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The Cefaly headband has just been approved by the FDA to treat migraine headaches

High-tech headband treats migraines

A headband that could help with your migraine headaches has just gotten FDA approval.

It's called "Cefaly" and you wear it over your forehead.

File: Monica Briceiro, 71, suffering from Alzheimer's disease, sits on her home's couch

'Game-changer' in Alzheimer’s detection?

A new blood test could be a simple way to tell if someone is going to develop Alzheimer’s disease.

Researchers say they have one that's 90% accurate so far, and they’re calling it a potential "game-changer."

File photo: Veteran marathon runner Noel Bresland is pictured as he attempts to run a marathon 26.2 miles (42.16 km) on a treadmill inside a capsule of the famous London Eye in central London, on April 5, 2011.

6 workouts you'll actually WANT to do

Maybe you resolved to work out more in 2104, but after 5 weeks on the treadmill you're already bored.

The Morning Express ‘resolution reboot’ can help you mix things up: 

Need to wake up your work out? Try one of these alternatives

Wacky workouts: Shark-free surfing

Maybe you resolved to work out more in 2104, but after 5 weeks on the treadmill you're already bored.

The Morning Express ‘resolution reboot’ can help you mix things up: 

Dr. Ian Smith

'Shred' your resolutions

It's the time of year when New Years resolutions turn into real world realities! 

Dr. Ian Smith tells Robin Meade has a list of three things that can give you a resolution reboot!

Resolution Reboot: Morning Express with Robin Meade

Get 2014 back on track

Did you throw out your New Year's resolution with the bones from your Super Bowl chicken wings?!

We want to get you back on track with the Morning Express Resolution Reboot

How many names can you remember?

How many names can you remember?

It's holiday season, which means office parties, cocktail parties -- even ugly sweater parties! So with all this potential for meeting new people happening at once, how are you ever going to remember a name? Dr. Billy from upwave on HLN's new show The Dose with Dr. Billy, taught Jennifer Westhoven everything she needs to know. So we put her newfound skills to the test! Check out the video to see how she did it, and learn how you can remember names, too.

The Dose with Dr. Billy is part of a whole new Sunday night on upwave on HLN! 

Pharmacist Jason To gives a flu shot to Diane Marie Dash during the Flu + You event at Montclair Recreation Center, sponsored by the National Council on Aging and Sanofi Pasteur on Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2013, in Denver.

Study: Flu shot cuts heart attack/stroke risk

Rolling up your sleeve and getting a flu shot could cut your risk of having a heart attack or a stroke.       

Researchers find that people who got flu vaccines cut their chances of having a heart attack by a third.

Justin and Lauren Shelton teamed up to lose over 500 pounds together

Before and after: Couple loses more than 500 pounds!

More from CNN: Medical emergency motivates couple to lose 538 pounds

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NASCAR star Danica Patrick takes HLN's Carlos Diaz for a spin in the Chevrolet Camaro SS Making Strides Against Breast Cancer pace car

Danica Patrick pushing pink to the limit

HLN’s Carlos Diaz goes for a high-speed spin with NASCAR superstar Danica Patrick. Go along for the ride as they both strap in for a lap around the track in the bright pink, Chevy Camaro, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, pace car.

Plus, find out what it's like for Danica to date fellow driver Ricky Stenhouse Jr. Can two NASCAR drivers slow down long enough to have a "normal" date night?