo:  Dario Franchitti, driver of the #02 BMW Riley prepares for practice in the pits during practice for the Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car race at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca on September 7, 2013

Fans hurt in wild wreck at Grand Prix of Houston

A horrifying wreck at an Indy car race Sunday left several fans injured, sending three of them to the hospital.

The fact that driver Dario Franchitti only suffered a concussion, a broken ankle and two fractured vertebrae is a testament to the safety of these cars.

File photo:  A U.S. solider from the 82nd Airborne Division walks in front of the convoy July 4, 2002 near Syansang, Afghanistan.

12 years at war in Afghanistan

Today is the anniversary of the start of war in Afghanistan.

The U.S. led invasion began 12 years ago on October 7, 2001.

Tarantula mating season is underway in California

Love tarantula-style: It's mating season

Tarantulas looking for love are expected to surface in droves out in California.   

Experts say it’s mating season and that means people will see many more male spiders searching for an eight legged companion -- preferably one that won't eat them.


Obamacare: Expert advice on picking a policy

The controversy over Obamacare's individual mandate obscures the fact that most Americans don't have to go shopping for new health insurance. If you have coverage through your employer, or through a program like Medicare, you're good to go.

But, with some companies cutting back on benefits or shifting a bigger portion of health care costs to their employees, people may wonder whether they could save some money by opting out of their plan at work and buying a policy from a state or federal exchange.

Big Red Meat Wagon

Meat coma? Tailgate trucks to the 'rescue'

The HLN Rivalry Express bus is a pretty sweet ride, but in Lincoln, Nebraska, it's far from the ultimate tailgate vehicle. It's got competition from not one, but two converted ambulances: "The Husker Rescue Rig" and the "Big Red Meat Wagon."

This year, they'll be joined by the "Big Chief" bus representing the University of Illinois as the Fighting Illini start a new Big 10 rivalry against the Cornhuskers.

File photo: New Farm Bill could fall victim to government shutdown leading to higher prices in grocery stores

Higher grocery prices? Thanks, shutdown...

The stalemate in Washington is not just missed paychecks for many government workers; it could also mean higher grocery prices at supermarkets across the nation.

With Congress locked up about both the government shutdown and the debt ceiling, it’s not likely they will have the time or focus in the near future to pass a new farm bill.