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Morning Express with Robin Meade

A fast, personal, and smart blend of all the news you want in the morning. We call it "News in the Fast Lane." So buckle up.

Robin Meade's Tuesday Preview: It's Time to Vote in Florida

The Morning Express is ready to pick you up for news in the fast lane.
It's decision day in Florida. 50 delegates are at stake in the winner-takes-all state.

Here's a telling glimpse of what it’s been like there… a tweet from CNN's Candy Crowley:
"@crowleyCNN If u knew only what's in ads in Fla. u'd think primary choice is betw.cold blooded liar or ethically challenged crazy man. Brutal down here"
We now have the 911 calls from the horrifying chain-reaction crash in Florida that killed 10.
Listen to the drivers describe what's happening, even as they can't see what's coming in the smoked-out road.
Here’s a lesson momma tried to teach us: Clean up after yourself.
Some TSA workers didn't and it led to a big scare at a New York-area airport!
If you use a very popular hair-straightening product...get ready to see a warning label about toxins like formaldehyde.
Check out how the pardoned Mississippi murderer, whom authorities couldn't find, was located.
Part freak show, part journalism:
Carlos preps us for what's called "Media Day" at the Super Bowl, where this year even fans get to take part.
One of my favorite segments that Jen does: Best Time to Buy.
She’ll tell you why it’s the best time to buy cameras, furniture… and (post-Super Bowl) big TVs!
See you friend.

Robin Meade Asks Blake Shelton About Super Bowl Performance

VIDEO: Blake Shelton's Super Bowl Performance

While hanging out with country star Blake Shelton, Robin asked him about his upcoming Super Bowl performance.
Shelton and his wife, Miranda Lambert, will be singing "America the Beautiful."
So, will he be nervous?
Click on the link and find out.

Robin Meade's Monday Preview: Smoke Causes Deadly Pileup

It’s not everyday you do karaoke with Blake Shelton. But I did Friday night! Thank you, Blake, for your team’s hospitality and your sense of humor! To our morning viewers: You gotta get on Twitter so you don't miss those pics @robinmeade.
This week on the show: check out Blake’s thoughts about the pressure he’ll feel, singing "America the Beautiful" with his wife Miranda Lambert at the Super Bowl.
But first today:
Smoke from a wildfire has parts of I-75 closed again the morning after a deadly pileup that killed at least 10 people Sunday.
How horrible.
Scary thing is: the same conditions still exist, pushing the smoke to the ground at driver level.
More on that.
The Occupy protests heated up this weekend with 400 people arrested in Oakland, California.
Wait until you see it, and what some claim looked like a warzone.
It’s Super Bowl week! Get your behind-the-scenes info about what they are doing in Indy to get ready.
Mr. Indianapolis himself, Carlos Diaz (he's from Indiana), brings you that.
Presidential candidate Rick Santorum steps off the campaign trail after his 3-year-old daughter was hospitalized.
You'll learn more about her genetic disorder here.
Ahead of Tuesday’s Florida primary, the other candidates are going at each other hard.
Check out the difference it appears to be making in the polls.
Have you ever chickened out, last minute, and wondered why? There's a scientific explanation for our cold feet.
See if the Screen Actors Guild Awards indicate your Oscar picks will be right.
"The Help" was among the big winners.
You’re in… wait, no you’re not. Some college applicants got news they’d been accepted into a college only to find out it was a mistake.
How did that happen!
See you soon :)

Bob Van Dillen's Monday Forecast: Lake-Effect Snow & More Smoke

The I-75 stretch from the GA border to Ocala had the dense smoke set up again in the pre-dawn hours this morning, and it dropped visibilities to less than a quarter mile at times. The temperatures from the surface up to about 5-600 feet cooled down fast last night under clear skies with light winds, but the temps above that layer stayed about 10-20 degrees warmer. Warm air on top of cold air sets up an inversion, and the smoke can’t break through it to rise. That essentially squeezes all the local brush fire smoke in the atmosphere down to the surface, making the visibility go way down. Once the sun comes up, the ground starts to warm and the smoke disperses, allowing the vis. to improve. Early morning travel may be tough again tomorrow morning.

Lake-effect snow is hammering on the shores of Lake Ontario this morning, but with an advancing warm front from the MW this will end shortly. An exiting storm has the wind cranking in the NE today, so I’m watching for some air travel delays from Boston to NYC.

Robin Meade's Friday Preview: Feisty GOP Debate ya doin’?!
I hope to get some good BS moments with Mr. BS himself: Blake Shelton. I'm meeting him backstage tonight to ask about his first headlining tour, and see what shenanigans "The Voice" judge has up his sleeve. Look for that on our air very soon.
But first in the news and on the show today:
The Republican candidates were pushing each other’s buttons last night.
You gotta see the heated debate over immigration, and what seemed like some personal jabs too.
(We know in the morning you need news in the fast watch us for the most important moments.)
2 teenagers in Utah are under arrest for allegedly trying to bomb a high school.
A reason for balance in your life:
Working a lot of hours can double your chances of depression.
So....what's considered a lot of hours? More on that.
A dream honeymoon or a dream job?
One professional athlete had to choose.
Oh my!
Remember, some unlucky women who wanted a bigger bum ended up at an office where their backsides were allegedly injected with a mixture of Fix-a-Flat, cement and superglue?
Well, now there are some new twists to the story.
And they include throwing a syringe on a TV show.
Twitter is going to start deleting some people’s tweets… depending on where they live.
Where was your baby born?
Check out the reasons behind more women giving birth “at home.”
We are waiting for the release of the edited 911 call regarding Demi Moore. Tune in when you get up.
The mayor who made flippant comments about what he would do for the Latino community....gets hundreds of tacos.
The number of homeless female vets is skyrocketing. How sad is that.
Get a load of Pat Sajak loaded!
He talks about hosting The Wheel of Fortune drunk!
I’ll take a V for vodka, pat!
More on those stories on a root-tootin’ Friday.

