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Morning Express with Robin Meade

A fast, personal, and smart blend of all the news you want in the morning. We call it "News in the Fast Lane." So buckle up.

Emily is dead but the heat lives on

TS Emily is dead, or at least on life support. It appears the combo of Hispaniola mountains and wind shear did her in (see previous blog). The remnants are still producing showers for Haiti/DR and it still may regenerate into a storm. The NHC gives it a 60% chance of turning back into a tropical depression, and if it gains some strength after that it will be called Emily (again). All model guidance takes it off the SE coast.

Heat is back in the same spots, the S, Mid South, and SW. I’ll show you the warned areas for heat plus a glimpse at some of the high temperatures for the day. Areas in purple (above) are under "excessive heat warnings" today. Cooler air WILL drop out of Canada next week, but I still don’t think it will reach past OK/KS border. Fingers crossed, but I’ll check it again on Monday.

Tracking tropical storm Emily & uber-high heat in Phoenix

Check out the track of Tropical Storm Emily. Looks like a typical tee box shot of mine on a par 5.

More on Emily coming up but first:

Tiger Woods is back – Plus, lockout schmockout, get your basketball from the lingerie league

Tiger Woods is finally talking about his break-up! Not his divorce from Elin. His split from his caddie! Tiger will tee off tomorrow without Steve Williams on his bag. He gave Williams the boot last month (above: Tiger Woods with friend Bryon Bell, who will caddie for him at this week's Bridgestone Invitational tournament in Ohio). Yesterday, Tiger talked publicly for the first time about the break-up with his long-time caddie, saying it was just time for a change. Tiger hasn't finished a tournament since the masters in April when he re-injured his left leg. He says that's fully healed. For more on Tiger's return visit

A pro tennis player showed up in Carlsbad, New Mexico for her tournament this week. Too bad the tournament was in Carlsbad, California!! How does this happen?! 19 year-old Bojana Jovanovski needs a new travel agent. She flew from Washington, DC... to Dallas... to Albuquerque... to Carlsbad, New Mexico. After she landed, her driver couldn't find her and called asking, "are you in Carlsbad, California or Carlsbad, New Mexico?" Jovanovski, who's the 53 ranked player in the world, had to spend the night in the airport. The next morning, she flew to San Diego, finally arriving in the right Carlsbad just 30 minutes before her match, which she lost in 3 sets. Next up, Jovanovski plays in Toronto... which is in Canada.

The science working against tropical storm Emily

Tropical Storm Emily formed yesterday over the Caribbean, and is heading westward south of Puerto Rico right now. PR as well as the Dominican Republic are under a tropical storm warning, and the US Virgin Islands are under a watch as most of the rain and wind from the storm hits them tonight and tomorrow. Winds are currently only 40 mph, but it is expected to strengthen a bit over the next 24-36 hours over some warm water. Luckily, there are some factors working against Emily exploding into a major storm:

1) The shear she is experiencing on the northern section of the circulation. That means that every time the thunderstorms near the center start to rise, they get disrupted by the winds aloft and can’t gain much height or strength.

Rain soaks South, Midwest, and Northeast... and it's STILL hot in Texas.

You ever wake up and just can’t seem to be as pleasant as usual? This morning, I went down to the DD kiosk for my coffee (no seats or anything, just a quick grab-n-go type place). I told the guy I wanted my coffee for ‘here’ this time instead of ‘to go’. He looked at me like I was wearing a beefeater uniform. After a few uncomfortable minutes, I finally said I was kidding, and he got me my order. I don’t know why I had to mess with him at 6:15 in the morning, but I just did.

Anyway, Monday’s weather highlights read as follows: storms, heat, and another possible tropical storm developing.