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Morning Express with Robin Meade

A fast, personal, and smart blend of all the news you want in the morning. We call it "News in the Fast Lane." So buckle up.

TUSCALOOSA, AL - OCTOBER 26: AJ McCarron #10 of the Alabama Crimson Tide celebrates their 45-10 win over the Tennessee Volunteers with mom Dee Dee Bonner and girlfriend Katherine Webb

Alabama quarterback's best defender: Mom

He is the first quarterback to win back-to-back titles in the BCS era. His girlfriend, Katherine Webb, is a former Miss Alabama and a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. He is one of the names being floated as a possible Heisman Trophy candidate.

"He" is AJ McCarron, the quarterback for the Alabama Crimson Tide. 

Jack Blankenship is known as "The Face" at the University of Alabama

Face it! This guy's noggin is notorious

His giant, eye-bulging grimace has become a tradition at University of Alabama sporting events. He’s even taken it on the road to try and distract the pros at games across the country. That oversized cardboard cutout face has even landed him on Conan.   

But who is the man whose mug strikes fear into the heart of not-so-easily-distracted athletes?

Rivalry Express: Countdown to LSU vs Alabama

Rivalry Express: Countdown to LSU vs Alabama

The college football world will be focused on Tuscaloosa this weekend. That’s where the Tigers of LSU and the Alabama Crimson Tide will go helmet to helmet in one of the biggest rivalries around. The tide and the tigers are both ranked in the top 10 and are familiar foes.

HLN’s Carlos Diaz sets the scene for Saturday’s “Saban Bowl.”

the Florida Gators and Georgia Bulldogs play on neutral ground in Jacksonville, and the HLN Rivalry Express bus is there

Florida vs. Georgia Football Classic

It's Friday and you know what that means!

Time for "Rivalry Express" to get you psyched and ready for some of the biggest college football match-ups across the country.

The Ohio State University Mens Glee Club serenades HLN's Robin Meade

Robin Meade's unseen glee moment

It was a serenade so sweet, Robin didn't even realize it wasn't on the air!

About halfway through the Ohio State University Men's Glee club's performance of 'Sweet Adeline (My Evaline)' the control room in Atlanta, Georgia, had to dip out of our live shot. But the show must go on even if the cameras aren't.

The 'Thurmanator" burger has 24 ounces of beef.

Can you handle the 'Thurmanator'?

What do you call 24 ounces of beef, three cheeses, ham, mushrooms, bacon, tomato, lettuce & hot peppers on a bun? It's the "Thurmanator," and you can only get it at The Thurman Cafe in Columbus, Ohio.

HLN's Rivalry Express is in town for the Penn State vs. Ohio State football game, and Carlos Diaz had a chance to get his hands on one of these big burgers.  How big? The brave Ohio State cheerleader who tried to tackle the beast could barely get her hands around it!

The Ohio State Marching band in the "Script Ohio" formation.

Ohio State band tradition punctuated by history

After 4 years behind a sousaphone in the 'Best Damn Band in the Land' Zachary Naughton will have the honor Saturday night of dotting the "i" when the Ohio State Marching Band marches into the "Script Ohio" formation during halftime at the Penn State vs. OSU game.

It's a tradition that spans over 70 years.

Carlos Diaz, Brutus the Buckeye and an Ohio State Cheerleader get a tour of 'The Shoe'

This 'shoe' fits 110,000 fans

The Ohio State University Buckeyes play in one of the biggest stadiums in all of college football.

Ohio stadium is huge and it's going to be rockin' come game time Saturday when the Buckeyes take on the Penn State Nittany Lions.

Is Cam McDaniels the Most Photogenetic Player in College Football?

The most photogenic player in college football?

This is not photoshopped. This is a real play during a real college football game. 

Notre Dame running back Cam McDaniel had his helmet ripped off during last weekend’s Rivalry Express win over USC, and this amazing picture emerged.

Robin Meade joins Carlos Diaz when the Rivalry Express bus rolls into her home state of Ohio

Robin and Carlos live from Ohio Friday

Robin Meade will join Carlos Diaz in her home state of Ohio when the Rivalry Express bus rolls into Columbus this Friday ahead of the big PSU vs. OSU game!

What kind of lion is a Nittany Lion? What's a buckeye? Carlos explains and sets up the action ahead of Saturday's game.