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Morning Express with Robin Meade

A fast, personal, and smart blend of all the news you want in the morning. We call it "News in the Fast Lane." So buckle up.

Freak storm leaves millions in the dark on Halloween

Happy Halloween! I couldn't get my hubby to go out this weekend in costume. (It probably stems from the time I had him dress as santa claus on halloween. Meaning he had to be hot and itchy all evening in a fake beard and belly. I make note, this happens to fellas while we women cavort in something creative and cute. Haaa!) Back to the present day: the restaurants were overflowing with people, kids and adults alike, dressing in character just because Halloween was coming! Fun to see.
You ready?
On the show today:
A freak October snowstorm has millions of people without power and heat.
Check out the places in the northeast where there will be no costume parade at school....because there will be no school!
Oh these poor people:
The first snow of the season left passengers on a JetBlue flight stranded for more than seven hours on the tarmac.
Think about that:
no food, no water and eventually no bathrooms.
****this you gotta hear:
Check out the pilot’s increasingly desperate dispatches for help!
At one point he even offers to weld his own tow bar!
You betcha you'll hear from the passengers on our show.
Hip hip....hooray!
Some of the nation’s biggest banks are backing off charging you for using your debit card.
(I'm wondering if credit will go to you...they wouldn’t do it if you complained loudly enough. So, is it "good job, we the people!"?)
In what some say was a beautiful eulogy, Steve Jobs’ sister reveals his final words.
We could know as early as today if Dr. Conrad Murray will tell his side of the story to the courtroom.
Would you know what milestone some baby born today is going to help our world population reach?
Is it 7 million?
700 million?
7 billion
Or 17 billion people?
Check it out.
Here's to you and your young people getting time (and good weather) to enjoy Halloween:)

Happy HEROween!!! Interested in a (not so) SPOOOOOOOKY trip to LA to watch our sister network CNN name the 2011 CNN Hero of the Year? Of course BOO are... it's a GOULISH show (not really, it's very uplifting)! Visit to enter the SPOOKstakes!

The Unsatisfied send "Love & Blood" to The 18th Infantry in Iraq

The Unsatisfied send "Love & Blood" to The 18th Infantry in Iraq

This is a salute to SGT. Michael Watson, U.S. Army from the Chattanooga, TN punk band The Unsatisfied.

They write:
We received a message a few months ago from Sgt. Watson inquiring if we could send him some music to keep he and the rest of the 18th Infantry pumped up. He said they had a hard time getting good music in Iraq. We sent them a box of goodies. They even put our stickers on a few of their gun trucks. We felt an instant brotherhood with Sgt. Watson and the 18th Infantry. We are very happy to report that they will return to Fort Riley, KS soon.

Halloween rain

So I text my brother in the Northeast on Friday morning: “be prepared, big snow for you Sat. power outages big time” He texts back “whatever, science boy. It’s October” or something like that. Well, you know the rest of the story.

Happy Halloween everybody. The weather will cooperate for the almost all the kids tonight, but naturally there are exceptions. Florida has a good shot of tropical moisture zooming over the state this morning producing heavy shots of rain. This will slide northward all day and start getting to the Carolina’s coast and lower VA too. A cold front over the MW this morning will connect with this, transfer its energy off the NC coast, and turn into another nor’easter. Good news this time around is that it will be 500 miles farther East than the weekend storm, so most of the rain will be off shore. It’s also a little warmer so snow isn’t even a problem.

Mr. Moviefone: 'Puss In Boots' charming – 'The Rum Diary' quirky – 'In Time' an embarrassment

The notorious rebel, lover and outlaw, 'Puss In Boots' from the 'Shrek' movies is back in theaters... but this time, he's all on his own. Is this spin-off just a money-grab from the studio trying to milk the 'Shrek' cow? "Not in this case," says Russ Leatherman, aka Mr. Moviefone. He says the animated flick is, "actually, pretty good" and should be a big with families this weekend. Antonio Banderas is back as the voice of the title kitty who continues to be very charming... and a hit with at least one lady cat. ONE SMALL issue... Mr. Moviefone says, "Skip the 3D." It seemed "dark" to him and there are no 'in-your-face' effects that you'll miss if you opt for the less expensive 2D version.

