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Morning Express with Robin Meade

A fast, personal, and smart blend of all the news you want in the morning. We call it "News in the Fast Lane." So buckle up.

New Tiffany & Co. ad campaign features same sex couple

Same-sex couple is new star of Tiffany's ad

Tiffany & Co. wants a piece of all the new weddings happening.

In its new "Will You?" ad campaign, Tiffany features a male couple. The jeweler said the men are a real-life couple, and the decision to include them is part of a "modern approach to love and romance."

Travel site, airline suing

Orbitz, United cry foul over tech wiz's site

Aktarer Zaman figured out a trick that drastically cuts the cost of a one-way plane ticket, then he set up a travel website so you can use it too!

Say you want to go to San Francisco. Zaman's Skiplagged helps you find a cheaper flight to another city that stops in San Francisco. You just get off the plane in San Francisco and let the plane go on without you. The premise works, but only if you book one-way and don't check your bags (otherwise they’d go on to the plane’s final destination).

Staples says hackers stole over a million credit card numbers from customers

Staples hackers steal over a million card numbers

Staples is confirming more than a million of its shoppers have had their data stolen.

The data thieves only struck some stores, but they got credit and debit card numbers from the locations they did hit so HLN money expert Jennifer Westhoven says it is probably best just to get a new card altogether if you shopped at any of them.

The Energy Department is predicting that the average price for 2015 will be $2.60 a gallon.

2015 should be a happy new year at the pump

The Energy Department is predicting that the average price for 2015 will be $2.60 a gallon.

HLN's Jennifer Westhoven reports, that’s even cheaper than current prices, which now clock in at about $2.64 for a gallon of regular.

New hack attack threat for businesses

New hack attack threat for businesses

There's a new computer threat on the loose!

The FBI has issued a flash alert about something you come across that could wipe your computer clean. Alison Kosik is in for Jennifer Westhoven and reports that it could be the same type of attack that hit Sony Pictures last week.

Oprah's list of her 'favorite things' is out

Fill your wishlist with Oprah's 'favorite things'

It's that time of year when Oprah puts out her annual "favorite things" list.

HLN money expert Jennifer Westhoven takes a look at some more affordable options that the Oprah faithful will want to have on their holiday wish list.

Wait, are these the same Black Friday deals?

Wait, are these the same Black Friday deals?

Before you get in line for black Friday, listen to this!

This year's deals might not be any better than last year's! In fact in some cases, they’re exactly the SAME deals.

Stephanie Erdman of Destin, Florida, who was seriously injured by the airbag explosion in her Honda Civic during a traffic accident last year, testifies during a hearing before the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee November 20, 2014 on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.

Frustration at Takata airbag hearing

Air Force Lt. Stephanie Erdman fought back tears as she described before a Senate committee hearing Thursday, the terrifying injuries she received from an exploding airbag.

Not only was the Takata airbag Senate hearing emotional, money expert Jen Westhoven reports there was also a lot of evasion and frustration too.

A record 27 new boosters earn highest IIHS rating

Is your car booster seat safe?

If you're going to put your child in a car booster seat, you might want to check to see if that seat got a good safety rating!

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), there are a record 27 booster seats in the top category, three of which are made by Britax.

New airline, WOW, offering $99 flights from the U.S. to Europe

$99 flight to Europe?

$99 flight to Ireland?

HLN money expert Jennifer Westhoven reports a new airline is offering super-low fares to entice you to travel!