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Morning Express with Robin Meade

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File photo: Tom Brady

Tom Brady implicated in 'Deflategate'

The NFL's report about deflated game balls that were allegedly used by the New England Patriots in their AFC Championship game win over the Colts is out.

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is implicated in the report. HLN's Coy Wire reports.

Mitt Romney had an almost perfect March Madness bracket

Want a (nearly) perfect bracket? Be like Mitt!

CNN Bleacher Report anchor Andy Scholes happened to run into Mitt Romney during a break in the action during the NCAA Championship game in Indianapolis. In the course of their conversation Scholes learned that the former Presidential candidate had filled out a nearly perfect March Madness bracket. 

Down to the Final Four!

Badgers or Blue Devils? Who will be champs?

Badgers or Blue Devils? Who will be champs?

The Wisconsin Badgers take on the Duke Blue Devils in tonight's national championship game.

Wisconsin took down heavy favorite Kentucky on Saturday.

How are you doing March Madness?

updated 7:53 AM EDT, Thu March 19, 2015
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8% Playing hooky from work to watch the games
26% Secretly watching at work
66% What is March Madness?
Chris Borland #50 of the San Francisco 49ers in action against the New York Giants during their game at MetLife Stadium on November 16, 2014 in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

NFL rookie retires at 24 over head trauma risks

San Francisco 49ers star linebacker Chris Borland is retiring from football at the age of 24, citing concussion concerns.

Borland said he is worried about the long-term effects of head trauma and "doesn't think it's worth the risk."

File photo: Curt Schilling

Baseball great strikes out Twitter trolls

A part-time Yankees employee is out of a job after the comments he made to former baseball great Curt Schilling on Twitter.

Last week Schilling sent out a tweet praising his daughter for making her college softball team:

11-year-old girl writes note to hockey team asking them to trade for her dad so he can play at home... and it worked!

Daughter's letter helps NHL dad get traded

A little girl missed her dad so much because he plays pro hockey in a different city that she wrote her hometown hockey team and asked them to trade for her dad! And it worked!

Jordan Leopold, who had played for the Columbus Blue Jackets, is now a member of the The Minnesota Wild, thanks in part to his 11-year-old daughter Jordyn’s handwritten note!

Carl Edwards says you don't have to be fit to be a NASCAR driver, but he likes to stay in shape

Carl Edwards: 'I had a hard time keeping my shirt on'

NASCAR star and back flip king Carl Edwards got up to speed with Robin Meade in HLN’s studio 7 Friday.

He’s a three time winner at Atlanta Motor Speedway where he’ll be racing this Sunday.

NASCAR driver Brian Scott makes special vows to his bride's daughter

Driver's tear-jerking vows to bride's daughter

Usually when two people get married they make vows to each other professing their undying love, but NASCAR driver Brian Scott took his vows to the next level when he also made a vow to his new wife's little girl.

It was a moment that even brought fellow driver Carl Edwards to the brink of tears.

Joey Logano wins the Daytona 500

Could Daytona 500 win hurt Logano in Atlanta?

NASCAR driver Joey Logano just became the second youngest driver to win the Daytona 500.

He tells HLNs Robin Meade about the significance of the race and the safety precautions he’s taking to protect his trophy in transit!