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Lifeguard rescue boats patrol off the shore at Venice Beach, Sunday, July 27, 2014 in Los Angeles. Authorities said lightning struck 14 people, leaving two critically injured, as rare summer thunderstorms swept through Southern California on Sunday.

Daily speed feed: Monday, July 28, 2014

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Deadly lighting storm sweeps Southern California beach (KABC)
- At least 1 dead, 8 injured

Philip Seymour Hoffman stars in 'slow burn' thriller 'A Most Wanted Man.' One of his final movie roles.

Review: 'A Most Wanted Man' worth tracking down

Get more rapid-fire reviews from Russ Leatherman at Six Second Reviews.

Today's must-see, must-share stories are in the daily speed feed.

Bunch O Balloons is a Kickstarter project that claims to be able to fill 37 water balloons at once in 20 seconds

Win the water balloon arms race!

While enemy combatants are slowly building their stockpile one weapon at a time, you can quickly gain superiority in your next water balloon war with this dad's genius invention.

It's called 'Bunch O Balloons' and with it, you can fill 100 water bombs in less than a minute!


'Scandal' star's new show crosses 'The Divide'

One of the stars of the hit show "Scandal" is going BEHIND the camera for a new legal drama called "The Divide".  But Tony Goldwyn says this isn't your typical law show.  

HLN's Brian McFayden got a chance to talk with Goldwyn and one of the stars of the new show. 

Rick Ellis' daughter was killed in a car crash in 2010. His graveside plea for people to think twice before drinking or doing drugs has gone viral.

Dad's powerful graveside plea fills Facebook

A father in Arkansas hopes his heart-wrenching video about drunk driving will give everybody a wake-up call.

Rick Ellis' daughter was killed in a car crash in 2010. Her mother was behind the wheel.

Bob Van Dillen drives a NASCAR race car with the Richard Petty Driving Experience in Atlanta

Bob's Summer Thrills: Feed your need for speed

Ever dreamed of putting the pedal to the metal and driving as fast as possible? The folks at the 'Richard Petty Driving Experience' can make that happen!

For this installment of 'Bob's Summer Thrills,' HLN meteorologist Bob Van Dillen stepped away from his weather maps and climbed into a NASCAR race car. 

Kristen Bell as Mary Poppins in satirical video calling for an increase in the national minimum wage

'Mary Poppins' feeds lawmakers spoonful of satire

Kristen Bell is spot on as the world's strangest and most famous nanny in the latest bit from the folks at 'Funny or Die."

Set to the tune of "Just a Spoonful of Sugar," Bell embodies a Mary Poppins who is less concerned with playing hard to get with Cockney chimney sweeps than she is with earning a 'living wage.' So much so, she is packing up and quitting... at least she would if she could afford a new magic umbrella.

The Ohio State University marching band director Jon Waters fired over alleged sexualized culture amongst band members

Buckeye band 'sexualized?' Director fired

The celebrated director of one of the nation's most well known university marching bands is out. 

Jon Waters is accused of tolerating a tradition of sexual harassment among the members of the Ohio State Marching Band.

Ohio clinic offers Liposuction for pets

Lipo for fido?

A veterinary clinic in Ohio is offering liposuction for pets.

Unlike the procedure for humans who use it mostly for cosmetic reasons, animal liposuction is only performed on the dangerously overweigh. It's also a non-invasive way to treat growths.  

File photo: Baltimore Raven's running back drew outrage for 2-game suspension stemming from alleged assault

Outrage over NFL's 2-game Ray Rice suspension

There was outrage on social media after the NFL announced it is suspending Ravens running back Ray Rice for just 2 games.

He was the player caught on video dragging his now wife out of an elevator.