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Morning Express with Robin Meade

A fast, personal, and smart blend of all the news you want in the morning. We call it "News in the Fast Lane." So buckle up.

Bob Van Dillen's chilly national forecast and Rock and Roll Marathon update

A few weather features will affect the Lower 48 today. The first is the big storm in the E that has loosened up and pulled into Canada. It’s the one that dumped between 3-6” of rain in the Mid south, Mid Atlantic, MW and NE yesterday and last night. It also shot 3-8” of snow as far south as AR/TN. As this low pressure center moves N, the wind and cold air will be drawn around the West and South side of the circulation dropping temps by 10-20 degrees for folks in the East. I’ll show you the forecast. The wind may cause a few short delays at the NYC metro airports, but that’s about it.

The central part of the US looks quiet once again, but this won’t last long. There is a strong cold front draped over the northern Rockies this morning, and this will stir up the snow in MT, ID, WY and stretch down to UT/CO by tonight. Winter storm warnings and watches are up for those states. I’ll show you the latest thinking on snow totals. The wind will crank tonight and tomorrow for Southern CA and NV behind this front. Gusts to near 70 mph will be common for the Mountains.

Wednesday "Morning Express" preview: Police 'evicting' Occupy protests in L.A. and Philly

Man, cruddy sleep last night. All makeup hands on deck to fix this sheet-marked face. Ha!
New from overnight:

Police encircled the Occupy camp in LA outside city hall, and tensions mounted as they got ready to boot the protestors.
See the outcome there and in Philly, where similar Occupy evictions are underway.
How do YOU think the cities are handling the Occupy protestors?
Tweet me @robinmeade or go to to link to our Facebook or e-mail.
Michael Jackson’s doctor has gotten the maximum sentence of 4 years after the judge seemed to throw the book at him.
But will Conrad Murray really serve his full sentence?
More on how SHORT his stay could be.

Tuesday 'Morning Express with Robin Meade' preview: Herman Cain, Conrad Murray, Gucci and your ideal weight...

I sat on my arse all afternoon cyber-shopping, yet made a purchase from just one site: a cookie co. with half-off deals. Other than that, I was not induced to buy. How about you?
On the show today:
Here we go again.
Another woman is making claims against Herman Cain.
But she's not alleging harassment.
She's saying she and the presidential candidate knew each other (in the biblical sense I guess you can say) for more than a decade!
He denies it.
(It seemed like a sudden race to get the allegations out: He got word she’d be on the local news, so he jumped ahead of her with the accusations on CNN.)
Michael Jackson’s doctor will be sentenced today in the death of the pop singer.
He faces up to 4 years in prison. Our wall-to-wall coverage starts at 1130a Eastern on HLN.
Full coverage online at
2 elderly former pro football players go at each other! Cane and all!
It must be some kinda grudge, 50 years later!
Hey what's your weather like?
Because many viewers whose cities don't have many salt trucks... are getting hit this morning.
What used to be our ideal weight, and what we hold as perfect now... have changed!
(Cue the theme song: "Well we’re movin’ on up! Movin’ on up.")
You’re less likely to have a fake Gucci in your holiday stash of presents now that the feds have moved in!
See you soon.

Robin Meade and Jennifer Westhoven throw-down over 'Cyber Monday'

Is 'Cyber Monday' real? Robin says yes... there are great deals to be had. But Jen says 'Cyber Monday' numbers aren't 'all that' and that there are better deals to be had as we get closer to Christmas.

Bob Van Dillen's Monday forecast

Back from NYC and the weather is going strong. My next trip is Friday to Las Vegas to emcee the Crohn’s and colitis Foundation’s pasta dinner party before the half Marathon on Sunday. I had to run 12 miles yesterday for training, and I feel like I stayed out all night w/ Charlie Sheen because of it. My ankle could use some WD-40 right now.

A nice shot of rain is marching from the South to the Midwest this morning propelled by a sharp cold front over the MS Valley. The rain has been very heavy so far from Alabama to Georgia and through Tennessee/Kentucky/Ohio, and will edge to the Carolinas today. I’m looking at around 3-4” rain for the southern Appalachians due to the oragraphic uplift (Wind forced up a mountain produces more rain), and snow will start to fall later this evening in the Memphis area. Winter weather advisories are posted for East Arkansas, West and Middle Tennessee, Parts of Central Alabama, and there is a watch for Mississippi. I’m betting on around 1-2” of snow overnight and tomorrow on the grassy areas, and I’ll show you the maps on the show.

Bonnie Schneider's Black Friday travel tips

*Note: Meteorologist Bonnie Schneider is filling in for Bob Van Dillen today on "Morning Express with Robin Meade"

Hope you had a relaxing and restful Thanksgiving! Today you may be on the go – headed home after the holiday, or maybe to the stores for Black Friday. While the roads may be packed now with travelers and shoppers, today will not be the busiest one of the weekend. Traditionally, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and the Sunday after will be the most jammed on the roads and in the air. In fact this year, look for even more people out and about than last year:

HLN Special Thanksgiving Day program guide

What time are my HLN shows on? No matter what your on-screen guide says... here is what time you can catch all the special Thanksgiving programming on HLN today (all times Eastern):

6 AM
Clark Howard

Happy Thanksgiving from 'Morning Express with Robin Meade'

It's easy to get caught up in the cooking and cleaning and traveling and planning and shopping that all slam together in a pumpkin spice scented whirlwind on Thanksgiving. Easy to forget that at it's core... the 4th Thursday in November (2nd Monday in October in Canada) is a day to stop and reflect on the blessings in our lives. To say thank you to the people and circumstances responsible for bringing good things into each day. All of us at "Morning Express with Robin Meade" and HLN hope you have more than your share of things to be thankful for this year... here are some of the things (in no particular order) we are giving thanks for today:

HLN Anchor Jennifer Westhoven:
Thanksgiving has always been my favorite - this year Im deeply grateful for the new seat at the table – a high-chair. Last year at dinner was the moment when, after years of effort and some heartbreak, I told my family that a baby was on the way. Baby Jamie is my biggest dream come true. Also thanks to my company’s benefits to support that! And thanks to friends & family, for the support and love they give.

HLN Black Friday programming changes

In order to bring you some special Black Friday programming from HLN's Clark Howard and Jennifer Westhoven, we've moved some of your regularly scheduled Friday programming around... JUST FOR Today. Here's a look at what's on HLN and when (no matter what your on-screen guide says) for Black Friday, Nov. 25 (all times Eastern):

6 AM
Clark Howard

Robin Meade's Morning Express Thanksgiving preview:

Happy Thanksgiving!
I am grateful for you this holiday, and so much more!
If you're up, you're probably the chef of the house. So tune in, we will get ya informed as you dress the bird.
It’s a very happy Thanksgiving for families of military personnel who came home yesterday. We’ll show you the homecomings.
That's a good way to start the holiday weekend!
***What are you thankful for this year? Share with us. Tweet me @robinmeade or link to our Facebook or e-mail

Another holiday tradition – the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Bob’s out there to show us the sights firsthand. It's not his first time though... take a look at his parade memories on
It’s a first in football… 2 coaching brothers go head to head in a big NFL game today.
Who is the rest of the Harbaugh family cheering for?
If you’re buying gifts this weekend… there’s one thing both of our money experts agree you should get. Ooo la la.
Officials hope to find survivors after a small plane crashed near Phoenix last night.
The pictures of the flames were something else.
More on what we are learning.
We are starting at 7am Eastern today. See u then.