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File photo: Stores like Target and the Containter Store now offering college gift registries

Babies, brides inspire new back-to-school trend

You've probably bought gifts for friends and family who registered at stores ahead of their wedding, or the birth of a baby.

Now, stores like Target and The Container Store are offering students something similar by letting them register for things they'll need when they go off to college.

Bunch O Balloons is a Kickstarter project that claims to be able to fill 37 water balloons at once in 20 seconds

Win the water balloon arms race!

While enemy combatants are slowly building their stockpile one weapon at a time, you can quickly gain superiority in your next water balloon war with this dad's genius invention.

It's called 'Bunch O Balloons' and with it, you can fill 100 water bombs in less than a minute!

Jeep advising drivers of certian models to remove all extraneous items from their key rings.

Jeepers: Take everything off your key ring

Up to 792,000 older Jeeps around the world being recalled due to a potential issue with the ignition.

HLN’s Jennifer Westhoven explains the weight of your keys, or even the length of the doo-dads hanging off your key chain could exacerbate the problem. She recommends pairing that down to just your essential keys until you can get the fix.

Couple: Cable company rep was 'belligerent'

Couple: Cable company rep was 'belligerent'

A couple who tried to cancel their cable service says a Comcast customer service rep was "straight up belligerent," so they recorded part of the call.

Comcast says it's embarrassed and has apologized to the couple.

What is the best part of a cupcake?

updated 7:30 AM EDT, Fri July 11, 2014
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29% Frosting
41% Cake
29% All of the above
J.Crew introduces size triple zero

'Vanity sizing' run amok? Try on a size '000'

J.Crew is getting called out by people who say 'vanity sizing' is out of control.

In order to make people feel better about the sizes they are trying on, the entire retail industry has started to size things differently. This year's size 4 would have been a 6 or an 8 a few years ago.

Harley Davidson announces electric motorcycle: Project LiveWire

Harley's new high pitched hog goes gas free

This morning Harley Davidson, the company known for making deep throated, growling, motorcycles revealed something completely different.

Its first electric motorcycle called Project LiveWire, and it has a sound all its own!


Hand over those car keys- more GM recalls

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Some Ford owners are getting cash from automaker after company admits they overestimated mileage results in some cars

Some Ford owners getting cash back

About 200-thousand Ford customers have some money coming to them.

Ford admits they overstated how good your mileage might be in estimates for some 2013-2014  sedans, so it’s doling out refunds ranging from $125 to $1,050.

Memorial Day discounts and freebies

Huge list of Memorial Day freebies & deals

After this awful winter, people are just like, “Get me outta here!" That means this could be the second-busiest Memorial Day travel weekend since 2000.

More than 36 million of you are expected to get outta town, says AAA.