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Do you look like Bob Van Dillen, Robin Meade or Jennifer Westhoven?

Are you a Robin Meade look-alike?

National look-alike day (unofficial) is this Sunday, April 20, and in honor of this very unusual observance, we want to know if you think Morning Express anchor Robin Meade, meteorologist Bob Van Dillen and business anchor Jennifer Westhoven have some mini-me's out there!

If you have a daughter, son, sister, brother, best friend -- ANYONE -- you believe has a strong resemblance to Robin, Bob or Jen, tweet a pic to prove it with the hashtag #MXPLookAlike or you can post them as a message on our Facebook page.  We’ll air the best look-alike photos on Monday.

Jennifer Westhoven speaks the language of the Elves from 'The Hobbit'

Learn to speak Elvish with Jennifer Westhoven

Friday, we're revealing some of the biggest secrets behind the new film "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug."

Here's one big secret that's not in the movie: HLN's own Jennifer Westhoven speaks a little 'Elvish'! Listen and repeat along with Jen in the video above and you'll have some of the basics down next time you're in Middle Earth. 

How to shutdown one awkward Thanksgiving conversation quickly and with grace

How to deal with 'that guy' at Thanksgiving

The conversations around the dinner table during the holidays can get a little awkward -- especially if the subject of money comes up.

No worries! HLN's Jennifer Westhoven has a little advice to help you get through that. Even if you have one of "those guys" (or girls) in your family.

Atlanta DJ Jimmy Baron made a successful switch from radio to real estate

Radio to real estate: Changing gears at 50

When you've been working at one job for a long time, it can be hard to imagine doing anything else, but you've got to always be ready to make your next move.

Jimmy Baron was forced to make a career change at age 50. Here’s how he did it.

You do not have to reset your Obamacare password

Your Obamacare password was NOT deleted

You do not have to reset your Obamacare password.

Yesterday, some Affordable Care Act call center reps mistakenly told people all passwords were deleted in an upgrade process.

President Barack Obama waves as he arrrives on stage to speak about the Affordable Care Act at Prince Georges Community College on September 26, 2013 in Largo, Maryland. On October 1, 2013, open enrollment starts for the new Obamacare online, state-based exchanges, where consumers will be able to compare and shop for private health insurance plans.

Obamacare: 5 things you need to know today


Tuesday, October 1 is the first day you can sign up for coverage.

Great jobs, great pay: Boat captain

Great jobs, great pay: Boat captain

In this installment of "Great jobs, great pay," we hear from Aleks Taldykin. He’s only in his 20s but already taking home a hefty paycheck as a yacht captain. You might also recognize him from the Bravo TV show “Below Deck.”

Taldykin says salaries can vary by the size of the boat, but typically captains can expect to earn about $1,000 a foot (plus gratuities). A 100-foot yacht = $100,000 a year! Good news, because he says there is always competition between owners to see who has the bigger yacht. 

Great jobs, great pay: Actuary

Great jobs, great pay: Actuary

Think you can predict the future? It's not so far-fetched.

Jennifer Westhoven reports on a great job where people use math to predict the impact of disasters on insurance companies. They’re called "actuaries" and they’re in high demand.

Great jobs, great pay: Elevator technicians can make starting salaries as high as $65,000

Great jobs, great pay: Elevator technician

Want to take your career to the next level? Elevator technicians earn one of the best salaries around. Even a starting apprentice can make as much as $65,000. And you can apply right out of high school!

Jennifer Westhoven strapped on a hard hat and safety goggles to go on the job with a technician from the Schindler Elevator company. 

File photo: Marketing compnay Axiom offering a look at their secret file about you

See marketing company's secret file on you!

There's a lot of talk about online privacy, and how marketers you've never heard of know so much about you.  

But what exactly do they know? Until now, it's been hard to find out. Now, a company called Acxiom is letting you find out exactly what they've got on you -- and it includes details far beyond your name and address.