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'Old Fisherman's Grotto' restaurant has strict policy about kids

Crying babies banned at this restaurant

A restaurant in California is warning parents that if your baby cries, you'll get the boot!

More on the 2 year old policy at 'Old Fisherman's Grotto' from HLN affiliate KSBW.

Little girl cries because she doesn't want her baby brother to grow up.

Big sis is sad baby bro is going to grow up

The video of a little girl who started sobbing when she realized her baby brother won't stay little forever is an online smash.

Her parents say they aren't sure what caused this impossibly sweet meltdown.

The body of an apparant stowaway was found in an U.S. Airforce jet returning to Germany after a mission to Europe and Africa

Teen stowaway dies on U.S. military plane

How did a young boy manage to sneak past security and hide in the wheel-well of a U.S. military plane that made several stops in Africa and Europe?

That is what U.S. officials want to know.

An approximately 93-year-old water main broke in Westwood Tuesday, sending water flooding into streets and the UCLA campus, stranding people and vehicles and prompting the closure of Sunset Boulevard on Tuesday.

UCLA flooded by broken water main

Huge mess in L.A.!

A massive water main break put part of UCLA underwater.

Two women lay down on tracks to avoid being hit by train crossing 80-foot high bridge

Trapped on the tracks!

Two women trapped on a railroad trestle some 80 feet high had to lie down and let a train roll right over them!

The whole thing was caught on camera.

	A doctor who was on the front lines fighting the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone has died from complications of the disease, Doctors Without Borders said Tuesday.

Daily speed feed: Wednesday, July 30, 2014

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American dies of Ebola days after taking flight to Nigeria (CNN)
- Patrick Sawyer allegedly trying to get home to Minnesota

Nicole Gainey says she is dumbfounded after being arrested for letting her 7-year-old walk to the park alone

Mom arrested for letting son walk to park alone

A mom in Florida was arrested and charged with neglect, after she let her 7-year-old son go to a neighborhood park by himself.

And as Elizabeth Harrington from affiliate WPTV reports: Mom is not taking it without a fight

OK Cupid admits to experimenting on users

Did OkCupid hook you up with Mr. Wrong?

If you have been relying on OkCupid to connect you with someone compatible, you may be in for a shock.

The founder of the site admits that they've been testing the power of suggestion on some users by telling incompatible people that they would be a great match. And it worked. HLN's Jennifer Westhoven reports people did trust OkCupid and communicated more with the recommended matches.

'Batkid Begins' documentary planned for November 2015 release

'Batkid' headed to the big screen

Do you remember the 5-year-old who helped save San Francisco from villains in a Make-A-Wish event?

He became known as ‘Batkid’ after his big day went viral.

Houston burglar crawls through doggie door

Burglar goes in doggie door, out like a chump

Getting in to this house was easy for this alleged burglar, who just squeezed through the homeowner's doggie door.

It was his getaway that was a problem... apparently it was not just like 'riding a bike.'