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Morning Express with Robin Meade

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News crew almost hit by car on slick street

News crew almost hit by car on slick street

The latest winter blast is hitting 90 million people, and making for a trying morning rush in the South and East.

Kentucky and Tennessee have declared states of emergency and the weather is extending the long Presidents’ Day weekend, for workers in D.C.

Awwww, hell snow!

Awwww, hell snow!

CNN's Sara Ganim reports on the storm system dropping two more feet of snow on Boston where they have already spent their storm budget for the year.

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Bob Van Dillen reports on the arctic blast

Nation wakes up to deep freeze

Big Arctic high pressure responsible for Thursday's extreme cold is anchored from Kentucky to Texas. Wind chill warnings and advisories take up a lot of acreage. Over 171 million people are under a wind chill advisory and 11.5 million under a wind chill warning.

Snow and wind will make it to the Upper Midwest later Thursday afternoon. Blizzard warnings are in place in North Dakota and Minnesota. It's not much snow, but lots of wind and blowing snow.

Rough weather developing for Christmas Eve travelers

Rough weather unwrapping for Christmas Eve

A combination of wind, fog, thunderstorms and some snow will create a messy few days for millions across the country.

Travelers in the South will be most impacted today while travelers in the Northeast and Midwest are set to be walloped Wednesday:

File photo: Airlines have cancelled hundreds of flights on a busy holiday travel day ahead of a bad winter storm slamming the Northeast

Snow joke: Nor'easter disrupts holiday travel

If you are among the millions traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday, you may run into some nasty weather.

Icy roads could slow down drivers in the Mid-Atlantic to the Northeast. Airlines have already canceled hundreds of flights ahead of the storm that'll dump heavy rain and snow on Wednesday.

Hurricane Gonzalo headed toward Bermuda

Bermuda in the path of powerful hurricane

Bermuda is in the path of a category 4 hurricane.

Gonzalo could be the strongest hurricane to ever hit the island with 145 mile per hour winds churning up 45-foot waves.

HLN meteorologist Bob Van Dillen reviews the science of 'Into the Storm'

Our meteorologist takes on 'Into the Storm'

A swarm of twisters? Cars lifted 8 miles high? A fire-nado? Could any of the incredible scenes from 'Into the Storm' (in theaters Friday 8/8) be real?

Some of it, according to HLN meteorologist Bob Van Dillen. 

Hurricane Iselle's outer bands bring rain to Hawaii as shown by LIVESTORMSMEDIA.COM

Iselle lashing Hawaii as tropical storm

Overnight, Hurricane Iselle was downgraded to a tropical storm, just as people in Hawaii began to feel it start to lash the Big Island.

There are still concerns about storm surges, flooding and mudslides.

Final text message from son in Arkansas tornado: Goodbye mama

Son texts as tornado hits: 'Goodbye mama...'

"Goodbye mama."

That was the last text message a man in Arkansas sent before a tornado hit his house.

A man rides a bicycle in Manhattan during a snowstorm that is moving through the Northeast on January 21, 2014 in New York City. Along with dropping arctic tempertures the storm is expected to bring three to five inches by nightfall, with another four to six inches falling overnight.

Bundle up: Cold temps could linger for days

To put it in meteorological terms, the weather in the Northeastern U.S. is a mess!

The heaviest snow in the Northeast will fall on Boston and the Cape. The white stuff is coming down pretty well down to Long Island. There is a blizzard warning for Cape Cod and a Winter Storm Warning for Boston in place right now and those will stay in place until 1 p.m. ET.