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Australian cast of "The Lion King" break into song on plane

'Lion King' airplane flashmob will give you chills!

People waiting for their flight to take off got a huge surprise when a "Lion King" flash mob broke out!

Now it's going viral.

YouTube prankster gave fake winning lottery ticket to homeless man, let him keep $1000

Watch a 'fake' lotto ticket change a man's life

Giving someone a fake winning lottery ticket sounds like a mean joke.

That's what someone did to a homeless man, but it was actually an act so generous, it brought the man to tears.

HUVr hoax

'HUVr' is a hoax ... but for what???

Let's go back to the future and remember the first time we saw a hoverboard. It was 2015, and Marty McFly was in downtown Hill Valley looking for a way to escape from Griff's gang. In a panic, he "borrowed" a little girl's scooter which, with handle bars removed, became a "hoverboard" -- a flying stakeboard.

OK ... we weren't actually in Hill Valley, it wasn't really 2015 and Griff's gang was about as scary as backup dancers in an Adam Ant video.

Steve Keeley, reporter for Fox 29 in Philadelphia gets slammed by snow from plow racing past during live broadcast

Reporter blasted by snow plow on live TV

Steve Keeley, reporter for Fox 29 Philadelphia is OK after this scary situation Monday morning!

It happened in Woodtown, New Jersey. Keeley said he was standing 20 feet from the road when a plow went by, and that this just shows the power of a snow plow traveling at speed.

Jeff Gordon and Pepsi MAX get revenge on reporter who called their last viral video "fake."

Jeff Gordon's viral video revenge goes vrooom!

If you didn't wake up to this on your Facebook or Twitter feed then you should find new friends: It’s trending everywhere! 

Most of us remember NASCAR Driver Jeff Gordon's first Pepsi Max "Test Drive" video, when he went in disguise and took a car salesman for a wild ride. That video went viral and had everyone wondering if the prank was real or if it was all just an elaborate hoax.

Attorney Jamie Casino's local Super Bowl commercial is a huge hit online`

Is this the most epic Super Bowl ad of all time?

One of the most viral ads of this year's Super Bowl is one you probably never even saw on TV.

The two-minute ad tells the story of Savannah, Georgia, lawyer Jamie Casino, who switched from criminal defense to personal injury attorney after his brother was killed.

Montana pastor gives 1 minute sermon so he won't miss 49ers game

Praise the Lord and pass the football -- quickly!

Trending on the Bleacher Report: At a Lutheran mass in Montana last Sunday Pastor Tim Christensen, a faithful 49ers fan, kept his sermon to under a minute so he could see his team take on the Carolina Panthers. That game was taking place at the exact same time this 11 am service was set to begin.

For the record, the Niners beat the Panthers 23 to 10.

File photo

JT helps fans get engaged on stage!

Justin Timberlake stopped his concert to help a fan propose to his girlfriend over the weekend.

Josh Clemens said it took about 100 emails and phone calls before he could get in touch with Timberlake’s manager, but they apparently paid off!

Canadian airline WestJet surprised flyers with the very gifts they'd asked Santa for!

Santa delivers gifts on airline baggage carousel!

Canadian airline WestJet is making a viral splash. 

More than 250 people getting onboard flights were asked what they wanted for Christmas.

Florida State University's AcaBelles singing "Royals" goes viral

'Royals' cover makes FSU singers YouTube queens

Florida State University's "AcaBelles" performance of Lorde's "Royals" goes viral.

The all-girl a cappella group recently performed the hit song at the vocal company's “acappellaEd” program in Orlando.