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Morning Express with Robin Meade

A fast, personal, and smart blend of all the news you want in the morning. We call it "News in the Fast Lane." So buckle up.

Wet winter storm could lead to flooding

Wet winter storm could lead to flooding

Yesterday’s storm was a dud for DC as temps refused to get cold enough for all the slushy snow to accumulate to much. Although 2,200 flights canceled tell a different tale and another pretty ugly day is shaping up for travel again.

The biggest problem may not necessarily be the snow (although 1 to 3 inches of slushy stuff could fall in NYC and Boston) but the gusty winds and the potential for coastal flooding and beach erosion. The winds alone could gust over 40 mph in the aforementioned cities.

Bermuda, Newfoundland in Opehlia's sights

A weather pattern shift is finally going to take place today for the MW and NE. That stubborn, slow-moving storm that has dumped heavy rain for days on the region will get the bum’s rush out the door to the East by a sharp cold front dropping down from Canada.

Check out the map. The brown solid lines are isobars (lines of equal surface air pressure), the green lines are forecasted rainy spots, and you can see the blue cold fronts and red warm fronts. That cold front over WI to KS is the one that will boot the Low (Red L) from it’s perch over Ontario!

Tropical storm Emily changes course (a little), plus big heat in Little Rock

My commute to HLN this morning was wild. The flashing lightning was non-stop, making my windshield look like the red carpet at the Oscars. Or at least the Daytime Emmy Awards

Tropical storm Emily has finally nudged to the north a little. The patch takes it over Haiti today, and if it holds together over the Mountains (see previous blogs) it will emerge into warmer water and lighter wind shear near the Bahamas. This will make her gain some strength, and it will get close to FL Atlantic coast over the weekend. Check out the track above. The Westerlies should move the storm into the Atlantic, away from the Carolinas on Monday. We’ll see how close she gets.

Tracking tropical storm Emily & uber-high heat in Phoenix

Check out the track of Tropical Storm Emily. Looks like a typical tee box shot of mine on a par 5.

More on Emily coming up but first:

Dallas set to break record for longest hot streak EVER on Saturday!

The thunder in AR is making it louder than a kindergarten class on Double Mocha Cappuccino Day. Oh yeah, welcome back to school for some of you!

Storms are plowing through the Plains and into the Midwest this morning, and will continue into the afternoon. Watch out KS, AR, OK, MO, and NE for gusty winds and large hail. I’ll have the latest radar on the show. The rain should total 2-3” in the most persistent storms through the morning, so some local flash flooding is a possible, too.

Tiger Woods is back – Plus, lockout schmockout, get your basketball from the lingerie league

Tiger Woods is finally talking about his break-up! Not his divorce from Elin. His split from his caddie! Tiger will tee off tomorrow without Steve Williams on his bag. He gave Williams the boot last month (above: Tiger Woods with friend Bryon Bell, who will caddie for him at this week's Bridgestone Invitational tournament in Ohio). Yesterday, Tiger talked publicly for the first time about the break-up with his long-time caddie, saying it was just time for a change. Tiger hasn't finished a tournament since the masters in April when he re-injured his left leg. He says that's fully healed. For more on Tiger's return visit

A pro tennis player showed up in Carlsbad, New Mexico for her tournament this week. Too bad the tournament was in Carlsbad, California!! How does this happen?! 19 year-old Bojana Jovanovski needs a new travel agent. She flew from Washington, DC... to Dallas... to Albuquerque... to Carlsbad, New Mexico. After she landed, her driver couldn't find her and called asking, "are you in Carlsbad, California or Carlsbad, New Mexico?" Jovanovski, who's the 53 ranked player in the world, had to spend the night in the airport. The next morning, she flew to San Diego, finally arriving in the right Carlsbad just 30 minutes before her match, which she lost in 3 sets. Next up, Jovanovski plays in Toronto... which is in Canada.

Rain soaks South, Midwest, and Northeast... and it's STILL hot in Texas.

You ever wake up and just can’t seem to be as pleasant as usual? This morning, I went down to the DD kiosk for my coffee (no seats or anything, just a quick grab-n-go type place). I told the guy I wanted my coffee for ‘here’ this time instead of ‘to go’. He looked at me like I was wearing a beefeater uniform. After a few uncomfortable minutes, I finally said I was kidding, and he got me my order. I don’t know why I had to mess with him at 6:15 in the morning, but I just did.

Anyway, Monday’s weather highlights read as follows: storms, heat, and another possible tropical storm developing.

Tracking Tropical Storm Don to Texas

Tropical storm Don is edging closer to the South Texas coast this morning - and should hit land sometime late tonight or early tomorrow morning between Brownsville and Matagorda. The storm itself looks healthier on this morning's satellite, but it's still facing some wind shear on the northern side that is helping to keep it from developing further. Add in the dry air near the Texas coastline in the upper levels (tropical systems feed on moist air, too), and Don should only get to about 65 mph before it hits the beach. The steering winds for the storm are from the huge high pressure ridge over the S/MW/SW blowing it WNW. That ridge is actually gaining strength this morning, causing Don to turn westward... meaning the chance of good rain is almost out the door for Northern/Central Texas. My fingers are crossed, but the rain field just doesn’t look too big. Three to five inches are likely for southern Texas.

The upper half of the nation is active this morning, too. There are plenty of impulses running through the atmosphere from the MW to the NE, and tough storms with heavy rain and frequent lightning have been hitting from Chicago to Buffalo and beyond. Ill have the forecast for you on the show.

Tropical system near Cuba could mean rain for a parched Texas

Quick look at the Wednesday forecast for you, right here.

The stubborn ridge of high pressure over the middle of the Lower 48 hasn’t moved much in the last three weeks, and today is no different. That means the ridge will still crank out the heat over the Mid Mississippi Valley and parts of the Midwest. I’ll show you the temperatures, but it's safe to say Dallas will reach 102 today (at DFW) making it the 26th consecutive day of 100 or better. There may be some relief for the Lone Star State, though, with a developing tropical system near Cuba. There is a good chance this will turn into at least a tropical depression, and maybe a tropical storm. All the tracking models take this thing into Northern Mexico or Texas by late Friday or over the weekend. I expect it to bring good rain and cooler temperatures to Eastern/Central Texas... I just hope it doesn’t blow up into a full-blown hurricane. I’ll keep you posted.

As Texas keeps on sweating, Southeast gets hit with storms

Today’s forecast looks a lot like yesterday's: heat in the Midwest, heavy rain in the Southeast, and severe storms in the Upper Midwest and Northern Rockies.

A cold front is draped over the Mid Atlantic and Southeast right now, which should continue to churn out rain and storms from the Carolinas through to the Gulf Coast. It’s coming down pretty nicely now over the Low Country. I’ll show you that the radar, and you can see it here on the map: