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Morning Express with Robin Meade

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Sites like TaskRabbit offer anyone ways to make fast cash

Jobs you can create NOW during the shutdown

The partial government shutdown has left quite a few people without a paycheck.

HLN’s digital lifestyle expert Mario Armstrong has some tips to help furloughed workers bring in some extra cash.

Tailgating apps

3 apps to take your tailgate to the next level

Are you looking to throw an awesome tailgate?

HLN's digital lifestyle expert Mario Armstrong says these three apps can help you do that:

File photo

How to get a stranger to help pay for college

Would you invest in a college student you didn't even know?

Some investors are doing that, in exchange for a percentage of that student’s earnings after they graduate!

Video: 5 signs you're addicted to Candy Crush

Video: 5 signs you're addicted to Candy Crush

HLN digital lifestyle expert Mario Armstrong knows it's hard (he's been there), but there comes a time when you have to step away from the Candy Crush (or whatever digital obsession that has you in it's grip)!

See if you suffer from any of his five signs. But never fear, he also knows the one way to get that monkey off your back (spoiler alert: The best way to quit is to go cold turkey -- or "cold candy," in this case).


App 'meats' the requirements for great dad gift

Dads love gadgets and so does HLN's digital lifestyle expert Mario Armstrong. So with June 16 -- Father's Day -- quickly approaching, he's got some gadget-giving advice for you.

Here are some of Armstrong's picks for dad's day gifts that are sure-fire winners:

Get big sound from your little smartphone

Get big sound from your little smartphone

Editor’s note: Mario Armstrong is HLN’s digital lifestyle contributor. He breaks down complex technological concepts to help people incorporate the latest gadgets, applications, and digital devices into their lives. 

Once upon a time, speakers were big and bulky. They had to connect to other machines with a lot of wires and hassle -- you were totally anchored down. These days, there are TONS of options when it comes to being mobile and listening to your favorite tunes. Here are just 3 suggestions I have for listening to your mix anywhere and anytime you please:

Google Shoe concept

Talking Google shoes + other SXSW coolness

Coming soon: Shoes that talk to you and computers that react with a wave of your hand.

Digital lifestyle expert Mario Armstrong shows off two gadgets that are getting a lot of buzz at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Music, Film and Interactive Festival in Austin, Texas.

Is 6 seconds long enough for porn? Yup.

Is 6 seconds long enough for porn? Yup.

A new app from the folks at Twitter lets you post tiny videos. It's called Vine, and just like the little messages Twitter is famous for (tweets can only be up to 140 characters long, max), Vine videos have to be short. Just 6 seconds or less. It turns out, that’s more than enough time for porn.

Vine was instantly popular and already has millions of downloads.

Super-thin '4K' TV's will put HD to shame

Super-thin '4K' TV's will put HD to shame

Most of us who work on Morning Express with Robin Meade are extremely jealous of HLN digital lifestyles expert Mario Armstrong this week. He's covering the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas for HLN. It's the equivalent of 7 football fields full bright, shiny, drool-worthy, future-tech. Basically the Super Bowl for gadget nerds, early adopters, and that guy who has to be the first of his friends to have the latest... well, the latest ANYTHING.

Speaking of "the latest," 4kTV is one of the big buzzwords at CES this year. Mario says these screens have a picture quality "four times" greater than your normal HDTV. Right now these uber-high definition screens cost tens of thousands of dollars... but these thin, bright, massive screens could be the future of home entertainment. 

Kurio World Tablet and Nabi 2: options for young tablet users

Which tablet should I buy my kid?

Thinking about buying a tablet computer for a kid this year? There are TONS to choose from. Devices like Apple's iPad or Amazon's Kindle Fire are great for adults, but are they good choices for kids?

HLN's digital lifestyle expert Mario Armstrong takes a look at two alternatives which are designed for little fingers: