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Morning Express with Robin Meade

A fast, personal, and smart blend of all the news you want in the morning. We call it "News in the Fast Lane." So buckle up.

What would you do if you won $540 million dollars? Morning Express Friday preview:

Good morning. Robin is off today. Natasha Curry leads us into the weekend.

A witness who claims to have seen the Trayvon Martin shooting has come forward. Will this account help clear up all the fog on this story? Also, what the brother of shooter George Zimmerman is saying now about Zimmerman's reported injuries.
And the line forms here... We'll get you caught up on Lottery Fever. You have a better chance of being hit by lightning. But if you've got that winning ticket, you're about to be half a billion dollars richer. How would you spend it? Tell us on Facebook, Tweet @morn_eXpress or email We'll use your comments on air all morning.
See incredible new video of a school bus hit by a tornado. You'll hear the story of the driver who saved the kids just minutes before that storm picked up the bus and threw it across the street!
We're setting up the Final Four. Get your recliner ready. Morning Express sports Anchor Carlos Diaz is live in New Orleans at Champions Square near the Superdome... if you're out there come by, you could be on HLN! 7-9am Central time.
The number of kids diagnosed with autism in the United States is skyrocketing. The problem is: No one's really sure why. We'll take a look.
Also... Canada is ditching what it calls a “burden” on its economy. The culprit: the penny... U.S. support for the war in Afghanistan is plummeting... Lindsay Lohan is thanking the judge who released her from probation... see the frightening video of firefighters on the roof of a building on fire, as it begins to collapse... and we'll help you find the cheapest rates for rental cars.
Today on Morning Express you'll meet Jake Wood who founded Team Rubicon as a way to help people hit by natural disasters AND bring military veterans together. Do you know someone like Jake who is making a difference in your community? Nominate a 2012 "Hero of the Year."

New Movie Friday: 'Mirror,' 'Titans' & 'Bully'

New Movie Friday: 'Mirror,' 'Titans' & 'Bully'

Mr. Moviefone (aka: Russ Leatherman) appears every Friday on Morning Express with Robin Meade.

Got six seconds? Get fast-forwarded reviews on these movies and everything else at the theater this weekend on Mr. Moviefone's site,

Robin Meade's Thursday Morning Express Preview: New video from the night Trayvon Martin was shot:

Thursday is connected to Friday. Only thing that can beat that is....Saturday! Ha!

On Morning Express today on HLN:

Carlos Diaz's Viral Video of the Day: Bode sleeping while skiing

Robin Meade's Wednesday Morning Express preview: No Mega Millions Jackpot Winner

Howdy! How is Wednesday feeling? I'm sending you love and positivity through the wire. Zap! There it is.

Today I'm positive you get another chance at becoming positively richer. Because... the abundance has grown... abundantly... in the Mega Millions jackpot. Check it out:

The winning Powerball tickets were sold in Arizona and Missouri.

And the winning numbers are...

Oh man oh man oh man... here they are, the winning numbers for the staggering $579 million Powerball drawing. Are you feeling lucky?

Numbers: 5, 23, 16, 22, 29 Powerball: 6.

What foods should kids with ADHD avoid?

What foods should kids with ADHD avoid?

Being a parent of a child with ADHD can come with its own unique set of challenges. Pediatrician and author Dr. Jennifer Shu knows parents want their kids to have fun without bouncing of the walls too much. And that has some moms and dads taking a closer look at their child’s diet. 

Shu tells HLN’s Robin Meade that, unfortunately, it’s not as simple as kids eating or avoiding certain foods. But there are some things parents can do. For example, they can watch out for foods that make their kid fidgety. She says some children might react more to things like sugar, preservatives, food additives and colorings. So, if parents suspect that’s the case for their child, they can try cutting down on how much he or she eats. 

NEW overnight: George Zimmerman's account of what happened the night Trayvon Martin was shot

Let's give Tuesday a run for its money. It's not ever seen the likes of you!
Hey thanks to my pal David Wild, music reviewer extraordinaire, for tweeting about the new songs I'm adding to my debut album.
The result: the DELUXE edition of "Brand New Day." Look for it starting next week on iTunes and Walmart stores near the candles.

On the show today:

Top 10 places you are most likely to lose your cellphone

It's one of the worst feelings in the world. Suddenly you realize your cell phone has become separated from you. Quick, check your pockets. Check 'em again! WHERE IS IT? Retrace your steps... you sent a text just before you went into the supermarket... and then... did you leave it in the cereal aisle? AAAAAGH!!!

It's terrifying and frustrating. It costs Americans tens of millions of dollars a year. And it happens MOSTLY in coffee shops. That's according to a survey featured on Here's a list

Plans to mark 1 month anniversary of Trayvon Martin shooting

Monday will make you appreciate the weekend you just had, won't it?

If you are into March Madness.. how are your picks standing up?
By the looks of it, I'm leading all the on-air folks at HLN...even the good doctor, Dr. Drew. Let's see how the rest of the tourney plays out.
I bet it's the last time they ask me to play :)
On the show on HLN today...the Final 4 is set.
If you see people wearing hooded sweatshirts to work today, they could be doing it in support of the teen who was killed by a neighborhood watch volunteer. It's been 1 month since Trayvon Martin died. You'll see what plans there are to mark that today.
Pink slime is getting the boot from schools.
Here's a follow-up to the ammonia-treated bits of cow parts that were deemed safe enough as a low-cost alternative for schools.
Where are you more likely to lose your cell phone? If it's anything like my iPad... here, there and everywhere!
The Queen of England has a new title: wedding crasher. Imagine what the bride and groom thought. Well...they did invite her after all.
Frost returns to some viewers in the Northeast, while folks further south feel like they went somewhere tropical for spring break! Bob's got a look at the forecast for the week.
See ya.