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Morning Express with Robin Meade

A fast, personal, and smart blend of all the news you want in the morning. We call it "News in the Fast Lane." So buckle up.

Got the day off? Head to the movies

Got the day off? Head to the movies

Russ Leatherman (aka Mr. Moviefone) has four flicks for this holiday weekend:

  • "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" is "stylish and pretty awesome," he says. Keep in mind however, it's rated R ... and in this case it's a "hard R." Not for the kiddies.
  • "The Adventures of Tin Tin" "looks weird," according to Russ. It's an animated film, but he says Tin Tin looks "a little like 'plastic boy.'" Still, if you can get past the unusual look of the film, he thinks it would be good for families.
  • "We Bought a Zoo" is "a nice movie." But Mr. Moviefone says, don't buy the zoo ... wait till it comes out on video and rent it.
  • As for "War Horse," he thinks families will really like this movie. It's a "big, epic adventure" that should be seen on the big screen.
None of those get you excited? Surf over to Mr. Moviefone's website where you'll find reviews for tons of movies -- in theaters or on video -- in just six seconds!

Morning Express preview: Little girl washed away in the Thailand Tsunami found alive, 7 years later!

Good morning. Robin is off today. Natasha Curry’s driving the sleigh.

It looks like many of us are traveling for the holidays. But weather’s a big concern, and lots of folks have decided not to fly. What you need to know today.

Bob Van Dillen's first full day of Winter forecast

First day of winter and I’m following spring-like storms roaring out of the Gulf Of Mexico. A big shot of energy and a surface storm are combing to draw up the moisture and crank it over into severe storms from LA to MS early this morning, with a tornado watch for them that lasts until 1 pm CST. The lines of rain and storms are flowing into an unstable air mass with high dew points (fuel for the storms) and some wind sheer (twisting force for the storms) to create an atmosphere that is conducive for tornadoes the fist part of the day. I’ll have the forecast for you. Ahead of the storm is where you’ll find the warm air today. Yesterday Central Park NYC tied a record from 1923 when they reached up to 62 degrees. The mild to warm air is all the way down to S FL today, so watch for unseasonably high temps.

The rocking storm over CO is still spitting out the snow in Denver, looking at a grand total of around 6-12” for them by tonight. That weather is reaching into NM with the same strength, I’ll have the warnings for you. The Santa Ana winds ramp up today in Southern CA too, there are high wind warnings for the LA and San Diego regions. Tough go for travelers, but it should calm down a bit for the weekend travelers. Later!

Thoughts for a Thursday – Morning Express with Robin Meade preview: France paying for tens of thousands of breast implant removals

Morning... cool last-minute gift idea for the organized person in your life who lives by lists: The boogie board.
It’s a $40 LCD screen scribble pad. Saves a few trees. I got it for someone on my list who lists what outfits to wear for each day on a vacation. No joke!
On the show this morning:
*Wal-Mart is taking some infant formula off its shelves after a baby died. Nobody is saying there’s a direct link, but tune in for more on what "Enfamil" is being tested for.
Here's what you need to know now: The lot number of the formula is: ZP1K7G.
If you still have questions, call Enfamil directly at 1-800-BABY-123 (800-222-9123).
Hear from the dude who had to help a mom give birth in the back seat of a pickup truck in the middle of a snowstorm.
(Better yet, let's hear from the mom!)
*France is *paying* for tens of thousands of women to have their breast implants *removed.* It’s because of a cancer risk with a certain type of implant.
We ask if they were used in the U.S.
*This is such a waste!
A guy won a $350,000 Lamborghini… and promptly crashed it!
Everyone is okay, but geeeez.
If you haven't sent your Christmas gifts, get a move on! You'll see what "busy" means to one of the big shipping companies on its busiest day of the year!
They're pulling a Cover Girl ad featuring Taylor Swift, all under the umbrella of "truth in advertising".
Check out what pointy heads felt was misleading.
How do you feel about the payroll tax cut fight in Washington? Sound off on our facebook page, send us an email, or tweet me directly: @RobinMeade
Talk with you soon.

Today is probably the worst holiday travel day

Today will probably be the worst travel day leading up to Christmas, here’s why: that strong storm that created blizzard conditions in the SW/Plains is now a strong storm in the MD producing heavy rain and plenty of low clouds. Almost everybody east of the MS river is socked in with overcast conditions or heavy downpours and storms. I’ll show you the radar and satellite on the big broadcast. Safe to say hour or more delays are possible in the NYC metro area, Philly, DC, and ATL too. Shorter delays around the rest of the East, so heads up.

The cold air that is trapped in the valleys of N NH and W ME won’t get dislodged until around mid afternoon, creating a freezing rain situation. The warm air hits that cold air at ground level, cant move it (b/c cold air is more dense than warm air), so it rises above it and rains through. The rain freezes on contact with the stuff on the surface, creating ice and tough driving conditions. Be safe!

