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Morning Express with Robin Meade

A fast, personal, and smart blend of all the news you want in the morning. We call it "News in the Fast Lane." So buckle up.

Salute to U.S. Army Specialist Benjamin Stringer

This is a salute from Jackie Stringer to her son Specialist Benjamin Stringer.

Jackie writes:
I'd like to salute my son, Spec. Benjamin Cole Stringer. He is in the Army currently deployed to Kandahar, Afghanistan for 1 year. I am so proud of his dedication to his family and his country.

Mr. Moviefone says the odds are good you will like '50/50'

Russ Leatheman (aka Mr. Moviefone) says '50/50' is a "cancer comedy...a weird mix and I did like this movie a lot."
What happens: Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character is diagnosed with cancer at 27, and his doctor says his chances of beating it are "50/50." Seth Rogen plays his best friend and together they try to laugh their way through this tough time. "50/50" is based on a true story about Seth's real-life best friend Will Reiser who wrote the film. They joined Natasha Curry in the studio a few weeks ago to talk about that experience and what it was like to make a "cancer comedy."

Russ does not give you the same odds for liking "What's Your Number" starring Anna Faris. He says, "This movie wants to be "Bridesmaids"'s not a 10th as funny...and really I was very disappointed."
What happens: Faris stars as a woman who reads an a magazine article that says if you go over 20 sexual partners, you've probably missed 'the one.' So she goes back over all her old boyfriends to see if there's one in there worth re-visiting.

Hurricane Ophelia brings strong winds/big surf to Bermuda

Hurricane Ophelia has gained strength this morning with winds around 100 mph. Bermuda is under a tropical storm watch now, and the big waves will build for the south shore. Winds will approach tropical storm strength by Saturday afternoon, and I think the’ll get around an inch of rain. The storm will book it to the north and gradually lose tropical characteristics, but should slam into Newfoundland as a powerful post-tropical storm Monday.

Check out the new Great Lakes storm! Same as the old Great Lakes storm. Actually, the current rain maker over MI, IN and OH booted the old one out to ME last night. The wind behind this new one is howling, with gusts over 40 mph from WI/MI to IL, IN and OH. Radar won’t show the 15-20’ waves on Lake MI and Huron this morning. If you are flying to the MW today, it’ll be a two-bagger for you with all the rocking winds.

Robin Meade's Morning Express Friday preview

It’s Friday and you wear it well!!
On the show today:
See how Michael Jackson’s chef defended not calling an ambulance right away the day Michael Jackson died.
And: Was Michael Jackson’s doctor torn between trying to save his famous patient, and trying to hide the drugs that killed him?
More from the dramatic trial behind what killed Michael Jackson.
One of the nation’s biggest banks has the nerve to charge you $5 a month to use your debit card! Is this the only bank trying this? Or are others thinking the same way?
Possibly coming soon:
Marriage in 2-year increments. See where some want to treat is as a renewable contract.
Does parenting make you fat?
(Or is it the leftover kid-friendly food you are eating?)
Alrighty! Check out my Twitter feed for pics from my album//book signing yesterday in Atlanta. Btw, u can still get my debut record at Target stores, or on iTunes. Enjoy!

Bermuda, Newfoundland in Opehlia's sights

A weather pattern shift is finally going to take place today for the MW and NE. That stubborn, slow-moving storm that has dumped heavy rain for days on the region will get the bum’s rush out the door to the East by a sharp cold front dropping down from Canada.

Check out the map. The brown solid lines are isobars (lines of equal surface air pressure), the green lines are forecasted rainy spots, and you can see the blue cold fronts and red warm fronts. That cold front over WI to KS is the one that will boot the Low (Red L) from it’s perch over Ontario!

Meet Robin Meade today at CNN Center in Atlanta

*meet and greet details at the end of this preview:

This trial is something else, isn’t it?!

Salute to Sgt. David Page, U.S. Army

This salute is from Kassy Page to her husband Sergeant David Page, U.S. Army.

Kassy writes:

Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez want you to 'get a life'

Recently, HLN's Robin Meade got the chance to down with Emilio Estevez, the writer and director of "The Way" (in theaters Oct. 7th). You probably saw him in movies like, "The Breakfast Club," "Repo Man," and the "Mighty Ducks" films. She also got to talk with the star of the film, Martin Sheen... a Golden Globe winning actor who played President Bartlet on "The West Wing," not to mention starring roles in "Apocalypse Now" and "The Departed". Sheen ALSO just happens to be Emilio's dad!

Much like the plot of their new movie, the conversation focused on family:

Robin Meade's Morning Express Wednesday preview:

What an emotional start to the spectacle that is the trial of Michael Jackson’s doctor!!

Did you see the tears from the defendant, emotions streaming from Michael’s mom, HLN’s Jane Velez-Mitchell even tweeted that planes with banners were flying overhead.

"Girls on the Run" creator Molly Barker is a 'Breakthrough Woman'

Molly Barker is a FOUR-TIME Ironman athlete and she's using her love or running to teach girls valuable life lessons.

Her organization, "Girls on the Run" is a program for 3rd to 8th grade girls that them the tools to live their lives with intention and celebrate who they are through running. The after-school program helps girls build confidence while they train for a 5K!