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Video shows Texas police officer shooting man who has at least one arm up.

Video: Did man shot by cop have both hands up?

Two videos supposedly show what happened when deputies in Texas shot a man who seems to have at least one hand up.

CNN's Christi Paul reports.

Manhunt continues in Chicago-area slaying

Manhunt continues in Chicago-area slaying

Several schools have canceled classes Wednesday as authorities swarm an area north of Chicago, Illinois, hunting for three men suspected of killing a police officer.

More from CNN: Lt. Joe Gliniewicz was a married father of four and led a police explorer program

Online calculator can help you determine the age of your heart

How old is your heart?

Your heart might be much older than your actual age.

The CDC says, on average, men's hearts are about eight years older than their real age and women's hearts are about five years older.

Market Basket frozen corn is one of 4 brands of frozen corn being recalled by by Bonduelle USA due to possible listeria contamination

Frozen corn recall

Check your freezer! Several brands of frozen corn are being recalled because they may have been contaminated with listeria.

About 10,000 cases frozen corn sold in 14 states (see map above) may be affected.

Cop stops driver for making 'direct' eye contact?

Cop stops driver for making 'direct' eye contact?

An Ohio man says a police officer told him the reason he pulled him over, was for making “direct eye-contact” with him.

The officer says it was because John Felton failed to signal properly before a turn.

Misting stations outside Auschwitz tone deaf?

Misting stations outside Auschwitz tone deaf?

The management at Auschwitz Memorial is being criticized, for installing misting stations that some say resemble the showers used to execute a million Jews.

A visitor Instagrammed this picture of the misters:

What's in those 7000 newly released Clinton emails?

What's in those 7000 newly released Clinton emails?

The latest batch of Hillary Clinton’s emails include advice from friends and even Clinton asking for help setting up an iPad.

The State Department released about 7000 pages last night.

Hundreds of High School students staged a walk out over the right of a transgender student's right to change for P.E. in the girls locker room.

Students protest trans student's right to use girls' locker room

Hundreds of students staged a walk-out in Missouri after a transgender girl dropped her P.E. class when concerns about her changing in the girls' locker room got very heated.

Lila Perry had been allowed to change in the girls’ locker room this year. Some students protested to support her, but some were against the decision to allow her to change in there.

Prosecutors: Suspect shot Texas deputy 15 times

Prosecutors: Suspect shot Texas deputy 15 times

A sheriff's deputy was shot 15 times from behind as he pumped gas at a station near Houston.

Prosecutors revealed that disturbing detail when suspect Shannon Miles appeared in court Monday. Police say Miles emptied his pistol during the attack on Deputy Darren Goforth.