On a much more adult level... 'The Rum Diary' starring Johnny Depp is also out this weekend. Mr. Moviefone says, "You don't have to be drunk to enjoy 'The Rum Diary,' but it isn't going to hurt either." The film is based on an early novel by Hunter S. Thompson. According to GQ Magazine it was "finished" in 1962, 9 years before what is probably Thompson's most famous novel 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.' Depp says he found the unpublished manuscript in Thompson's basement while he was preparing to play the gonzo journalist in the movie adaption of 'Fear and Loathing.' According to the Huffington Post, Depp ultimately convinced the writer to publish the book, but only if Depp agreed to make it into a movie. Now several years after Thompson's death, Depp is making good on that promise. Mr. Moviefone says 'The Rum Diary' a quirky movie, definitely not for everybody but it's well done and he thinks it's worth a look.

St. Louis hero David Freese comes through for Cardinals

Players are calling last night’s Game 6 the best World Series game ever! The Cardinals were down to the final strike of their season… not once, but twice!! The Rangers had the champagne chilling in the clubhouse, ready for a bubbly celebration… But there would be no toasting for Texas because a local St. Louis hero came through to win the game for the Cardinals!

David Freese grew up going to Cardinals games as a kid, dreaming about having a night like last night, but it started out like a nightmare him.

You gotta work that core so you can do more!

You don't need a lot of equipment to get in a good workout around your midsection... your core. Dolvett Quince from "The Biggest Loser" shows Robin Meade how just getting down on all fours is a great start to a strong center.

Quince says if you have a stong core, you'll be able to improve the rest of your workout... lift more, run faster, run longer. So what is your core? It's your torso, your belly and all the way around your back muscles and lower back.

Morning Express Friday preview: why haven't police talked to missing baby Lisa's half-brothers?

Will your town do trick or treat this weekend or Monday on the 31st? Difficult choice when it falls so close to the weekend!
In the news today:

Police have to wait to talk to the half-brothers of missing baby Lisa.
The 6- and 8-year-olds were the only other people in the house with the mom, the night the baby disappeared.
Why the wait to talk to the boys?
Lady Liberty has gone high tech on us.
Watch for word on the webcams you can use as of today, to peek out from her redone torch. Coooooool.
An aspirin a day could keep cancer at bay.
More on that health story.
It’s amazing they are still pulling survivors from the rubble of Turkey’s earthquake. Check out a young survivor who was trapped for more than 100 hours!
You can help the victims of that disaster: Impact Your World
Sugarland returns to Indiana. But it’s not just to makeup for the concert where the stage collapsed and 7 people died.
See what else the band is doing in remembrance.
If you went to bed, you’ve gotta see the wild finish that has pushed the World Series to a Game 7!
Hey, are you on Twitter? Then tweet over to my feed. I'm @robinmeade

Thursday Morning Express preview: More 'Occupy' confrontations caught on tape

Morning Confession: I ironed part of my shirt with my hair flat-iron this morning.
On the show today:
What’s changed at the “Occupy” protests? Police and the demonstrators are suddenly butting heads.
There were more confrontations overnight after weeks of mostly peaceful rallies.
Check out the developments from both coasts and points between.
A bunch of tiny kids, ages 5 and younger, were left for hours at a pumpkin patch over a bus dispute!
Get real people!
Tune in to see what kind of explanation the furious parents are hearing. Ya.
Oh no, did he think this would work?
The TSA comes down on the dude who put "get your freak on girl" note in a female passenger’s bag.
Another quake rattles Turkey. Right now, no reports of damage or injuries. We’ll keep an eye on this.
Bring on the experts…
It’s going to be a big day in the trial of Michael Jackson’s doctor. That's after the defense paraded out former patients of Dr. Conrad Murray who LOVED his care.
Have you ever lost weight and then gained it back? It might not be your fault. Check out how your own body may be sabotaging your goals!
Snakes found in toilet. Need I say more.
Check ya at showtime!

Half naked and going 128...

Here’s the multiple-choice question that should have been running through an Ohio woman’s mind when she was pulled over:

Which of these might have been my worst choice?
a) Driving under the influence
b) Leading police on a 128 mph chase
c) Doing it all while I’m half naked

Hurricane Rina looking haggard, Texas gets some 'juice'

Check out the path of Rina from the National Hurricane Center… looks like one of Carlos’ tee box shots. SLICE!

Hurricane Rina is looking haggard, and that’s great news for Cancun. Yesterday the storm starting gulping in dry air from the north and that started her decline. Rina should hit the NE coast of the Yucatan Peninsula tonight or tomorrow morning, and then head East towards Cuba. By this time the southwest wind shear will be cutting what’s left of the storm down even further, and at this point it doesn’t appear to be a threat to S FL or the US. I’ll have the forecast from the NHC for you on the show.