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Hurricane Katrina timeline

Countdown to Katrina

HLN meteorologist Bob Van Dillen goes back in time to count down some of the moments you may have forgotten leading up to Hurricane Katrina's landfall on August 29, 2005.

Gallery: Broken homes & hearts: Katrina remembered

Spaghetti models for Tropical Storm Erika

Here comes Tropical Storm Erika

HLN meteorologist Bob Van Dillen is tracking Tropical Storm Erika which could impact parts of the U.S. by Monday.

Bob says it's been a long time since he's seen so much divergence in storm strength prediction as with Erika but the storm is edging west and could be a weak hurricane by the time it begins to reach the Bahamas.

Red Moon seen in Southern U.S. likely caused by smoke from Canadian wildfires

Did you see the big red moon?

What caused the moon to turn blood red over the American south Tuesday?

HLN meteorologist Bob Van Dillen explains, the spooky sight was created by smoke from fires burning in Canada.

Tuesday's expected rainfall

Waterlogged Texas braces for Tropical Storm Bill

The timing could not be any worse.

After a month that proved to be the wettest ever observed for the states of Texas and Oklahoma, saturated soils, streams, lakes and rivers will be greeted with even more water over the next 2 to 3 days, thanks to Tropical Storm Bill. Flash flood watches and warnings have been issued for over 20 million people as dozens of rivers continue to sit at or above flood stage Tuesday.

More severe weather on tap across U.S.

More severe weather on tap across U.S.

What a wild weekend of weather across the country. From two feet of fresh snow, to a land falling tropical storm and of course the more than 70 tornadoes over the weekend.

The threat for severe weather is far from over. Nearly 60 million people from Houston to Cleveland will deal with some severe weather by Monday afternoon. Flooding in Texas will also be a major concern as some towns near the Dallas area have seen an astounding 10 inches of rainfall since Friday!

Strong storms, likely spawning tornadoes, damaged homes in the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma area May 6, 2015.

Tornadoes tear through Midwest

The Oklahoma City area appears to be the hardest hit by a series of tornadoes that strafed the Midwest on Wednesday.

Dozens of tornadoes were reported in Oklahoma, Nebraska and Kansas.

Where to see the total solar eclipse

Rare celestial triple-play on tap for Friday

Three big things will happen in the sky on Friday:

1. Total solar eclipse

Aurora viewing

Solar storm sets off spectacular sky show

A solar storm that hit earth yesterday was stronger than expected.

This type of geomagnetic storm can knock out power grids, and affect GPS tracking but so far no damage has been reported from this blast, but it did light up the skies.

News crew almost hit by car on slick street

News crew almost hit by car on slick street

The latest winter blast is hitting 90 million people, and making for a trying morning rush in the South and East.

Kentucky and Tennessee have declared states of emergency and the weather is extending the long Presidents’ Day weekend, for workers in D.C.

Awwww, hell snow!

Awwww, hell snow!

CNN's Sara Ganim reports on the storm system dropping two more feet of snow on Boston where they have already spent their storm budget for the year.

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