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Morning Express with Robin Meade

A fast, personal, and smart blend of all the news you want in the morning. We call it "News in the Fast Lane." So buckle up.

Snowboarding crow goes viral

Who says people are the only ones who should get to enjoy a day on the slopes?

Robin Meade's Tuesday preview: Number of missing in Concordia cruise ship catastrophe goes up

Howdy team, I'm back witcha this morning but a little rock-star-raspy after a busy weekend of reporting, music recording and (most wear and tear on the voice is from this:) whooping it up in Nashville.
Here is what we have waiting for you this morning:

We have brand new images of the humongous cruise ship that ran aground off Italy. AND there are new accounts of what was going on inside.
All that, as the number of missing makes a dramatic jump.
An American husband and wife from Minnesota are among the missing. You'll hear why they booked their trip. And see for yourself the incredible effort to get inside the belly of the ship.
Another political debate last night.
Once again, Mitt Romney was wearing a bullseye.
Our Country Votes 2012
I'm hearing from my pals in Chicago about freezing rain. And when there's freezing rain... there's HLN meteorologist Bob Van Dillen to show you who's next in line.
For our Midwest viewers, thought it would be a long time before you heard words like this about your region, I'll bet:
Ohio, the next boomtown?
What's going on!
One website that some consider a plethora of information will offer NO info today.
Check out its protest and one-day shutdown.
They are not exactly pop-yooo-lahr!
Congress wouldn't win a popularity contest with the people as it gets back to work today.
We're not getting thinner. But we're not getting fatter. So... we ask, what does that say about our health?
See u!

Bob Van Dillen's NFL Playoff forecast and picks:

Here we go NFL fans; the playoffs continue to roll. Here's a look at the weather forecast and my picks for the games:

New Orleans at San Francisco:
4:30 pm EST game, weather looks great! High temperatures around 60 with light winds. The saints are on a roll and the 49ers may get off to a slow start since the didn't play last week. I predict New Orleans 35 – San Francisco 17.

Mr. Moviefone on 'Beauty and the Beast'

Mr. Moviefone on 'Beauty and the Beast'

Chef Ellie Krieger's "Comfort Food Fix" recipes

There is nothing better than good. old fashioned, comfort food. Especially on chilly winter days like these. But most of it is LOADED with fat and calories.

Robin Meade met up with nutritionist and chef Ellie Krieger to talk about some recipes in her latest book "Comfort Food Fix" that are healthier for us, but just as satisfying.

Robin Meade's Friday Preview: Colbert for President?

Friday looks good on you doll.
Yes it does.
I've saved you a place for the show this morning.
Here's what we are talking about:
You'll get your fill of snow today in MI, IN, OH, NY and other places.
The winds are nothing to mess with either.
Bob will tell you how far south the winter weather warnings go.
The 4 convicted murderers who were among the clemencies blocked in Mississippi...are no where to be found!
Besides that...what can law enforcement do anyway? If someone has been pardoned (in this case by outgoing Gov. Haley Barbour) is it you can call them back? They haven't broken any new laws!
That's tricky.
Happening today: Joran van der Sloot finds out how long he'll spend in jail for the murder of a 21-year-old woman in Peru.
The first air fare hike of 2012.
(That didn't take long!)
Find out how much more it's gonna cost you to fly.
A woman playing "Words with Friends" became a lifesaver, from half a world away.
2 of the Marines shown in a controversial and troubling video have been identified.
Tee hee.
Stephen Colbert throws his hat in the political ring... again.
Gotta run friend!

Thursday is connected to Friday! Robin Meade's early "Morning Express" preview: Mississippi pardons, BLOCKED – Big Ford recall – more...

Thursday is connected to Friday!
Need we say more?
Hi pal.
Here's what our super-snappy team is working on so you're the most in-the-know at work today:

Those pardons from Haley Barbour that included 14 convicted murderers? BLOCKED!
And listen to the accusations the outgoing Mississippi governor ran the state like Boss Hog!
But what about the people the former governor says served their time for lesser crimes and just needed help with their record to move on with their life and do things like get a job?
More from both sides here.
If you drive a Ford, the company is saying this, possibly about YOUR ride:
DON'T park it in the garage!
More on a 450,000-car recall.
Too many or just right?
New guidelines are out for how many embryos should be implanted if you’re having in-vitro fertilization.
The rubber-band snap of winter will sting our viewers in three places today.
Watch for Bob’s precise forecast.
By the way... Bob is taking over our Facebook page from 9am to 10am ET (6am to 7am PT) today. He'll be live on the air and lively online from Studio H during the show... so click over to and LIKE us to join the party (be sure to click the "Everyone (Most Recent)" link right under the pictures at the top).
Just released... depositions from psych evaluations of Casey Anthony before her trial. She made some shocking claims.
Didn't get to stay up late for the People's Choice Awards. My people are in touch with their people so you can be one of the people who knows. Haaaa!
Check out who won and the red carpet goodness here.

Bob Van Dillen's screaming cold Thursday forecast

<Here comes the Arctic air screaming down from Canada to the S like a jailbreak. Temps are in the teens and single digits in the Upper MD and N Plains now, and the leading edge has the snow falling in MO, WI, IL, IA and shortly into MI and IN. Winter weather advisories are up for the area and some warnings in N IN/W MI for around 5-10” of snow. The main surface low is struggling to move northward into NE, but that is producing a separate shot of rain and snow in the NE. Check out the radar!

I’ll show you the big picture on the show, but you don’t need me to tell you air travel will be slow from the NE to the MW.

Robin Meade's Wednesday preview: Romney takes New Hampshire – 3-year-old girl takes on a lion

Uggh. Didn't sleep one wink last night. Pass the caffeine, Frank.
However, we still will put some pep in YOUR step and news in your brain as you get ready for your day.
Here goes:
Mitt wins. You expected that. But did you expect Ron Paul to do so well?
What about the second and third positions? They too are big news.
More on the outcome and where young people put their vote.
You gotta hear what Paul’s camp is telling the rest of the nominees to do! Meanwhile, Romney is already sounding like the presumptive nominee in his victory message.
This morning: you have what looks to be all 6 candidates going ahead to South Carolina. But should they?
Our Country Votes – full coverage at
What’s in your orange juice?
The government is looking into it after low levels of fungicide were detected on some Brazilian oranges.
Tune in for latest word as we get it regarding YOUR o.j. this morning.
Penn State without a Paterno.
Why Joe Paterno’s son is now leaving the football program.
And a little girl.. and a lion. It’s the video you’ll be talking about all day.
See you at your regular wakeup time, rock star!

Bob Van Dillen's Tuesday forecast: Record snow in Texas

Record breaking snow in TX is winding down, but the heavy rain in the South is ramping up.

10.6” of snow fell on Midland TX yesterday, breaking the daily record. 19.5” of snow has fallen so far this season, shattering the old record from 1946-47 by more than half a foot! As they dig out today, the air is modifying along the TX coast and the energy is inching eastward. The storm itself is a slow mover, so the main threat will be the development of super cell thunderstorms out of the Gulf and headed north into Mississippi and Alabama. Some wind shear will be in place allowing for them to start to rotate, bringing in a tornado threat for them this afternoon.