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Morning Express with Robin Meade

A fast, personal, and smart blend of all the news you want in the morning. We call it "News in the Fast Lane." So buckle up.

Robin Meade's Tuesday Morning Express preview: Deadly storms destroy 200+ homes

I recently recorded a cover of a classic Beatles tune for the *next* version of my music.
So, if you've had it on your mind to get my debut album at Target, ya better hurry! It’s on the aisle near the greeting cards, NOT the CD section. Enjoy!
On the show today:

We are taking you live to Alabama to witness the remarkable damage from yesterday’s storms. Bob Van Dillen is there.
200 homes were destroyed and 2 people were killed in the storms.
Watch to see what kind of help you may be able to provide or click on Impact Your World at to make a difference right now.
Mitt Romney went on the attack in last night's debate, accusing Newt Gingrich of "influence peddling."
Gingrich insists his work with Freddie Mac had nothing to do with lobbying.
Hear both sides.
How would you like a major highway named after you? It could happen if one state's governor gets his way.
Narcissism is bad for your health?
But wouldn't you be soooo all about yourself that you'd take care of yourself? Guess not, said self, after screaming "Look at me! I need attention!"
This is so rotten:
One of the 49ers is getting death threats over his playoff performance.
Come on!

Steps N Stages' Jubilee House provides shelter for homeless female veterans

Fifty Five thousand women who have served in the military are homeless, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs. It's a statistic you don't hear too much about... but it's one that's growing. In fact women are 4 times more likely than male veterans to end up homeless.

One woman is working to change that AND start lowering that number one woman at at time... and she is our "Breakthrough Woman."

Mr. Moviefone goes 'Haywire'

Mr. Moviefone goes 'Haywire'

Mr. Moviefone previews the 3 biggest releases out this weekend: "Haywire," "Red Tails," and "Underworld: Awakening."

Find out which ones he loved and hated!

Robin Meade's Friday Preview: GOP Debate Starts With A Bang

You know what's waiting for you on the other side of that snooze alarm? Friday!
So Morning Express is waiting to pick you up for your end-of-the-work-week whirlwind.
Did you see the GOP debate start off with a bang?
A fiery, finger-pointing Newt Gingrich took on CNN’s John King and the media… and got a standing ovation for it.

What do you think about Newt's former marriage becoming an issue? What else stuck out to you about the debate?

Dr. Nicholas Perricone's 3-day facelift diet

Dr. Nicholas Perricone's 3-day facelift diet

Dermatologist and anti-aging expert Dr. Nicholas Perricone is so certain that his Three-day-Facelift diet will work, he says if no one mentions how great you look on the fouth day, you were cheating!

Dr. Nicholas Perricone's Three-Day-Facelift Diet:

Robin Meade's Thursday rundown:

If you're not on twitter you missed this gem from me yesterday:

Ya. It happens. Ha! Join the convo... I'm @robinmeade on twitter.
He didn't abandon ship...
He "FELL"... right into a lifeboat??
According to an Italian newspaper, THAT'S the claim from the captain of the Concordia ship.
Oh boy.
This you gotta hear.
Is it a rescue or a recovery now, days after more than twenty went missing from the ship.
the latest on that.
winter slams the northwest where they don't see this kind of snow accumulation.
YOU'LL see the results, and where’s it headed now.
I love this opportunity for someone:
A big box retailer has its own American Idol-style contest....for product ideas YOU may have. Tune in, entrepreneurs or just deep thinkers!
Are you hungry? Maybe it’s because you didn’t get enough sleep – there's apparently an interesting link between how much shut-eye you get and a ravenous appetite!
What would a new season of American Idol be without the good, bad and the ugly from auditions?
Honey, we have those.

Bob Van Dillen's Thursday national forecast:

The hits keep coming to the NW. As yesterday's titanic snow/rain maker extends eastward, a new storm will hit tomorrow afternoon, with a 3rd on Sunday afternoon. The end will result will be the steady rain and snow continuing through the weekend in OR/WA/CA/ID/MT/NV/CO and WY.

The snow in the Cascades is around 5' deep right now and more is on the way. Another 3-4" of rain is expected on the coast of WA/OR/CA this afternoon as well. Extreme cold is back for ND/SD and MN with temps around -30F to -50F this afternoon too.

Bob Van Dillen's Seattle snow storm update

Update on the NW storm. The pineapple express connection is in full swing this morning from what I can see on the satellite loop. That’s when the jet stream connects Hawaii with the West Coast (in this case the Pacific NW). This allows for tremendous amounts of Pacific moisture to be transported out of the Ocean and thrown onto the Coast. The rainfall alone in Northern CA will approach 7” in the next 24 hours alone, and it will be all snow in the NW Mountains. 3-4 feet total in the Cascades! Even the lower elevations will see the snow today, with around 2-4 inches more in Seattle before it mixes and turns to all rain tonight. ID, MT, UT and northern NV will all see the snow too and there are winter storm warnings and advisories for just about everybody up there, I’ll have the details on the program.

Getting away from there, the arctic air is back in the northern Plains with extreme cold warnings in ND/SD and MN. It’ll feel like -35F to -45F at times today.

Robin Meade's Morning Express preview: Online protest against SOPA grows, cruise ship search on hold, storm socking Seattle

If you had Monday off for the observance of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day....hey aren't you surprised it's Wednesday already?

Howdy, friend.
Here is what our team has waiting for you:

Bob Van Dillen's Tuesday forecast: "conga-line" of storms slamming the northwest

Active weather continues all across the U.S. A major storm is sliding across the MW this morning with lots of rain, wind, snow and even thunderstorms. I’ve seen tornado warnings in IN and S Il this morning early ahead of the front, and the severe weather threat should switch to MS and AL by this afternoon as the strong cold front settles southward today. The steady stream, of rain is moving through the Mid South and SE too, with some freezing rain and snow pockets trapped in the NE valleys. I’ll show you the latest radar on the show.

The conga-line of storms is set for the NW starting today. There will be one storm a day for the next 4-5 days in OR/WA/ID with heavy mountain snow and valley rain. Some of the totals will get to 3’ in the Cascades of snow, I’ll have the forecast.