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Morning Express with Robin Meade

A fast, personal, and smart blend of all the news you want in the morning. We call it "News in the Fast Lane." So buckle up.

Summer's back in California: 102 in Long Beach

On-time flights are disappearing faster than buckets of chicken in the clubhouse at Fenway Park (allegedly) this morning. Two storms are pressing E from the Great Lakes and NE this morning sending low clouds and rain E of the MS River today. We’ve already seen delays in NYC, Philly, and Chicago b/c of the rain and clouds, and this trend will continue. I’ll show you the latest satellite picture and the local radars from around the country. It’s active in the Eastern half of the nation!

The West is different. High pressure and off-shore winds have bumped the temps up in CA, OR, AZ, and NV the last few days. Long beach hit 102 yesterday! It’ll be as warm today, but the weekend looks a bit cooler as the air mass moves East and the ridge of high pressure causing the heat flattens out. The Atlantic tropics are quiet again today.

Philippe: "total fish storm"

Hey how are you, good Monday. Anybody else smash the alarm clock this morning?

Rough weather is starting this morning over KY and OH with heavy rain and even a few tornado warnings earlier. It’s all wrapped up with the huge low pressure area that is just not moving. Essentially it’s a cool pocket of air in the mid and upper levels of the Troposphere. The low at the surface is almost directly under the low in the upper levels, vertically stacked. These things are very slow movers, since they are cut off from the main Westerlies that would usually push it Eastward. The main result is heavy rain for the Great Lakes and OH Valley today, with more storms firing south and to the East. I’ll have the latest radar and track any severe weather for you this morning. Air travel will be affected by these storms, plus some low clouds around NYC and Philly. I’ll update you on the show.

Remnants of Lee should keep Katia offshore

What a morning with something for everybody weather wise. Tornado warnings have been posted for VA and NC this morning with a watch down to SC until 2 pm. I’ll have the warning areas. This stuff is all from the remnants of tropical storm Lee as it gets pulled northward along a cold front. The huge amounts of rain we saw fall on LA and MS is now edging through the Appalachian Mountains to the NE with flood watches and warnings all around. I’m thinking around 5-6” or rain in the mountains. I’ll have those for you too.

That cold front is actually a blessing for the NE, since it will effectively shunt hurricane Katia away from the US/Canadian coast and into the northern Atlantic over the next 5 days. Rip currents and rough surf is the only noticeable product of the storm we’ll see.

Baseball sized hail nails Nebraska and temps to 110 in Texas

What the hail? Huge, baseball-sized hail. That’s the video I have to share with you from Omaha NE yesterday as the MW and Plains got hammered with the late-summer storms. There is more of that action shotgunned around the US this morning, mainly across the Eastern half of the nation. I’ll show you the regional radars on the show, but there are all kinds of impulses shooting around the atmosphere right now. Each one will generate some storm action below it this afternoon, I’ll have it for you.

The heat is back in the same spots from TX to KS over to AR, LA, and MS. The heat index will rise to around 110F today.

Record highs in Louisiana and Texas

Record highs from the 1800s were broken yesterday in LA and TX, and like Kate Gosselin’s personal assistant, you’ll get no break today. The high pressure region is growing a little bigger and stretching West and North to include more regions under heat advisories. Temperatures will be over 100F in the same spots, and the humidity will jack that heat index to around 110F. I’ll show you the areas, but it now includes spots in KS too. Heck even Denver hits 98 today.

Storms are producing heavy rain in the Philly area this morning, and that will blossom into NYC today as well. Round one will end for them later this morning, but round two will develop later this afternoon. The end result will be heavy rain over already drenched spots in the NE and air travel delays in the NYC/Philly area. I’ll have the updates on the show.

July 2011 – 4th hottest July ever!

We are halfway through August and the EXTREME HEAT continues. If you are thinking this summer seems even hotter than many summers past, you may be on to something. There is evidence to back that feeling up. July 2011, according to NOAA was the fourth hottest July ever on record. Here are some of the highlights of scorching summer:

Oklahoma and Texas had their warmest months ever on record, with average temperatures of 88.9 degrees F and 87.1 degrees F, respectively.
• Oklahoma's statewide average temperature was the warmest monthly statewide average temperature on record for any state during any month.
41 of the lower 48 states had above-normal, much-above-normal, or a record warmest July.
• The South climate region - Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Texas - had its warmest single calendar month for any climate region on record.
Dallas exceeded 100 degrees F on 30 of the 31 days in July.
• Washington, D.C.’s Reagan National Airport had its warmest single calendar month on record, with an average temperature of 84.5 degrees F, breaking the previous record of 83.1 degrees F set in July 2010 and July 1993.

Emily is dead but the heat lives on

TS Emily is dead, or at least on life support. It appears the combo of Hispaniola mountains and wind shear did her in (see previous blog). The remnants are still producing showers for Haiti/DR and it still may regenerate into a storm. The NHC gives it a 60% chance of turning back into a tropical depression, and if it gains some strength after that it will be called Emily (again). All model guidance takes it off the SE coast.

Heat is back in the same spots, the S, Mid South, and SW. I’ll show you the warned areas for heat plus a glimpse at some of the high temperatures for the day. Areas in purple (above) are under "excessive heat warnings" today. Cooler air WILL drop out of Canada next week, but I still don’t think it will reach past OK/KS border. Fingers crossed, but I’ll check it again on Monday.

Tracking tropical storm Emily & uber-high heat in Phoenix

Check out the track of Tropical Storm Emily. Looks like a typical tee box shot of mine on a par 5.

More on Emily coming up but first:

Tiger Woods is back – Plus, lockout schmockout, get your basketball from the lingerie league

Tiger Woods is finally talking about his break-up! Not his divorce from Elin. His split from his caddie! Tiger will tee off tomorrow without Steve Williams on his bag. He gave Williams the boot last month (above: Tiger Woods with friend Bryon Bell, who will caddie for him at this week's Bridgestone Invitational tournament in Ohio). Yesterday, Tiger talked publicly for the first time about the break-up with his long-time caddie, saying it was just time for a change. Tiger hasn't finished a tournament since the masters in April when he re-injured his left leg. He says that's fully healed. For more on Tiger's return visit

A pro tennis player showed up in Carlsbad, New Mexico for her tournament this week. Too bad the tournament was in Carlsbad, California!! How does this happen?! 19 year-old Bojana Jovanovski needs a new travel agent. She flew from Washington, DC... to Dallas... to Albuquerque... to Carlsbad, New Mexico. After she landed, her driver couldn't find her and called asking, "are you in Carlsbad, California or Carlsbad, New Mexico?" Jovanovski, who's the 53 ranked player in the world, had to spend the night in the airport. The next morning, she flew to San Diego, finally arriving in the right Carlsbad just 30 minutes before her match, which she lost in 3 sets. Next up, Jovanovski plays in Toronto... which is in Canada.

Winds enhance Arizona fire danger

There are a few storms firing in the Upper MW this morning, but other than that the radar is as empty as LeBron’s trophy case (that one’s for you, Ohio!). An upper level trough is over the NW part of the country, and some energy ejecting out is producing the stuff this morning that will continue and intensify through the afternoon. There’s a slight chance of severe storms this afternoon over the MW, with the main threat being damaging winds and large hail. With an additional wind shear near the NE this afternoon, some of those storms may start to spin, causing a brief tornado too.

The NE is about 20-25 degrees colder than last week, with a pocket of cooler air over New England. Low clouds, drizzle, and rain is expected over the NE today allowing those temps. to remain cool. Travel delays in Boston and NYC are possible with the poor visibility today; I’ll have the updates.