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Morning Express with Robin Meade

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Bob Van Dillen makes time for a workout even though he's been zombified

'Zombie Workout,' or 'The Walking Gymrat'

Not having a pulse is no excuse to skip your workout. And as HLN's Bob Van Dillen finds out, having a face full of rotting flesh is a good way to make sure you never have to wait for a machine at the gym!

MORE: Zero to zombie in 90 seconds

Makeup artist Toby Sells turns HLN meteorologist Bob Van Dillen into one of the undead

Watch: Zero to zombie in 90 seconds

Halloween morning, Morning Express with Robin Meade meteorologist Bob Van Dillen delivered your forecast from a makeup chair while he was being "zombified."

Makeup artist Toby Sells applied the same techniques he's used for more than 30 years in TV and movies ("Zombieland," "The Vampire Diaries," "The Walking Dead") to turn Bob from a (mostly) mild-mannered Jersey boy to a menacing flesh-eater.

Who makes the best Zombie? HLN News Now anchor Mike Galanos (L) or Morning Express with Robin Meade meteorologist Bob Van Dillen (R)

Zombie face off! Van Dillen vs. Galanos

It took 90 minutes for makeup artist Toby Sells to turn HLN Meteorologist Bob Van Dillen into one of the undead (though many of us who work with him don't see much of a difference). 

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VOTE: Who is the best zombie?

updated 6:31 AM EDT, Thu October 31, 2013
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18% Mike Galanos
82% Bob Van Dillen

Trees: How to know if they need to go

With winter coming, one of the most important things you can do to look out for your property and your family is to check out your trees. This is especially important because we've had so much rain across the country.

We talked with an arborist who said you really have to look not just up, but down.


Before they were stars: A-listers who did horror!

"Overweight" trick-or-treaters to get notes from Fargo woman on Halloween.  She says she wants to help solve the obesity problem

Hallow-mean? No treats for obese kids, woman says

How would you like it if you took your family trick-or-treating but instead of candy, someone gave your child a note calling him overweight?         

A woman in Fargo, North Dakota, plans on doing just that.


Should you winterproof your car?

Is your car ready for winter? Before you spend too much money, take a listen to the mechanic we talked to, who says winterizing your ride is mostly a sales pitch!

She says if you're keeping up with regular maintenance, your car should be fine, unless you live in places that experience extreme cold, like Alaska or Minnesota. And you don't need to put extra air in your tires when it's colder.

Charlie Close plays 'The Krampus' at Netherworld Haunted House in Atlanta, Georgia

Secrets: Working in a Halloween haunted house

They're scary, they're creepy, they're sneaky and you love to be terrorized by them!

They are the men and women behind the masks and makeup at your favorite Halloween haunted house.