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Morning Express with Robin Meade

A fast, personal, and smart blend of all the news you want in the morning. We call it "News in the Fast Lane." So buckle up.

Washington State family shocked when ice chunk crashes through roof

Ice chunk punches hole in house

A family in Washington State has a gaping hole in their roof, after an 8-pound chunk of ice crashed into their house.

The family was eating dinner on Tuesday, when they heard a crash and found the ice on the floor of their closet. It had come clean through the roof and the ceiling.

Street fighters stop traffic in Hollywood

Street fighters stop traffic in Hollywood

Two drivers got into a fistfight in Hollywood during rush-hour and a witness caught it on his cell phone.

In the video you see one guy hit the other guy's car with his hand.          

Patient accompanies brain surgeons on guitar

Patient accompanies brain surgeons on guitar

A  man  undergoing  brain  surgery  in  Brazil  sang  and  played  the  guitar - while  he  was  being  operated  on.

33-year-old  banker  Anthony  Dias  had  most  of  a  tumor  removed  on  Wednesday  at  Hospital  Nossa  Senhora  da  Conceicao.

She refused to pull the plug

She refused to pull the plug

A woman in savannah, Georgia refused to pull the plug when her husband slipped into a coma.

Three months later, he woke up, but he couldn't remember anything that had happened for the past three years, including his marriage.

Canadian chainsaw road rage

Canadian chainsaw road rage

You can hear kids crying in the back seat as a guy waves a chainsaw outside their car window during an alleged road rage incident.

Karine Cyr shot this video on Sunday. She says Manuel Delisle cut her family off. So they followed him onto a dead-end street and blocked him in to get his license plate.

Family Fued contestant gives most awkward answer ever.

Most awkward 'Family Feud' answer ever?

A contestant on the game show Family Feud gave what some people are calling the most awkward answer ever.

Host Steve Harvey asked contestants to, "Name something a doctor might pull out of a person."

Sierra the lab had to have surgery after eating $23,000 worth of jewelry

Dog downs $23,000 in jewelry

A dog in Tulsa, Oklahoma had to have surgery after she ate two rings worth $23,000.

"Sierra" the lab was apparently looking for a snack, and found her owner's wedding rings sitting on a table in the house.

Matt DeSanto figured out a 13-letter puzzle on Wheel of Fortune with only 1 E as his clue

Man makes 'Wheel' history with amazing guess

A "Wheel of Fortune" contestant only needed one letter to solve the puzzle!

Matt DeSanto solved the 13-letter puzzle, “The Lone Ranger,” with only the letter E showing on the board!

He's a modern-day doppleganger for a legendary movie star. Meet the "Afghan Bruce Lee."

Meet Afghanistan's Bruce Lee

Is Afghanistan home to the next Bruce Lee?

Abbas Ali-Zahda (or Bruce Hazara as he goes by on Facebook) has spent six years doing everything he can to look and move like the martial arts movie legend.

N.Y. couple lives in 242 square foot apartment

Could you live in 242 square feet? With someone?

A Manhattan couple is sharing a 242-square foot apartment.

And that's including the closet space and bathrooms.