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Morning Express with Robin Meade

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Celebrity Abs

Trainer to the stars shows Robin how to get sexy abs!

Jeanette Jenkins is known as "The Hollywood Trainer" for a reason. Her clients include such celebs as Pink, Alicia Keys, Kelly Rowland and Tracee Ellis Ross. She was in the gym with HLN's Robin Meade to show her the V-Up, an exercise to help you get those sexy celebrity abs.

For more on Jeanette, check out her website or follow her on Facebook and Twitter!

Live Better Now Pumpkin Face Mask

Live better now: Pumpkin facial recipe

When  you  carve  the  family  Jack-o'-lantern  for  Halloween,  here  is  a  good  reason  to  save  what  you  scoop  out!  A  pumpkin  face  mask  is  the  ideal  fall  facial.'s  Laura  Klein  shares  how  to  make  this  treat  for  your  skin  that  might  also  make  you  a  little  hungry.

Make your own facial mask with cooked pumpkin, yogurt, honey and oatmeal

Video: Make your own pumpkin facial mask

Full recipe and ingredients HERE.

Today's must-see, must-share stories are in the daily speed feed.

Laura Klein from has some do-it-yourself face masks that will leave your skin glowing in this "live better now."

Make your own organic face masks

You don't have to go to the spa and spend a ton of cash to pamper yourself, just look in your kitchen!

Laura Klein from has some do-it-yourself face masks that will leave your skin glowing in this "live better now."

Nutritionist Rachel Brandeis shops with busy mom to find fast, healthy dinners

Too busy to cook? Think again!

For some busy moms, the most dreaded question of the day might be what's for dinner? 

Joy Cantilo of Alpharetta, Georgia, is one of those moms. She is a wife, mother of three, works part-time and her kids are in a ton of activities. Joy said she's just too busy to plan ahead for meals so she's getting some help from nutritionist Rachel Brandeis to help solve her unending dilemma of what to make for dinner. Rachel met Joy at a grocery store with a plan of action. 

How to stay motivated in the gym

How to stay motivated in the gym

Having a busy schedule makes it hard to stay motivated in the gym especially when you're not seeing results. We've been following Mary Ward "Wubbie" Hendrix since October on her journey to lose 60 pounds. The 27-year-old Atlanta-area school teacher is working with personal trainer Mike Granatelli to reach her goal, but is having a difficult time staying focused.

Since our last visit a month ago, Granatelli said he has noticed Hendrix struggling and her "motivation dropping off." He starts her session with a motivational pep talk.

Live Bettter Now

Life coach lessons: She found a job!

Looking for work is a situation few want to be in, especially in this economy. Suzanne Walker of Mableton, Georgia, has been job hunting since July.

It's been about a month since she met with life coach Valorie Burton to help her get back to work. Now she's back for her next session.  

Hitting the dreaded weight loss 'plateau'

Hitting the dreaded weight loss 'plateau'

It can be frustrating if you're trying to lose weight and you plateau. For the last several months we've been following Mary Ward "Wubbie" Hendrix on her quest to lose 60 pounds. The 27-year old Atlanta-area school teacher is working with personal trainer Mike Granatelli to drop weight, but has hit a wall. She is at the same weight she was a month ago, but she's still down eight pounds since October, when she started.

Last month, Hendrix and Granatelli talked about raising her cardio levels, so Hendrix has signed up for a 5K race and Granatelli sketched out a training plan for her.

Trainer Chris Powell teaches Robin Meade proper squat technique

Think you know squat? How to get great glutes

How would you like to have a bodacious backside?

Robin Meade got in the gym with fitness trainer Chris Powell from TV's "Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition" to find out how to get a tight rear end.  

The ups and downs of losing weight

The ups and downs of losing weight

If you're trying to lose weight, you know there are ups and downs. Mary Ward "Wubbie" Hendrix is a 27-year old Atlanta area school teacher who is trying to lose 60 pounds. We've been following her journey since October. At her last weigh-in with her personal trainer, Mike Granatelli, she was unpleasantly surprised by what she saw: She had gained four pounds.

But Granatelli is encouraging. "The good news is you're still down eight [since October]," he said. Hendrix, however, is frustrated. "I feel like I work out really hard, and I'm gaining weight," Hendrix said. Granatelli, in turn, assured her that everybody goes through these ups and downs. "Everyone loses, everyone gains again, so you just have to keep progressing," he explained.