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File photo: Ebola virus

Possible case of Ebola virus in Canada

There may be a case of the deadly Ebola virus in Canada.

A man who recently traveled from West Africa has several symptoms of the disease. A recent Ebola outbreak there killed at least 59 people.

BASE jumpers arrested for leap from One World Trade Center

Watch: World Trade Center B.A.S.E. jump

Four daredevils are in trouble after a base-jumping stunt at one world trade center in New York.

One man's helmet cam captured the daring leap last September.

Number of missing in Washinton landside skyrockets to at least 176

Speed feed: Tuesday, March 25, 2014

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Number of missing in Washington landslide skyrockets (KCPQ)
- Death toll climbs to 14, as many as 176 missing

'Awful, awful scene’ as families react to flight fate

Before the latest track of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was announced to the public Monday, the families of passengers learned that their loved ones are most likely dead after the plane crashed in the remote area of the southern Indian Ocean. The announcement was met with screams of agony and despair from relatives.

"It's been an awful, awful scene," says CNN's Pauline Chiou, who was in the briefing room with some of the Chinese families in Beijing when they learned of their loved ones' fate.

Chicago blue line train derail at O'Hare international airport

Train derails, climbs escalator at O'Hare

Breaking news out of Chicago where a commuter train derailed early this morning, injuring at least 30 people.

The crash happened just before 4 a.m. Eastern time at O’Hare international airport.

Tyquone Greer

High schooler hits game winner after being shot

Nine days after taking a bullet to the leg, a high school basketball player in Chicago leads his team to a city championship.

Brian McFayden reports.

Oso, Washington 'devastated' by square mile size landslide

Unbelievable pics: Washington landslide

Over 100 people remain missing after Saturday's deadly landslide in Oso, Washington, officials announced Monday.

Crews frantically trying to find trapped survivors say they are having trouble reaching them because the ground is like quicksand and highly unstable.

Crews chase down possible Flight 370 debris

Crews chase down possible Flight 370 debris

Search crews are chasing down new reports of possible debris from Malaysia Airlines flight 370.

In a news conference just before 6 a.m. E.T., Malaysian officials said Australian planes located two objects, one circular and the other rectangular-- and they could retrieve those objects within the next few hours.

James Rebhorn dead at 65

Hollywood loses a famous face

An actor you've seen for years, but probably never knew by name, has died.

James Rebhorn was most recently seen as Claire Danes' character's father, Frank Mathison, in the show "Homeland." And if you are a fan of movies like "My Cousin Vinny," "Independence Day" or “Scent of a Woman" you’ll also know his face.

Authorities in rural Washington State worked feverishly Sunday to find survivors after a landslide tore through an area north of Seattle

Speed feed: Monday, March 24, 2014

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Washington State landslide area 'total devastation' (KCPQ)
- 8 dead, over a dozen still missing