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Undated file photo: Princess Diana

Princess Diana murder claims dismissed

London police officially shot down claims that Princess Diana was killed by Britain's elite Special Air Service, or SAS.

They'd been looking into those allegations since they first surfaced in August, but they say they found "no credible evidence" to support them.

File photo

JT helps fans get engaged on stage!

Justin Timberlake stopped his concert to help a fan propose to his girlfriend over the weekend.

Josh Clemens said it took about 100 emails and phone calls before he could get in touch with Timberlake’s manager, but they apparently paid off!

National Security Agency sign outside the NSA building in Washington, D.C.

Speed read: Tuesday, December 17, 2013

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Huge blow to NSA phone surveillance (CNN) 
-- A federal judge ruled it's probably unconstitutional for the n-s-a to collect your phone records

Revelers dressed as Santa Claus pose for a picture at Tompkins Square Park to take part during the annual SantaCon bar crawl event on December 14, 2013 in New York City. The SantaCon annual event occurs worldwide in more than 300 cities in 44 countries.

Seasons beatings! Santas throw down in NYC

The annual New York "SantaCon" took a naughty turn on Saturday.

According to the official website, SantaCon is a bunch of people dressed as Santa “cavorting around town for no better reason than that it's huge fun.”

On the November 24 episode of Seth MacFarlane's long-running "Family Guy," fans were stunned to watch one of the animated comedy's central characters bite the dust. The family dog, Brian, lost his life after being hit by a car.

Cartoon dog brought back to life

If you're not caught up on "Family Guy," beware... spoilers ahead.

Brian is back!

William Riley Knight was struck and killed by several vehicles while attempting to help a woman who had crashed her car in Indiana

Good Samaritan groom killed on wedding day

A groom was killed in Indiana on Saturday, just hours after his wedding.

William Knight (who went by his middle name, Riley) and his wife had just left their wedding reception, when they stopped to help a stranded driver.

17-year-old High School shooting victim Claire Davis

Speed read: Monday, December 16, 2013

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17-year-old Colorado school shooting victim in a coma (CNN)
-- Claire Davis described as a sweet, smart, horse lover

Jennifer Westhoven speaks the language of the Elves from 'The Hobbit'

Learn to speak Elvish with Jennifer Westhoven

Friday, we're revealing some of the biggest secrets behind the new film "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug."

Here's one big secret that's not in the movie: HLN's own Jennifer Westhoven speaks a little 'Elvish'! Listen and repeat along with Jen in the video above and you'll have some of the basics down next time you're in Middle Earth. 

American Hustle

Movieman: 'American Hustle' is the movie to see

They have worked together for over a decade, but this is the the first time Robin Meade and Russ Leatherman have ever been in the same place at the same time! Today, the two finally had a face-to-face in Hollywood!

All pleasantries aside, they call Russ Mr. Movieman for a reason, and he lived up to that title with reviews of three big films hitting screens this weekend:

The Cinerama Dome is part of the 14 screen ArcLight Hollywood Cinema complex on Sunset Blvd.

Historic Hollywood theater hosts Hobbits

Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, California is home to landmarks like the Beverly Hills Hotel, the Comedy Store, the Roxy Theater, Sunset Gower Studios, the Viper Room and since 1963, the Cinerama Dome. The dome is one of the most iconic buildings in Hollywood and has long held a soft spot in the hearts of movie-goers.

It opened as a single-screen movie house, but by the 90’s when the multiplex became king of the screens, it’s future became uncertain.