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Morning Express with Robin Meade

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12 people pulled from a restaurant destroyed by a tornado in Rochelle, IL

Violent storms rip up midwest

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Wind, rain, snow! Bay Area braces for #Hellastorm

Wind, rain, snow! Bay Area braces for #Hellastorm

It's called the "Pineapple Express," but this one isn’t a funny Seth Rogen, James Franco buddy flick.

A "Pineapple Express" is also how meteorologists describe a system that connects Hawaii to the West Coast, basically turning the jetstream into an airborne river. These conditions are in place right now, drawing a ton of Pacific Ocean moisture toward California, Oregon and Washington state.

Hurricane Gonzalo headed toward Bermuda

Bermuda in the path of powerful hurricane

Bermuda is in the path of a category 4 hurricane.

Gonzalo could be the strongest hurricane to ever hit the island with 145 mile per hour winds churning up 45-foot waves.

Tropical Storm Ana is expected to strenghten before skimming the Hawaiian Islands this weekend

Tropical Storm Ana heads toward Hawaii

Tropical Storm Ana may be a hurricane today. Current projections show the storm sliding south of Hawaii's Big Island and then brushing Oahu and Kuai this weekend.

And over in the Atlantic, there is a hurricane warning in place for Bermuda. They get hit by Hurricane Gonzalo tomorrow, possibly as a major hurricane (CAT 3) and on the bad, or right side, of the storm.

Security camera catches moment falling tree almost hits school bus full of kids during storm in San Diego

Falling tree barely misses bus full of kids

People in San Diego got caught off guard by a violent storm yesterday.

More than six thousand people lost power and falling trees blocked streets all over the city, including one that just barely missed a school bus full of kids!

University of Alabama swimmer John Servati reportedly died holding up concrete wall so girlfriend could escape tornado in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Alabama swimmer dies saving girlfriend in storm

John Servati was the only person killed in severe weather that hit Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Monday.

He reportedly died while holding up a wall so his girlfriend could escape to safety.

Forecasters on Monday, April 28, 2014, warned millions of Americans to be prepared for another round of severe storms, including widespread tornadoes, a day after storms killed 16 people in three states.

75 million in the path of severe weather

Deadly tornadoes left a path of destruction overnight. Now, millions of people are in the bullseye again for more severe weather.

HLN's Robin Meade reports.

Mayor: 'Houses just a pile of bricks'

Mayor: 'Houses just a pile of bricks'

The mayor of Vilonia, Arkansas, says his town is in chaos after a deadly tornado outbreak.

Rescuers have been working all night trying to get people out alive. Meanwhile, another batch of severe weather is on tap for Monday. 

Tornado damage near Mayflower, AR

'Just horrible'

Rescue workers and neighbors spent the night looking for survivors after powerful tornadoes roared across several states last night.

Spring drops a 'bomb' on Cape Cod

Spring drops a 'bomb' on Cape Cod

A weather bomb is dropping on the coast of New Jersey & Long Island and moving fast up the Coast.

Believe it or not, "bomb" is an actual meteorological term. A "bomb" happens when a storm’s barometric pressure falls at least 24 millibars in 24 hours. This storm deepened by 7 millibars  earlier this morning, and the pressure continues to plummet.