Bob Van Dillen's national forecast: severe weather headed out to sea

The weather this week has been shakier than Vanna White trying to spin letters on Wheel of Fortune in the 80's (we ran that story today on Morning Express, classic broadcasting from back in the day!). The slow moving storm from Texas to the Gulf over the past few days is finally making a move to the NE and dragging the severe weather threat out to sea with it. It's about time.

The morning will feature the heavy rain spinning through the East Coast from FL to ME, but the cold air trapped in NE will get the snow and sleet rocking. There are winter storm warnings in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont for the wintry mix, and delays will be long at the NYC metro airports because of the heavy rain and wind. Philly, D.C. and Boston will get the problems too.

Bob Van Dillen's Thursdsay Forecast: Storms Hitting Eastern Half of U.S.

Round 4 is currently under way this week with severe weather possible along the Gulf Coast up into GA this afternoon. The powerful storm over TX yesterday is starting to eject into the Mid MS Valley today, drawing Gulf moisture up and turning it into power storms. A tornado watch was in effect all morning for LA/MS and AL, and the stuff should enter South GA later.

Ahead of the warm stuff, the rain is falling into cold air across the MW. Freezing rain and sleet in OH had some kids delayed to school, and the freezing stuff is moving through PA into the NE. Winter storm warnings are up for parts of VT, NH and ME tonight through Friday for snow and ice. 3-6” of the stuff should pile up by Friday afternoon.

Robin Meade's Thursday Preview: Tense Meeting on the Tarmac

Ever happen to you?
You think you look in all the obvious spots when you misplace your wedding ring. I searched at oh-dark-thirty yesterday and ended up wearing a fake one on the air. By the time I got home, the ring was exactly where I KNOW I looked multiple times. Crisis averted.
Thank you mighty jewelry gods for putting my wedding ring back in plain view!
On the show today…
Tense words on the tarmac:
Arizona's governor didn't exactly look like she was giving the president a hero’s welcome yesterday.
Moments after President Obama got off Air Force One, they appeared to get into it over what SHE wrote about HIM in her book.
Don't miss this.
New details about the rescue of an American teacher and another aid worker in Somalia:
The SEAL team that saved the pair is very familiar to Americans.
What would you do if your child’s school called off spring break? In Minnesota, one school is doing that, vacation plans or not!
Watch for word from the parents on that.
Police in Mississippi are still looking for one of those pardoned murderers. There’s a reward.
I bet this will be the talk today:
A cat escapes in the cockpit of a flight! Uh, we are having... mechanical problems (Screech. Meowwwwwwww.)
Yeah, that's a technical difficulty alright.
Bye bye, mystery meat:
School lunches across the nation are getting a makeover.
You missed some funny moments between CNN's Don Lemon, our Bob Van Dillen and me in the gym yesterday on Twitter. Join us! I'm @robinmeade on Twitter.

Heavy rain, flash flooding in Texas: Bob Van Dillen's national forecast

Texas is getting the hammer today. A tightly wound storm is bowling through the Lone Star State this morning with a warm front extending out to the Gulf Coast. Heavy rain with frequent lightning has been falling since last night, and there was a tornado watch for San Antonio to Houston up to Waco earlier this morning. The rain has caused some flash flooding in those areas, and the whole rain shield is moving to Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana and Missouri today. Travel delays will start to mount in Dallas and Houston today with all the rough weather, so heads up.

The rest of the country seems quiet until you get to the Pacific Northwest. More morning snow is falling over the Washington/Oregon Cascades, and rain is pelting the coast from northern California to Washington. It’ll be a breezy day once again up there too.

Robin's Wednesday preview: State of the State of the Union

Morning! How many play-by-plays did we really need of the State of the Union on Twitter? My goodness. Everybody and their brother seemed to be tweeting line after line and reax after reax.
My favorites were not the ordinary.
Among them, this gem from Vanity Fair:
"BREAKING: Hillary Clinton's headband sparkles; is fabulous."
And The New Yorker had this one:
"John Boehner looks like he's sitting in the Sands lounge in Vegas at 2 in the morning."
Rough crowd!!
Getting down to biz:
If you didn't follow the State of the Union point-by-point, we have your cheat sheet.
It sounded like a list of things President Obama wants done for the future, and what his campaign themes will be.
But it's those little unplanned off-camera reax that may have said just as much from the lawmakers sitting before him.
Tune in for that.
The president focused a lot on taxes–who should pay more and why.
He sent a message to Congress by telling them he’d sign a certain bill if they sent it his way.
And in many ways he sounded defiant regarding what he feels Congress hasn't gotten done.
Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was an emotional part of last night’s address.
You'll see the reaction to her appearance, as the congressman sitting next to her is getting some attention today.
What did you think of the State of the Union? Tweet me @robinmeade or go to for our Facebook and e-mail links.
While you were sleeping:
2 aid workers were rescued this morning, reportedly by navy SEALs.
More on that.
More survivors are feeling strong enough today to tell how they lived through Alabama’s latest round of deadly tornadoes.
1 woman turned to song to help cling to her baby!!
This morning... a tornado watch for parts of Texas. Bob's got that.
A big change is coming in the way the Fed works things. For the first time, today it’s going to give us blatant word about what it sees coming, instead of having analysts have to read into their decisions.
In 140 characters or less...
One former baseball player is trying to get back on the field via tweets.
Spell check anyone? A school crossing sign has some people scratching their heads.
Are resumes passé? The new way some companies are asking for your history.
See you soon.