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12 people pulled from a restaurant destroyed by a tornado in Rochelle, IL

Violent storms rip up midwest

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Final text message from son in Arkansas tornado: Goodbye mama

Son texts as tornado hits: 'Goodbye mama...'

"Goodbye mama."

That was the last text message a man in Arkansas sent before a tornado hit his house.

Forecasters on Monday, April 28, 2014, warned millions of Americans to be prepared for another round of severe storms, including widespread tornadoes, a day after storms killed 16 people in three states.

75 million in the path of severe weather

Deadly tornadoes left a path of destruction overnight. Now, millions of people are in the bullseye again for more severe weather.

HLN's Robin Meade reports.

Tornado outbreak rips across Midwest

Tornado outbreak rips across Midwest

At least six people are dead after a tornado outbreak ripped across the Midwest on Sunday.

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Tornado in Pekin, IL

Tornadoes in November: Is this normal?

Believe it or not, November tornadoes are not all that rare.

We are in the heart of the "second severe weather season," when very cold air slams down into warm air from the Gulf.

Large tornadoes possible again in central Oklahoma

1 million Americans facing severe weather

HLN meteorologist Bob Van Dillen says there is a "good shot at severe weather" Wednesday. 

Storms could be strong through 'tornado alley' this afternoon/evening, especially in North Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas.

Tornado damage in Old Botkinburg, Arkansas

Tornadoes tear through Missouri, Arkansas

Tornadoes ripped apart homes and knocked down trees in at least two states on Wednesday, but the threat of severe weather is far from over.

There was damage all over the St. Louis, Missouri, area. A tornado damaged at least 24 homes and left thousands of people in the dark in the suburb of Hazelwood.

Baseball size hail near Jackson, MS

Awww, HAIL no!

Bad storms are pummeling much of the U.S. with everything from snow to tornadoes.

A winter blast in New England could make for a really dangerous day. Blizzard-like conditions could cripple the upper Midwest, and the south is busy cleaning up after a string of severe thunderstorms.

A 1,000-mile-long storm system smashed communities in northwest Georgia on Wednesday, overturning dozens of cars on an interstate highway and trapping residents. The system unleashed a handful of tornadoes, including one that caused significant damage in Adairsville, Georgia.

Tornado pummels Georgia town

A powerful tornado dropped out of the sky about an hour north of Atlanta Wednesday and a TV reporter was standing right there with his cell phone camera recording as it happened. The tornado flipped dozens of cars when it crossed Interstate 75 nearby.

Up to 100 homes were damaged. The roof of a manufacturing plant in Adairsville, Georgia was ripped off while workers hid in a kitchen and bathroom inside.

Forecast: Springlike storms could spin off twisters

Forecast: Springlike storms could spin off twisters

Heads up for severe storms Tuesday afternoon and night in the mid-Mississippi valley.

A strong storm system with cold air and lots of energy is rolling out of the Rockies and will run straight into a warm and humid air mass to the east. Tornado watches were hoisted Tuesday morning over Oklahoma and Kansas, and they now stretch to Arkansas. The main tornado threat will most likely be from late afternoon into the night in Arkansas, Missouri and Louisiana.