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Meet duo behind the ‘Devil Baby’ & 'Carrie' videos

Their last two videos have been viewed more than 100 million times on YouTube.

In one, a "Devil Baby" in a stroller is loose on the streets of New York; in the other, a girl who appears to have telekinetic powers freaks out customers in a coffee shop

Two planes come close to colliding on runway at Barcelona, Spain airport

Watch huge jets JUST MISS during landing

Two huge planes came way too close to colliding, and it was caught on camera.

An airbus from Argentina was crossing a runway as a Russian 767 is about to land.

Buzzfeed publishes pictures of woman who walked down the aisle with her baby daughter riding on the train of her dress

You've never seen a wedding gown like this one!

A woman in Tennessee attached her baby to her wedding dress so they could walk down the aisle together.

More from Buzzfeed: Mom says baby was "covered by Christ."

Men catch baby falling from 2nd story window in Xiaolan, China.

Oh, baby, what a catch!!!

People watched in horror as a baby teetered and fell off the edge of a second story window in China on Sunday.

But two heroes were waiting in the rain to make the biggest save of their lives.

US Airways apologizes for graphic image tweeted as part of response to angry customer

Airline sorry for pornographic tweet

US Airways did a very, very bad thing on Twitter yesterday.

The airline's social media team was trying to help an unhappy passenger, but their reply included a picture -- a picture that is not safe for work, home, or anywhere else.

HUVr hoax

'HUVr' is a hoax ... but for what???

Let's go back to the future and remember the first time we saw a hoverboard. It was 2015, and Marty McFly was in downtown Hill Valley looking for a way to escape from Griff's gang. In a panic, he "borrowed" a little girl's scooter which, with handle bars removed, became a "hoverboard" -- a flying stakeboard.

OK ... we weren't actually in Hill Valley, it wasn't really 2015 and Griff's gang was about as scary as backup dancers in an Adam Ant video.

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Is this fudge offensive???

A candy shop owner in Waynesville, Missouri, is giving free fudge to anyone who weighs more than 300 pounds.

It's a promotion for Fat Tuesday, part of the Mardi Gras tradition. The final Tuesday before Ash Wednesday is typically celebrated as a day to overindulge before the season of denial known as Lent begins.

Steve Keeley, reporter for Fox 29 in Philadelphia gets slammed by snow from plow racing past during live broadcast

Reporter blasted by snow plow on live TV

Steve Keeley, reporter for Fox 29 Philadelphia is OK after this scary situation Monday morning!

It happened in Woodtown, New Jersey. Keeley said he was standing 20 feet from the road when a plow went by, and that this just shows the power of a snow plow traveling at speed.

KBAK meteorologist Aaron Perlman gets visited by a spider on Live TV

Weatherman gets the spider-shivers on live TV

A weatherman in California didn’t predict the spider that was about to land on his head.

Here’s how meteorologist Aaron Perlman from HLN affiliate, KBAK in Bakersfield handled the creepy-crawly situation.

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Rabid raccoon attacks woman in bed

73-year-old Virginia Ballou woke up thinking her cat "Pretty Boy" was biting her face.

But it was a rabid raccoon which apparently snuck in through a pet door.