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Morning Express with Robin Meade

A fast, personal, and smart blend of all the news you want in the morning. We call it "News in the Fast Lane." So buckle up.

Bob Van Dillen's tie suffers from the Moire effect during Morning Express with Robin Meade

What's the deal with Bob's tie?

While the rest of Twitter was embroiled in deep, passionate debate about #TheDress... Morning Express viewers were sounding off on another color changing fashion item. Bob Van Dillen's tie:

Joey Logano wins the Daytona 500

Could Daytona 500 win hurt Logano in Atlanta?

NASCAR driver Joey Logano just became the second youngest driver to win the Daytona 500.

He tells HLNs Robin Meade about the significance of the race and the safety precautions he’s taking to protect his trophy in transit!

Television personality Bruce Jenner attends the 13th annual Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational gala at the ARIA Resort & Casino at CityCenter on April 4, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Jenner's mom: 'I'm more proud of him now'

Bruce Jenner's mom isn't saying directly that her son is transitioning to a woman... but her recent statements have lots of people talking about those much publicized rumors.

"I never thought I could be more proud of Bruce than when he reached his goal in 1976," Esther Jenner told the Associated Press, "but I’m more proud of him now."

Jack Vale pranks Robin Meade on HLN

Prank king pulls one over on Robin Meade

The new HLN studio has a working coffee station built right in to the set... so when YouTube prankster Jack Vale showed up dressed as a Barista, it all made perfect sense to an unsuspecting Robin Meade.

MORE: Who is Jack Vale? 5 things you need to know

Morning Express with Robin Meade debuts new look, new studio on HLN

#ReadySetGo: Robin steps onto HLN's new set!

Morning Express made a big move onto a brand new set this morning... but one important person was left out of the loop!

Today's must-see, must-share stories are in the daily speed feed.

Pigskin picks with 'Big & Rich'

Pigskin picks with 'Big & Rich'

You probably know John Rich and Kenny Alphin better as the superstar country duo 'Big & Rich' but did you know they are huge college football fans? HLN's Robin Meade sat down with the guys and Cowboy Troy to find out what they're predicting for tonight's big playoff game between Oregon and Ohio.

Today's must-see, must-share stories are in the daily speed feed.

Caption this! What are Jennifer Westhoven, Bob Van Dillen and Robin Meade up to?

Caption this!


What are Robin, Bob and Jen up to in this pic?

(L to R) Brian McFayden, Robin Meade, Jennifer Westhoven & Bob Van Dillen dress as the cast of 'The Golden Girls' for Halloween

#MXPHalloween: Golden, but not all 'Girls'

Unless you are one of those people who knew what you were going to be for Halloween 2014 on November 1, 2013, it can be daunting to come up with a clever costume. 

The Morning Express crew came up with a ton of ideas for our Halloween show:

(L to R) Brian McFayden, Robin Meade, Jennifer Westhoven & Bob Van Dillen dress as the cast of 'The Golden Girls' for Halloween

#MXPHalloween: 'Golden Girls' making-of video

If Halloween is about transforming yourself into something or someone completely new, even for just one night, then Robin Meade and the Morning Express crew certainly got into the spirit!  

Thanks to very talented makeup artist Gina Rickicki, wig master George Deavours and especially Atlanta playwright, author and Golden Girls expert Topher Payne who turned your favorite morning show anchors into the most famous seniors in sitcoms: "The Golden Girls"! 

Pre-Halloween #TBT with Bob Van Dillen

Pre-Halloween #TBT with Bob Van Dillen

Bob Van Dillen shares a #TBT picture today of a favorite Halloween costume.

Wait till you see what Robin Meade & the Morning Express team dress up as this year for Halloween. Tune in Friday morning at 6AM eastern to find out!