Robin's Wednesday wind-up – Today on Morning Express: lawmakers head home without a deal to extend payroll tax cut

Last-minute gift idea for the guitar buff?
One of your fellow viewers informed me about the unique amps they make.. out of anything! Toaster amp? Check. Chair amp? Probably. Garden gnome amp? They've probably beaten me to the idea already!
Here ya go for a look-see.
In the news today:
Have we been left in a lurch here with our paycheck about to shrink?
Lawmakers headed home for the holidays WITHOUT a deal to extend that payroll tax cut.
The thing expires Dec. 31.
And it looks like it’s a contest of who will blink first: President Obama or House Republicans.

Check out how the president and John Boehner held competing press conferences... one wasn't even on the schedule... calling each other out.
Man oh man.
So can anything be done now?
We are not done with snow yet:
A nasty storm could dump more than a foot of snow in places... Bob’s got the details.
Somehow our thumbs aren't so honest when they text:
Why is it we are apparently more prone to fib when we text than if we were communicating another way?
A Santa Claus rally on Wall Street! Will it keep going or will we get a lump of coal?
The higher the score, the lower the grades.
Check out the link between the team a guy cheers for... and his classroom success!
Somebody hacked into Lady Gaga’s Twitter account and sent a bogus promise to all umpteen-million of her followers.
See you soon, you rock star you.
BTW–Check out my Twitter feed...and how I commandeered a Bobcat earthmover yesterday. High heels and all. I'm @robinmeade on Twitter. You can take the girl out of Ohio....

New Mexico, Texas blizzard moving off bringing big snow to Kansas – Meteorologist Bob Van Dillen's national forecast:

Blizzard conditions are fading quicker than the chances my wife will find a car in the driveway Christmas morning with an over-sized red bow on the roof (who does that in real life?) Snow this morning from NM/CO/TX/OK is shifting to mainly KS. The snow will blanket that state with an additional 4-7” this afternoon, but the winds are falling below that 35 mph criteria for a blizzard. I’ll show you the latest radar and warnings on the show. A 1-2’ swath of snow is covering NE NM to KS this morning making driving difficult once again.

The rain ahead of the main storm is heavy this morning from PA to TX/LA with a few strong storms nearing Lake Charles and New Orleans for the day.

Jon Bon Jovi is not dead – Robin Meade's Morning Express Tuesday preview:

I got my nephew one of those soda makers for Christmas. He's already opened it, and LOVES it. Stuff tastes fresh and there's a good variety of flavors. Thought you'd appreciate the input if you're still stumped for gifts this late in the game. :)
On the show today:
Several states are facing blizzard or near blizzard conditions… just in time for the holiday travel rush.
Is your destination next?
Bob’s got the helpful info.
Did you catch Monday Night Football?
The LIGHTS WENT OUT. TWICE. At the place so apply-named Candlestick Park.
See how the fans, players and announcers handled it, and what the pointy-heads now think was the culprit.
Another layaway angel:
This time it’s a child using allowance money to pay off strangers accounts.
You gotta see how employees at the store react.

As North Korea goes through a transition of power, what should we be worried about?
More on that subject.
Certain airports DO have more healthy food options for you this holiday travel season (as opposed to the burger-slingin' counter only).
If you're watching from the airport, this one’s for you.
One of the nation’s biggest toy stores is opening its doors at 6am ET this morning. And they’re not closing until Christmas Eve. Mamma mia!
Bon Jovi fans…
Despite what you may have seen on the internet yesterday, Jon Mr.-Livin’-on-a-Prayer Bon Jovi, is fine.
See you!

First powerhouse snow storm hits – Bob Van Dillen's national forecast:

The first power-house snow storm of the season is dropping into NM, CO, KS, and the TX/OK Panhandles this morning. It’s a potent round of energy driving Southward around a large-scale trough over the Western half of the US, and it’s carving a strong storm at ground level. The wind will continue to increase, and all the rain will turn over to snow later this morning bringing down visibilities. A Blizzard warring is in effect for them from 9am this morning until noon tomorrow to account for the Heavy snow (12-15”), fast winds and poor visibility.

The rain will be heavy in front of the real cold air, so 1-2” of rain for the Central Plains today along with a slight chance of severe storms in Central TX. Flights will be disrupted headed to Dallas this afternoon.

Weekend movies all about the sequels

Weekend movies all about the sequels

Russ Leatherman (aka Mr. Moviefone) reviews three flicks out this weekend. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, pick one.

Up first - 'Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol' starring Tom Cruise.  Mr. Moviefone says the fourth mission is the best in the series, great locations and "[Cruise] is awesome."